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Chapter 281 The Azazel Sea

[Azazel Sea]......the name of the sea bordering the demon continent. It is the ocean closest to the [Demon capital Xaos], and most of the seafood supplied to the continent is obtained from here.

As the sea is the closest to the Demon continent, the monsters which inhabit the sea are equally powerful, and there are plenty of them. Although it is somewhat easier to fish here than compared to the [Berial Sea] which lies to the north, the trip would still take a considerable amount of time if the preparations made are half-hearted.

The Danger level of the sea is Undoubtedly SSS rank. And Musun’s request was to harvest Sea food living there.

The ones who are to complete this request are the two heroes Shin.o.bu and Shuri who are Cadets in the Demon Army, and somehow the one accompanying them on this quest was Hiiro.

At first, the one who was the least enthusiastic was Hiiro, but never did he expect that the monster called Happiness Shark that he had eaten before lived in the [Azazel Sea].

When Hiiro was travelling with Arnold and Muir and he remembered the time when they pa.s.sed through the Humas City and had the dish [Saju].

TL: Google saju and some dishes of sea food shows up.

(That was really delicious……..)

Just thinking about it was making Hiiro drool from his mouth, as he was still remembering it from his previous experience.

When Hiiro recounted this story to Musun, she said that she had made many different types of dishes with the Happiness Shark as the base. And then she said that if the opportunity ever arose, she would make the ultimate Happiness Shark dish, and Hiiro was asked to lend his a.s.sistence some time to catch that ingredient if there ever was a chance.

Hiiro answered [Absolutely!] without a shred of hesitation.

Originally Happiness Shark was only found in the [Great Blue sea] which was adjacent to the [Humas] Continent. Moreover, it was only found in the depths of the ocean and would rarely ever come up to the surface. Although it was really rare, it would appear for short span of time on the surface of the sea during the egg-laying season. Its body was beautiful peach colour and had a small patch of red, and a tinge of Jade on the top of its head. It was an organism whose whole body was an ingredient where one could eat the whole the body, from the teeth to the tail, even the corners of its body was edible.

Then why was the Happiness Shark that was only found in the sea of the [Humas] Continent be found on the Demon continent's sea, actually the reason was that the happiness Shark was originally a native of the [Azazel Sea].

However as time pa.s.sed, the Happiness Sharks made a great migration as a huge Colony to change places. Even so, some of them refused to migrate and those few remained in the Azazel Sea and they bred with the remaining ones.

And now the time has come again for the Happiness Shark to lay eggs and therefore they shall  appear on the surface of the sea.

[The sea~ is a fun place~!]

When Nikki heard where Hiiro was going, Nikki could hardly wait since it had been a long time since they had been to the sea.

Since Nikki was going, Mikazuki also wanted to go, but she had promised to go shopping with Shamoe, and Hiiro told her that [Promises must be kept] so in the end, she gave up on going with Hiiro to the sea.

Lilyn, Silva and Kuzel were not able to make it, since the three of them had something they wished to discuss.

Eventually the party came down to  the three of them, Nikki, Camus, Ten, together with Shin.o.bu and Shuri which made five and with Hiiro it totaled to six. Well, actually it was five people plus one animal.

Of course it was not just them, the soldiers under Shublarz were coming along as well. They were all travelling together on a Sky Horse Drawn Carriage.

It was a Sky horse Drawn Carriage which could freely move in the sky using a monster Raidpeak* which belonged to same race as Mikazuki {EN*: previously TLed as Raidpic}

Tl: I did so that there would be a difference between the flying one[Raidpeak] and the Non flying one[Raidpic].

The Raidpeak like Mikazuki on the Beast-men Continent have degenerated wings so they couldn't fly in the sky but the Magicians in the Demon continent bred Raidpeaks which could fly.

Interestingly, the body of the Raidpeak itself has been changed into a horse drawn carriage with a huge loading platform; it was quite the unique monster.

Instead of pulling a separate carriage to the sky, the carriage itself is moving and soaring through the sky.

Right now, Hiiro and party* were looking down from the Raidpeak at the Demon Continent from the sky. There were various sights to behold.
{EN*: dunno why but it sounds awkward. The j.a.p version, 'Hiiro-tachi', flows better imho}

[TL: Me too ^]

There were Huge Mountains, Lakes, rivers, valleys, forests, and many others. Not only Nikki but even Camus and Ten were enjoying the scenery.

Since Hiiro had seen this sight a couple of times when he flew through the sky he wasn't that impressed, but he felt that the comfort of horseless carriage to be quite good and entrusted himself to the carriage without any worry.

Then the five of them soon arrived at their destination [Azazel Sea]. And what was reflected in Hiiro's eyes were the strange yelling and fighting spirits being emitted by Shin.o.bu and Shuri.

(Well, if you do your job well the emotional distance between the soldiers and yourselves may be shortened, I guess it’s reasonable…...)

If something were to go wrong, Hiiro shrugged his shoulders thinking that he would be here to help them.



[As expected the sea is completely on a different scale~]

Nikki, Camus, and then Ten in that order, each gave their comments while speaking aloud. Indeed as Nikki and the others said, the sea which was spread in the front, nothing could be seen ahead of the horizon line, and slowly sinks into the vast blue.

Although the Demon continent is certainly very huge, it is still undeniable that it still inferior compared to the ocean. The sea is the source of all Life forms. Mother Ocean. Hiiro felt that no matter which world it was the ocean was the biggest vessel compared to the rest.

The soldiers were inspecting their weapons and harpoons which they will be using in the sea. Shin.o.bu and gang* seemed to be helping them with that.
{EN*: this 'and gang' would be '-tachi', doesn't it fit better? It can be translated many ways, but idk; well…you guys decide (just say in the comments?)}

Apparently they seem to be communicating quite naturally with Shublarz’s subordinates and there were no unnatural situations with their communication. They probably must have heard what kind of people Shin.o.bu and gang were from Shublarz.

Or it may be that they must have done something together with them several times and therefore there was some degree of trust was established between them. Hiiro thought that the latter seemed more likely according to the situation.

[Ok then,.......Oy my stupid disciple]

[Ah, coming desuzo~!]

Hiiro called Nikki who still seemed to be lost looking at the sea.

[I shall give you a duty which shall be a part of your training from now on]

[OOO! What will it be!? ]

Nikki had a smile on her face expressing her happiness.

[Aa, I told you this in the carriage. I will be heading to capture a few monsters and I want you to capture any monsters that you can as well]

[Yes desuzo! I will make sure to do it properly desuzo!]

[Nitoryuu, As I already told you I want you to be this one’s bodyguard so I shall leave it to you]

[Mm…….Hiiro’s request. I . will . do . my . best]

I spoke to Camus and asked him to look after Nikki, before we arrived here. Since Nikki is still a child, and the situation was just perfect. Therefore, I asked Camus to look after Nikki and not to allow her to do anything ridiculous or frightening.

Since he was of the “Ashura Tribe”, and he had trained many children, and besides, he is on good terms with Nikki. Therefore Hiiro judged that Camus would be able to Control Nikki properly.

[Yellow monkey, you're coming with me]


Ten showed his acknowledgement by giving a thumbs up.

[Alright then, let's go]

[Um Hiiro]

[What is it, Yellow Monkey?]

[Is it really fine to leave those two children alone?]

Ten prompted his question about Shin.o.bu and Shuri who were a little further away.

[I guess it's fine?  I never accepted to babysitting those guys. I just came along with them and that is all. And besides, I have something that I must do.]

Of course that is to catch Happiness Sharks. I wish to catch every one of them without worring much about other things, this is a precious chance that I cannot let escape. Sorry about that.

[Fuu~........umm Hiiro, is it fine if I go with them?]

[...................Do what you want]

Hiiro did not think that the stubborn Ten would change his mind so easily since Ten said that it was no good. Rather than quarreling here and wasting time, doing what you feel right is better.

[OK yo, be careful~]

Saying so, Ten went towards the place Shin.o.bu and Shuri were at.
And so, the troops that shall start capturing were decided in this way.

Telling Nikki once again to be careful and not get stuck, Hiiro then prepared himself to enter the Sea.

Hiiro wrote the Words [Water Repellant] onto his clothes using Magic. And also placed a few more essential words onto his body, where after, he used the Word Magic [Fly] to take to the skies and went off the Beach.

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