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Chapter 171: A Savage World!

If she didn't do anything, no one in the Ming Family hall would dare to do anything.

The eyes of the members of the four big families flashed with a fierce light as they glared at the other members of the Ming Family with malicious intentions.

Since the Ming family's patriarch had already fallen, it could be said that the t.i.tle as the head of the five big families had also fallen.

This put the Ming Family in a huge predicament. Didn't they think that a person who could take out the Nine Yang Pill that had been lost for thousands of years was someone that they could easily bully?

They provoked a reclusive expert and with a single palm, they destroyed the entire Ming family.

Everyone stood quietly with a smile on their lips. The days of being bullied by the Ming family were about to pa.s.s. From now on, in the entire southern sky, there were only the four big families under the Ning Family.

The Ming Family's name was removed!

Everyone knew the principle of removing the weeds and roots. If Xuan Yi wasn't present, everyone would have rushed forward to divide up the Ming family and completely tear them apart.

In that situation, Xuan Yi only smiled. “The Ming Family only owes me three layers of family a.s.sets, so I am here to take half of the family a.s.sets. You guys can do whatever you want with the rest.”

As soon as he said this, the people who were originally here to congratulate the Ming family charged out under the leadership of the four great families.

The two siblings of the Jia Family shivered. They turned around and left without saying a word.

The Jia Family was only the in-laws of the Ming family, so they were nothing without the Ming family.

Xuan Yi collected half of the Ming family's a.s.sets and left calmly.

He had said that he would pay a visit to the Ming family if he didn't fulfill his promise in three months.

If he had come, he would have been the Savior. However, the Ming King wanted to kill him.

Since that was the case, he would be destroyed.

The Ming Family behind him started to fight.

The Jia siblings left the Ming Family in a daze and rushed back to the Jia family.

“Why are you back so soon?”

As the family head, it was normal for him to be observant.

Furthermore, the Jia siblings had ugly expressions.

The family head of the Jia family had a goatee. His expression was extremely ugly.

He had a bad premonition. Did he offend the Ming family?

Or did he offend the young master of the Ming family?

The entire Jia Family was counting on the Ming family to succeed.

If the Jia siblings really didn't know what was good for them and angered the Jia family, then the head of the Jia family even planned to tie them up and apologize.

“Ming Family?”

Just then, Jia Yan seemed to have come back to her senses. She shook her head and was filled with confusion and disbelief.

“Where is the Ming family? They were destroyed with one palm!”

The head of the Jia family widened his eyes and looked at his most satisfied daughter. He was extremely shocked.

“What nonsense are you talking about? The Ming Family's patriarch was so powerful at that time!”

Jia Yan waved her hand and said weakly, “The Ming family's patriarch is as weak as a chicken.”


The Jia family's patriarch stood rooted to the ground as if he had been struck by lightning.

The Ming Family was defeated!

The news could not be stopped and spread to the refined Saint Academy.

When Yu Linglong heard the news, her eyes lit up.

She was still fifteen or sixteen years old and was the most active. She also came from Dongfang Tian. The Yu family had attracted the attention of countless families since young and wanted to send their children to Yu Linglong.

Since Yu Linglong was extremely frustrated, she wished that she could wipe out the world with a single sword.

Right now, Xuan Yi's master was extremely skilled in collecting debts, and he was very efficient.

He was deeply liked by the little la.s.s.

Jian Chen was hugging his sword and comprehending the cultivation technique that Xuan Yi had given him. When he heard the news, he shook his head and burst into laughter.

“Swordsmen of our generation should learn from Xuan Shi. He is the person who walks at the forefront of the path of the sword. Under the sword light, he can wipe out all obstacles.”

Shaking her head, Mingyue Lan laughed. This was indeed Xuan Yi's style. In a place, even if Xuan Yi did not take the initiative, he would definitely stir up trouble.

However, this Ming Family did deserve to Owe Xuan Yi something and did not return it.

Their must have relied on their status as one of the top regions in the holy region and the existence of their ancestors. That was why they had the courage to Owe Xuan Yi something and not return it.

However, they would never have thought that Xuan Yi had a master in the Heavenly King Realm.

When a sage met a heavenly king, what could they do no matter how powerful they were?

If the Ming Family was in the Middle East and the demon region knew about Xuan Yi's situation, they would definitely not dare to do so.

In the entire Middle East, everyone knew how powerful the mysterious sword sect was. Whoever dared to provoke them would not have a good ending.

Unfortunately, the Ming Family was in the holy region, so they couldn't be bothered to investigate Xuan Yi's background and experience.

What Mingyue Lan didn't know was that it wasn't just the Middle East, the demon region, and even the Heaven region, which was ranked in the top 20 of the south continent. No one dared to provoke Xuan Yi now.

The Heaven region was originally divided into four families. After Xuan Yi arrived, he wiped out the old inheritance of the Phoenix Valley, and the Overlord of the Western Region, the Tu family, allowed the Xuan Family to directly occupy half of the world in the Heaven region. They were even on good terms with the other two factions.

Xuan Yi's name had long been famous in the Heaven region.

Who would dare to provoke him now?

Xuan Yi's mind moved slightly. After instructing Bing Yu, his figure flashed and entered the Small World.

The Small World moved slightly, and Xuan Yi's figure appeared. He looked around with a shocked expression.

The entire Small World was now completely different from what Xuan Yi had seen before.

Although the Small World didn't fuse with the five elements origin, although the laws were complete, there was a deathly stillness everywhere. At most, there were some plankton, but they only had a few breaths of life.

After the Small World devoured the five elements spirit source and activated its acceleration, the current world was completely different.

As far as the eye could see, it was lush and verdant, and wild beasts roared.

Its vitality was filled with a savage aura.

“Did it give birth to a savage life?”

Shock flashed through Xuan Yi's eyes. How could an ordinary cult master realm small world have heard of any life existence? Their Small World did not even have complete laws. Even if it could give birth to a life, the amount of time it would take, it would take at least ten thousand years or even a million years to calculate.

Just how much time had been accelerated for the Small World.

Or perhaps it had swallowed a lump of five elements spirit source. The entire small world seemed to have pa.s.sed tens of thousands of years. Now, it had given birth to a desolate life form. It could be called a desolate world.

Xuan Yi reverent was shocked and became extremely interested. He leaped up and flew through the entire small world. He wanted to see the evolution of this world and see if there were any human beings.

At this moment, this place was the oldest in the world. There were countless desolate beasts hidden in it. Once there was any movement, it would be filled with the roars of ten thousand beasts.

Beside the pond, it was like a rag doll that had been casually thrown away. Its body was covered in blood and it was unknown how long it had flowed along the river.

This figure was a little girl whose body was covered in blood. In her chest, the blood stained the surroundings and emitted golden light. However, it was as though it had no strength left and it quickly became dull.


Just then, a circle of golden light flashed like a golden bolt of lightning.

The little girl gritted her teeth and used the last bit of her strength. Her face was pale as she bounced out of the pool and landed heavily on the ground. The vibration caused her to cough out blood, which turned to dark red when she landed on the ground.

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