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Translator: Mete

Editor:Steven Loreson

Chapter 294 Meeting with Alicia

Hiiro was now in a forest which was situated to the south of [Demon Continent Xanos].

It wasn’t really a huge forest.

However, > and the > which could only be found in the Demon Continent were produced here, they were quite delicious.

Sometimes Hiiro would come here to eat the fruits.

But, that was not his purpose this time.

He silently walked through the forest to a hidden spring.

Hiiro knew that it was located near the center of the forest.

As for why Hiiro knew such a place…

[Was it you, who put the book there?]

There was one other person there.

Hiiro couldn’t recognize her from memory.

She had dark blue hair tied into a ponytail.

With a slim body of a model, there was no extra fat anywhere. Everyplace just had the right amount of proportions.

In addition, she had thin makeup on, lips that glowed crimson which complemented her fair body.

Make-up on such a youthful and beautiful appearance looked unnecessary.

It looked as if she was royal princess from light novels that appeared in his world. Her body excluded dignity and elegance.

But then again, even with her eye-catching appearance, Hiiro concluded that this was the first time of him meeting such a person.

After Hiiro spoke, the lady looked on with a smile.

[That’s right, Okamurkun.No, maybe this would be a better way of calling you, Hero of [Demon Evila].]

*pikun* Hiiro’s eyebrows were raised.

Apparently, this lady seemed to know quite a lot about him.

[I’ve heard about you.And also…]

[You also, know quite a bit about me.Because, I was the one who lectured you on how to use magic.]


Whwhat did she say? She taught me magic?

I thought I might have heard wrongly, but as I looked at her face which had a pleasant smile I could tell she wasn’t joking looking in her eyes.

However, no matter how much Hiiro looked through his memories, he swore that he has never met this woman. Let alone learned from her.

[……Who are you?]

[Don’t look at me like that.You can see that I have no hostility against you right?]

[It’s natural for a person to be alert when somebody says something like that.]

[Kikiki…. Do you not feel anything speaking to a lady like this?]

[Answer me.Firstly, what is your name?]

[…. Why don’t you just use inspect?]

She did not respond to Hiiro's question, but rather put on a calm and cool behavior.

Certainly, even if he could not get information from her mouth, he could get it by using the letters such as [Peep] or [Inspect].

But he had never said that to anyone.

Of course, this was leaving Arnold, Muir and Liliyn.

To be able to determine the > of someone was one of Hiiro's biggest advantages.

This was why he had judged that it was better to not tell anyone about it and had acted along all this while.

However, her single answer caused Hiiro's heart to shake and caused him to contort his face unintentionally.

[Will you use investigate this time? It wouldn’t take a long time.It is possible for information to be collected in a moment…]

[You can do it right? If you use your >… Right?]


As expected, there was unrest in Hiiro’s expressions.

Maybe she conducted an observation which should have taken quite a long time to investigate and was considering the question herself: what was Hiiro's magic? She also understood that information could be obtained the moment my magic was used.

[….. What are you talking about?]

[Fufu, it is good that you immediately suppressed your expressions. If you didn’t you might have gone senile.It’s quite the valuable ability.But, you don’t need to hide it.

Because I know you, no, because I know about your magic. I have quite the bit of knowledge about it.]

[What did you say?]

Hiiro’s alertness was increased one step further and continued to glare at her.

[Ah.. can you please stop glaring like that? Because I do not have the power to fight you even if I wanted to.]

Certainly she did not seem to be joking, from a while ago she seemed to be contorting with a *Bishibishi* due to the killing intent. Her expressions also seem to be filled with pain.

I had no choice but to restrain my killing intent and stopped glaring at her intently.

Then she exhaled as if relieved.

[Fuu~ thank you.But still, you seem to have really grown up.Back then, you were just a person who had just crossed over to a different world.]

She also seems to know that I am from another world.

Hiiro’s interest in this woman slowly increased with time.

[Let me solve your headache, so that you can relax soon.]


Hiiro continued to watch her, and suddenly white smoke started to emerge from behind her, starting to wrap around her and….

[…. Do you remember now? About the mysterious fortune teller?]

…. I remembered.

Looking at her appearance, the memories from the past immediately surfaced.

That’s right, there is no mistaking her, she was the one who taught me the necessary information of this world. Including how to use magic and how its inner workings.

[……. The fortune teller from then? Fortune… Mas…...? You… couldn’t be!]

I remembered the topic about the fortune teller from the story a few days ago.

The fortune teller who helped Judom and advised him to look for Hiiro.

How could I have overlooked this?

[Fueheheh, that’s right.It was me…]{1}

With a *bon* the white smoke appeared and wrapped around her letting the beautiful woman from before reappear again.

[The fortune teller who guided Judom Rankers to find you, and the person who wrote the book that you hold, Marquis BlueNote.]

[….. Marquis?..... It was a woman.]

*Gakun* Marquis immediately dropped her shoulders.

[So…... then?]

Marquis had a wry smile to the surprise that Hiiro was expressing about.

[We-well its fine.One more thing, i'll tell you about it even if you don’t use inspect.]

[… ?]

[Marquis Bluenote was my pen name as a writer.My real name is completely different.]


[It’s Arisa.Arisa Niapipis Victorias.]

[…… Victorias?]

It’s the same as the Country of the Humans. [Victorias].

It can’t be this person is…..

When Hiiro smiled as if noticing something, Arisa shrugged her shoulders.

[I know that you wish to tell me something, I understand that, but for now I need to know what your telling me is the truth. Can I investigate?]


Needless to say, I was going to use > to confirm the authenticity of her words.

Hiiro used [Peep] since he had already obtained confirmation from the other party.

And as he looked through the status of the t.i.tle written there, Hiiro closed his eyes and muttered

[As I thought.]


[….. I have various questions.But, what I want to hear first is…]

Hiiro then picked up the book that Arisa had placed in his room and cuts the letter that had been affixed inside to show it to Arisa

[It’s about the contents of the letter written inside.]

Arisa looks at the paper that Hiiro brought out and loosens her cheeks.

And confirms the contents of the letter.

[The truth of this book.That is the entrance to the door that leads to the darkness.

If you wish to learn the truth, I would like for you to come to the spring in the South Forest alone.]

When Hiiro read the contents of the letter, he could not help but laugh and pa.s.s it off as something as a joke, but there was a strange sense of attraction that he could not explain for some reason.

Darkness…. Hiiro had guessed it was about the war, and the enemy of the world >.

Hiiro expected that their interactions will increase with time.

Although there was not much information about this time.

So even if it was a trap, Hiiro wanted to make sure through his own eyes.

Moreover, He was most concerned about why he wanted to see this through himself.

Perhaps asking his question was the first reason Hiiro wanted to come here.

Arisa shrugs her shoulders at Hiiro and turns to gaze at the spring.

[Hey, what did you feel when you read that book?]

[…..Is it related to something?]

[Listening intently, a sigh could be heard from Arisa.

[No, I just felt like asking.Can you tell me? What do you think about the life of the main character of this book?]

[Well, I felt that his life was quite miserable.]

[…..Right, that it does.]

[The main character who yearned for the country and people led the battle to protect the peace desperately with his life on the line.However, he was killed by the king of his own country.

Yet, the main character could not give up his fight for peace. The main character kept waiting somewhere living on as soul somewhere forever.It was such a story.

Do you also think that anyone who reads also feels that the main character was miserable?]

Betrayed by those who he trusted, and peace was within his grasp. But, was extinguished in the blink of an eye.

It is no wonder that people's heart feel sorrow when something like that happens.

Abnormal attachment to peace, the former hero continued to fight all those who had even the smallest possibility of becoming a disaster.

It was such a tragic and pitiful story.

[Tragic…..But, it was the country and the world that turned him into what he became.]

Arisa tried to speak while looking far into the distance, it seemed like her mind was somewhere else entirely.

[……. You can’t be trying to say that this story had really transpired right?]

When Hiiro said so, she looked at Hiiro with a smile which was filled with loneliness and sadness.

[…. It can’t be…..]

[… Fufufu~]

She met Hiiro’s gaze head-on.

Her smile broke and looked on with a serious expression.

[I want to tell you the truth that has transpired.]


[Truthfully, I wanted you to enjoy this world without you knowing anything about this… since I saw you the first time.]

[But, the world has started to move greatly.I had previously decided that I would not do anything anymore.]


[But it was of no use.It seems like that world does not wish to leave me alone.]

[…. You, what are you trying to say?]

Arisa did not answer Hiiro’s question, she only closed her eyes.

[What I am going to speak from now on, you will feel that it is something unbelievable.

Even so…. Do you still want to listen?]

[Obviously.That is the reason why I came here.]

Arisa had a smile on her face as she locked her gaze with his.

[Fuuf, that’s what I thought.

Then, I shall tell you the truth…..]

Hiiro remained quiet and concentrated on what she was saying, while doubting his own ears about the truth that he heard.

Listening to the story caused Hiiro to have sweat pouring from his forehead, his expression kept hardening as Arisa continued to speak with time.


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