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ED:Steven Loreson

Chapter 292 Prelude to War

Teckil said something completely out of the blue. Judom seems to have someone he must meet by any means, and Teckil is helping him find this person, to return his favor.

Isn’t this fine? But the problem is that person. Well. Based on all the things that happened, you can say that the person he’s searching for is Hiiro.

Frankly speaking, they weren’t even at the level of acquaintances as they haven’t even had self-introductions with each other yet. Nevertheless, Hiiro looks puzzled, not understanding the reason why Judom wants him.

[…. What do you mean by that?]

Hiiro asked Teckil again, confirming their intentions of this matter.


Teckil told the story of the fortune teller who appeared some time ago who muttered the name: Hiiro. Judom didn’t know yet that she made that ‘misp.r.o.nunciation’ on purpose and took it as “Hero” instead. He seemed to have Teckil looking for a person with that name.

Then, after some twists and turns, they finally found out that “Hero” is actually “Hiiro”, clearing the reason why they came to find him.

[Well, itssss not here where we found Hiiro-kun, but in the Raohrb Desert.]

After hearing their story, Hiiro remembered that strange little bird he had met in the desert. The bird was formed with mana, he also observed an existence was within it.

[Is that bird by any chance, you?]

[Haha, it isss. Hirro-kun iss quite hard to find.]

Teckil gave a bitter smile. It was true; although it was good that they found him in the Demon Continent, he still had to look for Hiiro in the nooks and crannies of two other continents before coming up here.

Then, after lots of detailed investigation, they finally got the information that Hiiro has been training recently in the Raohrb Desert.

(If I am not mistaken, this fellow’s magic is called …. A very convenient magic indeed.)

Though the person himself is ignorant of his hypocrisy, Hiiro without a doubt thought it was convenient.

After finally summarizing everything, Teckil asks Judom.

[And, what now?]

[What do you mean by “what now?”]

[Why are you asking that to me? Weren’t you searching for him to make him team up with you in the first place?]

After talking for a bit, Hiiro remembered that he said he would make Judom his comrade, or something similar.

Hiiro directed his gaze to Judom, who stared back. After a brief pause Judom speaks.

[Nay, Teckil, I don’t want to force the boy to join anymore.]

Judom’s following words. .h.i.t Teckil by surprise.

[Wh-what happened? Didn’t you come here to make Hiiro your companion? Or are you still thing that “Hero” is not Hiiro-kun?]

[No, isn’t that. Upon meeting him, I know this boy is who we were searching for.]

Not only Teckil, but Fara also stared at Judom in wonder.

[I-if that is the case, then why…]

[Cuz, you know, no matter how you look at it, isn’t this too sudden? “Because we need you, join our team.” You want me to say that?]

[Well, but….]

[First of all, why go to a fight where to wager your life? In a battle like that, I can’t force someone to follow me for my own selfish circ.u.mstances.]


Apparently, the human named Judom, even if he is in disadvantage, seems to be a person who doesn’t like to choose actions that will twist and bend someone else’s life.

[And then, after realizing that the other person is a young boy, the more I did not feel like it was wrong to do so. Do you know how thius boy came to this world? He was caught up in the hero summoning which is already against their will! Even if the boy says he is lucky, he still has his own life. Like I said a while ago, he has the right to pursue enjoyment in this world. Even though we have a need for him, isn’t that just using him for our own convenience?]

Almost as if denying Judom’s words she tries to confirm his reasoning.

[B-But we are trying to stop the Demon Lord Predecessor, and if left as is, what will become of this world?]

[Yeah, I know what Teckil meant by that. But still, to force someone… I don’t want to do it!]

Being showed a solid will and unwavering determination made Teckil fall silent.

(So…. This is what the old Guild Master is like.)

Hiiro, who was doing an evaluation of the man in front of him, felt admiration from his core. Of course, he also knew that not caring about the other party’s mind might be the norm of this world.

But, even after taking away that from the equation, he respects his determination to stick to his ethics. Honestly, he felt sympathy in forcing someone to help. Even if you win over someone by force if he or she did not have the resolve, aside from the fact that you may be betrayed at the time of an emergency, the possibility of failure will increase. Eventually making a big loss in the process.

(He’s a completely different caliber from that Demon Lord…)

He was made to recognize Judom as a big, but gentle man.

[That’s why, I want to do it this way.]

Just like with Fara, Judom came closer to Hiiro. He stretched out his hand towards him.

[Sorry for the late Introduction, I am Judom Lankars. The leader of the Rebel army, but it’s gone now.]

When Hiiro saw him stand up from his chair, he was astounded by Judom’s body size. In a singular word: Giant. Seeing the firm muscles under his armor, no excess fat could be seen at all.

A body of tempered steel. That was the impression it gives off.

Seeing the extended hand, Hiiro’s his eyes moved to his face, a warm smile. Everyone held their breath, watching what Hiiro will do.

And, Hiiro grasped the hand held out to him.

[Let’s put our hands together for the time being. I became a little interested in you after all.]

(TL Note: inb4 Mandatory “Kyaa, Kyaa” and JudomXHiiro ship incoming.)

(EN: From what little I have read/edited, this was a match made in heaven. Nothing can stop this BL to come into fruition.)

Hiiro, who has very little interest in others, was he drawn out a little bit by Judom’s charm? Just how was he interesting, on a different meaning from Demon Lord Eveam?

Therefore, he decided to wait and see, what these circ.u.mstances will lead to.

[Heeey, Hiiro, didn’t you say that you want to give Matar Deus a good score?]

Tenn suddenly came between them.

[So those guys here have decided to fight them? If that’s the case, prior to us joining hands, does that mean we are all with the same mind?]

(TN: That annoying monkey.)

Everyone was taken aback. What Tenn said is certainly correct, if we have the same purpose, then we can become allies.

[Ah, am I perhaps, disturbing the mood? My bad, my bad! Ukikiki!]

(TN: That moronic ramapithecus.)

Certainly, what he just said is a sound argument. As everyone’s eyes focused to Tenn you broke the good atmosphere the person itself is apologizing, but no remoce could be felt witin it. Which Hiiro found frustrating.

Thanks to the bad timing and pushing in, Hiiro just got lost on what to do with his hand that is currently grabbing with Judom’s.

As for the other, he seems to have felt that way too, and pulling of a cramped smile, he matched Hiiro’s gaze. Then, suddenly, Judom –

(EN: Pulls Hiiro in and into his embrace right!? If he is a man he must!)

[Fuh! Ahahahahaha! I guess you have got me there! It is what this monkey has said! Wait, no! Sorry, that was impolite of me, High Spirit!]

[Eeh, so mister has seen through me?]

[You think I won’t know? There is that enormous magical power being concealed inside of you, aside from the fact that you can talk despite looking like a common monster. If your not one, I don’t know what you could be.]

Judom compared as he observed Hiiro and Tenn

[A partner, huh…. Wait, are you that boy’s sword? You and that sword give a strangely similar vibe. Perhaps, you did a contract with that boy and used the sword as a medium?]

Hiiro expressed admiration over Judom who has. .h.i.t a triple bulls-eye completely. Tenn also couldn’t help but to whistle a tune.

[You really nailed it pops! By any chance, you know someone like us?]

[Well, I was an adventurer for quite a long time, so I have met lots of rare encounters.]

[Ukikiki. Pops, let's talk about it with some liquor sometime!]

[Oh, very well! How about you boy, are you okay with that?]

Judom releases his hand from the handshake, then made a drinking gesture to Hiiro.

*Sigh* [….You guys, could you talk about that later on?]


From that, realizing the reproachful gazes in their surroundings, they look at each other, embarra.s.sed. Tenn was poked in the head by Hiiro, while Judom was scolded by Fara.

(These two people really are cut from the same cloth.)

Hiiro, now knowing that Judom and Tenn got along well with each other surprisingly, could only shrug his shoulders.

[Ehem! T-Tenn-donno is right, and as what he said, there is a common purpose between us! Though I am curious about the fortuneteller whom Judom-dono had met, for now, we need to raise countermeasures for the future.]

Eveam interceded the place, and the mood which loosened became tight once again.

[We will set up a meeting with the Beast Kingdom Pa.s.sion at once. Are there any objections?]

It has now become essential to talk with Pa.s.sion now that they have became an ally. n.o.body had an objection to gaining some help.

Eveam looking at the reactions of everyone, finally nodded.

[Fumu, now it is possible to organize the allied force of Evila and Gabranth. Though it is quite rea.s.suring, we still haven’t had an accurate grasp of the strength of Avoros’ side. I have sent serval spies and investigated for a while. So far, their defense has been firm, so we couldn’t obtain accurate information in detail. However, it should also be the same on the other side. So for the first step, we should check up on each other and try to maximize our greatest war potential. Though we missed our chance to be the first to move, in this war… We shall win!]

Eveam, at present, has a pure strong determination that could be seen in her gaze.

(Hou, so you can make that face too? Or, have you rached that point where you can now do it by yourself? Which one is it I wonder?)

Hiiro seeing an expression he couldn’t imagine from her from the first time they met, could only stare at her with admiration.

Apparently, these people in here have all united to support Eveam, but Hiiro was thinking about something different.

(Still, a fortune-teller, huh… Who the h.e.l.l is it?)

Though Eveam had also thought about the fortune teller in question, Judom didn’t speak about it because the fortune-teller gave a strict order not to say anything about them self.

(Why does that person know me? I don’t recall encountering it….)

But when he first came to this world, he had met an old woman who looks like a fortune-teller. But Hiiro had already forgotten her completely.

(Well, if that muscleman were right, then it is possible that this story will come out soon, and maybe, well’ meet sooner or later.)

(Right then, I knew all the various things that were going on at the time would start to become clear. I could feel it.)

Then the conference had pushed forward, and on the way, Pasion too, was contacted and information was obtained.

The other side also encountered a raid from the sky like this, but everyone seemed to be alright. And it seemed that they have decided to hold a follow-up meeting immediately.

With this, the world was now divided into two.

Avoros’ Demon Lord Army VS Beastmen-Demon Alliance.

It was such a setup.

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