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Chapter 193: Getting fired up

(Leowald POV)

Leowald put more power into the spell than when he used it against Marione. A small sun-like orb with him at the center dropped from the sky toward his target.

“Here I come! Eat this! [[Awakened Fireball of Truth]] !” (Leowald)

Then it dropped downward; it dropped toward a single boy on the ground.

“Now, what are you going to do Hiiiirooo!” (Leowald)

Hiiro looked up at the fireball and concentrated magic power into his index finger.

Magic again, huh! if it is anything like last time I can sweep it away! (Leowald)

With a loud rumbling sound a ma.s.s of pure fire crashed down, like a giant meteor.

Hiiro drew a word and then pointed at Leowald, who just grinned.

Leowald then created a wall of fireb.a.l.l.s in front of the Flaming Meteor using the same technique as before. He knew that if the word was to hit the fire orbs, it would dissipate harmlessly.

There could be a good chance that his opponent is trying penetrate the wall. But it seemed like his opponent put on the expression that it was no good.

Then Hiiro started writing another word. Unlike the magic power he felt from the barrier before, it contained a lot more.

“Interesting! I don’t know what you are doing, but if you can stop this than do it!” (Leowald)

As the orb of fire approached Hiiro, Leowald was surprised by the outcome. For some reason, as the ball approached, it grew smaller and smaller until it disappeared.

“W-What!?” (Leowald)

Before he can recover, even the fire covering his body started to disappear.

“W-what. What was that!?” (Leowald)

It looked as if a balloon was slowly deflating. In order to prevent that he tried to increase the fire’s output but it was shrinking faster than he could recover. Then…


As he stood speechless and watched his revered flames vanish into thin air, Hiiro appeared in front of him and swung his gleaming sword in a beheading motion.


Unaware that his [[Conversion]] was dispelled a large gash appeared from his left shoulder down to his right abdomen.

“Guu!?” (Leowald)

The pain and chaos sent his consciousness into discord

But at that moment his head heated up (in anger) and grabbed Hiiro’s arm.

“Oops…!? (Hiiro)

Hiiro put on a surprised expression


Forming a hammer with his fist he struck Hiiro’s back which caused Hiiro to drop to the ground.

However, the body of Leowald sustained a some heavy damage; intense pain clearly showed on his face.

He isn’t sure what happened but if he took an attack right now it won’t be good.

“Ku…Hiiro…” (Leowald)

A lot of blood was flowing out of his body. It would be grave if he remained in this state too long, so he used [[Conversion]] right away.

In this state the pain will ease, and he’ll no longer bleed. However, he is unable to recover the damage taken. While using [[Conversion]], HP and MP will continue to decrease.

He knew that he wouldn’t be able to fight much longer in this state. He looked for the body of Hiiro which dropped to the ground, and when he couldn’t find it, a furious expression appeared on his face.

(Hiiro’s POV)

Hiiro was scrowling at his last action. No matter how happy he was that the move succeeded, he shouldn’t of let his guard down.

Ouch..dammit (Hiiro)

Leowald’s attack hit him with surprising force. He thought he landed a fatal attack on him, but didn’t expect him to fight back right away. He certainly let his guard down.

No…if I observe the action carefully, it feels like it was was performed instinctively. (Hiiro)

It would be difficult for someone one to counter attack when they witnessed their ultimate attack dissipate, followed by their opponent landing a fatal attack on their body right after.

At that time, because his eyes were blank, he didn’t think he would be able to counterattack.

However, at that moment life appeared in those blank eyes and Leowald grabbed his arm. He tried to cast a spell, but before he could, his body was sent crashing into the ground.

At that time, when Leowald used [[Awakened Fireball of Truth]]. Hiiro used extinguish (鎮火) and fireball (火球)

With these two words, he extinguished everything related to the Fireball; the small fire orbs that Leowald used to form a wall, the sun like meteor, even Leowald’s power; all of them were identified as “Fireball” from Hiiro’s point of view.

In other words, Hiiro made everything disappear and then he used the [[Conversion]] word on his sword before slashing at his target.

Soon after, he made a miscalculation. First it was Leowald’s abnormal body; it was as if he was trying to cut iron. Even then, he managed to inflict a large wound.

The next miscalculation was the counterattack. The speed was beyond comprehension. Even though he reacted with all his might with his arm being caught, the blow landed on him at about the same time.

Damage wise, even though it was only one attack, it’s force felt like all his opponent’s weight was put into it.

If he fell toward the ground with that much force, his face would be turned into a smashed tomato. Thus, he had no choice but to use the preset [[Protect]] word to nullify the impact damage.

…It can’t be helped (Hiiro)

He active the preset word [[Cure]] to remove the pain. The pain would be troublesome later on in battle. Even if his opponent is in a grievous state, he couldn’t let anything hinder him.

White light spread over his body, and the intense pain from before vanished.

Ha, really, this [[Word Magic – Magic]] has a lot of application (Hiiro)

If he didn’t have magic, he wouldn’t know what to do. He felt that it was good fortune to have an all-purpose unique magic.

At that moment, he felt a strong chill and waves of heat started radiating from behind him

He felt an abnormal wave of bloodl.u.s.t slowing moving toward him. The closer it got the drier his mouth felt.

Even though, the white light of healing hasn’t disappeared yet, Hiiro turned around and looked at the ma.s.s of bloodl.u.s.t.

Leowald was there. But it was in a completely different state than before; it didn’t even have a facial expression. It looked as if all that it wanted to do was to kill its opponent; it was manifestation of its instinct. Actually, it was like a wild ma.s.s of wrath and hatred.

There is… no end to this huh (Hiiro)

It felt like he was trapped by a SSS Rank monster, without anywhere to run.

“Oh man, it looks just like a human magma” (Hiiro)

Some time ago only Leowald’s right arm changed into magma, now his whole body was covered in magma. Even his legs which touched the magma also started to melt. Furthermore, it didn’t react at all to Hiiro’s sarcasm

It is definitely different than before … if I were to be hit by that body, I would be melted right away (Hiiro)

Hiiro judged that it isn’t a good idea to go too close to it. He used most of the words he set beforehand. Thus, he felt that he should strike at this moment; however there doesn’t seem to be a reasonable way to do so.

If he retreated, and then came back, he would be able to finish it right away. However, the current situation won’t allow it. Even then, he felt hesitant to do something like that.

As expected, I’m also a man … (Hiiro)

Furthermore, the challenge of defeating someone with a cheat body like this piqued his interest. After he thought for a bit, to be able to completely control the opponent in this situation would be the best way to proceed. Being forced to do something like that really brought back the joy of fighting a worthy opponent

Whether it was in games or novels, fighting a strong opponent is thrilling. Also, running away in fear isn’t something a man does.

If there was major difference in strength, and the body was in an unreasonable condition then it would be smart to give up. At this moment though, as long as there is a way to win against the opponent, then by doing so …

If I don’t get fired up then I am not a man (Hiiro)

Although, he isn’t sure if his opponent was enjoying it or not, right now Hiiro had a smile on his face.

“…fu, lets proceed” (Hiiro)

With renewed resolution, he focused magic in front of his finger

“Hiiiroooooooooooooooooo!” (Leowald)
The magma like monster rushed at Hiiro.

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