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Chapter 173: Lu Yaoyao Is Becoming a Disciple

When the little girl slowly woke up, she saw Xuan Yi holding a pill in his hand with a faint smile on his face.

The white-robed Xuan Yi was completely different from the person the little girl had seen.

It was as if he had a mystical aura that could reduce her sorrowful emotions.

Those desolate beasts that could not even be defeated by an awakened one were crushed by his fingers?

Immediately, the little girl's eyes flashed with a trace of shock and desire.

However, the divine light in her eyes disappeared, turning into endless despair.

Although she had not awakened, she had some understanding of awakened ones.

For someone like her who was born with divine bones, she only needed to follow the steps and awaken naturally when she reached her age.

Without the Divine Bone, there was no chance of awakening. Her path was cut off!

The little girl's eyes were gloomy as she stared at Xuan Yi coldly. A trace of deep pain soon flashed across her face.

Just then, Xuan Yi turned his head and looked at the little girl with pity. He stretched out his hand and handed over the grade four spirit pill.

“Eat it.”

The little girl did not take it. Instead, she only raised her head and looked at Xuan Yi. There was not even any light in her large pupils.

The only thing she cared about was the village. However, she could feel that although her life was blocked by a force, it was still flowing away. It was very difficult to rush back to the village before her life was extinguished.

She had nothing left, so she didn't care about anything at all.

“Okay, I'll eat it!”

The little girl then took the pill, raised her head, and swallowed it. Her face was full of anxiety. The worst thing that could happen now was that she would die early.

As the pill was swallowed into her stomach, it immediately turned into endless spiritual energy which hit the girl's chest. At least half of the energy was left in the pill, repairing the damage caused by the loss of the divine bone.

The injury on the girl's chest healed at a speed visible to the naked eye. Although she was missing a bone, it was replaced by an incomparably warm spiritual light.

Her entire body trembled as she looked at Xuan Yi in disbelief.

She could feel that the life that was originally flowing away had stopped at this moment.

The remaining half of the spiritual pill's energy scattered into the girl's four limbs and penetrated deep into her bone marrow. There was no blood in her bones and her bone marrow. This was also the most crucial step.

Xuan Yi stared at the little girl. When he saw this scene, he let out a long breath.

It was done. For now, he only needed to recuperate for a while and cultivate some bone-tempering techniques. It was enough to create a new and stronger divine bone from the original foundation.

The little girl opened her mouth. Her voice still carried a milk-like sound, which was filled with doubt at this moment.

Xuan Yi had descended from the sky. He should be a flying expert, similar to the black-clothed man from before. However, the person from before had coveted her divine bone, and now Xuan Yi had healed her.

However, her divine bone had already dissipated. If nothing unexpected happened, she would remain a mortal for the rest of her life. What was there to save?

With a smile, Xuan Yi looked at the little girl gently.

The entire world was his now, including the life that was born in the world.

Xuan Yi felt a sense of familiarity when he looked at her. It was as if she was his own child. However, Xuan Yi knew that there was only one person who felt this way, which was entirely due to the rules.

A little girl who was born and raised needed guidance and cultivation. It was most suitable to take her in as a disciple.

“Little Girl, are you willing to be my disciple?”

Her heart shuddered.

Previously, she had a divine bone in her body and wanted to become a disciple. Nevertheless, her bones had been dug out by someone and were thrown away as if they were trash.

Now that her divine bone was gone, there were people who did not mind and wanted to take her in as a disciple. Their eyes sparkled as if they were treasures.

“But my divine bone is gone. I'm destined not to awaken.”

The little girl tugged at the corner of her clothes and lowered her head. Under Xuan Yi's gentle gaze, she felt very inferior. She even thought that it would be better if she could meet Xuan Yi earlier.

Xuan Yi smiled, and his tone remained firm.

“Believe me, as long as you are my disciple, the divine bone is not valuable. If you want it, you can even be stronger than the previous one.”

“I have a heaven-grade cultivation technique that can nurture the divine bone. I also have countless spirit pills that can nourish your divine blood.”

Xuan Yi's eyes were bright as he stared at the little girl, his tone filled with infinite confidence.

The little girl stared blankly at Xuan Yi. Xuan Yi's voice was all around her. At this moment, the despair in her heart seemed to have been dispelled by a ray of light!

At the moment, her delicate body fell to her knees with a loud bang.

She gave a few big gifts to Xuan Yi.

The disciple had already been accepted. The next step was to cultivate her to the golden elixir realm. This way, the mission could be completed.

Xuan Yi helped the girl up and reached out to tidy her messy hair. His eyes were gentle.

Yaoyao was a little shy. Compared to the clean and Tidy Xuan Yi, who was dressed in white, she looked like a little beggar.

“My name is Lu Yaoyao from Qinghe village.”

Yaoyao told him about Qinghe village.

Xuan Yi nodded slightly and had a rough impression.

After this small world devoured the five elements spiritual source, it was unknown how much time had pa.s.sed in the Small World. It had evolved from plankton to the present. Now, it even had a civilization that only humans had.

Spiritual energy rippled in this world. People who could absorb and use spiritual energy were known as the awakened.

Above the awakened were mountain movers.

It was claimed that mountain movers were so strong that they could move huge rocks and even mountains very easily.

Above the mountain movers were flying. There were not many people in the entire world who could break free and fly into the sky. They were incomparably powerful.

Of course, this was the understanding of the savage world.

In Xuan Yi's opinion, the awakened ones corresponded to the Qi condensation in the Tian Xuan land. Mountain movers happened to be foundation establishment, and flying was a bit strange. It should be corresponding to the Jindan stage, but in this world, they could do flying that even the Jindan stage could not do.

“Presumably, the combat strength is a little weaker.”

Xuan Yi pondered slightly. After all, this world's civilization had just evolved. There was no tyrannical cultivation method at all. There was only some shallow use of spiritual qi.

In this world, yellow rank cultivation methods were still considered as treasures. Xuan rank could even cause a b.l.o.o.d.y storm. Earth rank, perhaps, could sweep away the invincible.

Of course, what Lu Yaoyao needed at this moment was not some top-tier cultivation technique.

After Xuan Yi destroyed the Ming Family, he just happened to collect a few cultivation techniques that could temper the body, nourish the blood marrow, and preserve the divine bones from the treasury.

These cultivation techniques were ranked in the heaven rank, far surpa.s.sing the cultivation techniques of the people in the Small World by countless streets.

Xuan Yi picked one that felt pretty good and pointed it at Lu Yaoyao's glabella.

In Lu Yaoyao's mind, there was a deity who had nurtured a divine spear. The spear pierced through the sky, and a drop of blood was reborn. There were thousands of figures who looked down on her, apart from experts who turned into lightning and chased after Feng Yue!

Lu Yaoyao's innocent eyes were still unaware of the battle prowess that it represented. She only felt that it was incredible.

“With the cultivation technique that Master imparted to me, I should be able to kill savage beasts after practicing it, right?”

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