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Chapter 192 Hiiro vs. Leowald

The final game began with both of them glaring each other without moving. As if both of them giving each other the chance to attack first they weren’t moving.

Before a battle I shouldn’t think about the difference in our levels, this jiisan has too much of an advantage in physical combat. When taking a blow from him there’ll be considerable damage.

I can’t be careless certainly. Healing is of course possible with > but in case there is large damage the recovery time will be longer. I can’t consider that he won’t do anything while I recover.

So in conclusion it should be good to keep him at bay using long-range attacks, so i won’t give him chance to come near me.

I’ll have to keep my installed characters in reserve for the time being. just in case…

Hiiro moved the finger on his right hand at high-speed. Leowald who also perceived that charged in.

To charge in with >! just what is that jiisan thinking.

Hiiro who was writing the character stopped and lunged sideways drawing Leowald in the center.

Leowald too responded, shifting his body towards him while keeping an eye on him.

If one were to be hit by that directly… if it would had been someone else he would had been dead.

While moving he directs his finger towards his opponent and shoots the character. Jumping instantaneously to the right Leowald tries to dodge it, but


With the help of his finger Hiiro was able to change the direction of the character and kept chasing Leowald.

“mu tsu!?”

Leowald groans as he didn’t antic.i.p.ated that the trajectory could be changed by Hiiro, he thought that it could only fly in a straight line. He pushes his hands on ground and twists his body in order to avoid it.

While moving he flings something towards the character and it hits it directly, since the character was. .h.i.t directly it stopped in that moment.

I see so it’s like that

In order for the character to activate it needed to hit its target. Something had suddenly stopped his character which shone deep scarlet; when he looked at it carefully it looked like a pebble. The character that was shinning on it was . If the character would had been able to hit on Leowald then it would had been possible to stop his movement.

But Leowald, while in an attempt to dodge the character that was fired towards him was able to fend it off using the pebble on the ground.

I can surely remove the character from the stone and have it chase him again…

Even if i could just peel of the character and make it head towards Leowald once more the problem would be that once it touches something again it would start its effect on it.

“Hoo…! i doubted whether it would have worked but looks it worked well. Although by the looks your magic can transfer its strange effect when it touches the target, but if it’s. .h.i.t by an obstacle than its effect is transferred to the obstacle and its effect can be found out. Furthermore, it’s not likely to stop the movement of itself even after its. .h.i.t. It’s because the speed of the pebble did not change therefore since it has stopped it should be because of you strange character….right Hiiro?”

To think that this Muscle Brain of all people I have met would have gained such a deep insight on my > since he last met me.


Leowald’s left hand suddenly turned into that of a flame and the fire started to affect his surroundings.

“In this way my body can be protected from your magic .

Leowald stood there as if satisfied after explaining about Hiiro’s magic. Leowald started his <> and a wall of fireb.a.l.l.s appeared surrounding him.

Certainly if > is used in this state then there is a chance that the characters might hit the fireball surrounding him.

“You thought well, beast king”

“gahaha! It’s because i was looking forward to the duel with you! Since you refused the prize that i thought of, but as far as it is concerned I’m happy to chat with you in the final game.”

“This battle freak”

Well i think, that disturbing group of fireball is actually his left arm, it will be a bit difficult to hit his main body. It’s a pain to attack him in that mess of a fireball field, but in the first place will characters like work in that array?

Even if it’s his left arm it has been separated from his main body, so the effect might not work. In the first place in > there is only target and effect, it has nothing to do with combination and separation.

In simple words one can say that it is the same as the landing of an attack on a shield, even if shield is not part of one’s body it still affect its wielder. It is also a characteristic of < word="" magic="">>.

But what the heck’s with this case? It may be disconnected but that wall of fireball is definitely Leowald’s left arm. What effect will flow if you are sharing your sense?

“…let’s try it.”

Hiiro once again shoots the character for . And it hits the fireball surrounding Leowald. Activate.

“….. So it didn’t go well.”

As it has been his concern only the fireball that it hit was stopped while Leowald was lively as always.

“How is it? It seems that i took quite the measure for you right?”

“Precisely. It’s slightly troublesome to hit you.”

“gahaha! But it’s my turn next!”

Saying so he jumped high, and rushed his way. Hiiro clicks his tongue and avoids the attack by jumping back.

But at that time the fireball surrounding Leowald started to move towards him.


He quickly activated the character that was previously installed; a wall made of pale magic covers his front instantly.


The attack hits the wall as if it was an attack launched from a shotgun. Then as if suddenly feeling the bloodl.u.s.t from the direction, he could clearly see Leowald charging in with tremendous momentum.

His right hand which he converted into magma became like a tentacle. It was wriggling and bubbling as if waiting to devour its prey. One could understand just by looking, that a tremendous amount of power was being wielded in that right hand.

“So this is the true Maximum blazing fang attack!”

Hiiro packed the wall with more magic, at the point where his fist was about to strike. The point where his fist strikes at the defense wall, it starts to bulge in, as if extending in the direction towards his fist.

In the first place this defense wall is made by two character word magic that i use while battling SS rank monsters.

But soon Hiiro remembered that day. When he first met Leowald, he used a similar skill and he was able to guard against it using the same character .

But soon he also remembered that rare time when his defense wall deteriorated a little. Moreover unlike that time he was also using >.

However as if breaking his train of thought the figure of Leowald which was quickly drawing near was suddenly visible to him. And his right arm as if a volcano suddenly erupted, and bursts out quickly improving his dash speed.

Suddenly he felt a chill in his spine, as he watched Leowald quickly closing the distance between them and,


The defense wall of and his fist collided and in the next instant,


Surprisingly, the dense wall was shattered. Hiiro closed his eyes as if acknowledging the fact that the huge fist nearing the wall will shatter it.


The severe impact sound shook the surrounding.

The scene was as if a tremendous explosion had happened at that place. Holding their breath both camp were watching the place of the impact.

A lot of people were worrying about the safety of Hiiro, who was inside the defense wall.

The smoke cleared up and at the place where Leowald was a crater appeared. It was quite the difference in the attack power of Leowald; also a part of the land near Leowald was also melted.

This would likely be the right arm of Leowald.

Leowald after resetting both of his arms stood at that place gently gazing at the sky.


At that place was Hiiro who had unsheathed his katana. Pulling the body instantly with reflection, he lands a blow on his body but,


The right arm which was lobbed off fell to the ground.


His face was twisted due to the pain. Hiiro came once again to thrust at his body.

“Just like that!”

“I won’t let you!” directing his left arm towards Hiiro like some time ago it burst out like a volcano. Hiiro clicked his tongue and suddenly sidestepped to dodge it.

Both of them glared at each other.

“phew, if even though my right arm was in the state of > to feel pain in that state…”

The right hand which was lobbed off suddenly turns into flame and returns back to its place.

“But that sword….no, by the shape of the sword, it’s not just an ordinary sword.”

The sword was able to deliver a blow on him even though he was in a state of partial , the pain that he felt. There was no way that it’s ordinary. But Hiiro instead of answering him simply takes a stance.

“I will explain if you manage to land a blow that is, but it’s not that easy.”

Leowald grins after he hears those words from Hiiro.

He strikes the ground with his fist.

In such a short time there was no way that Hiiro could have used the two character magic he was really shocked when [Safeguard] was destroyed. Therefore he evaded using the single charecter of [transfer] instantly into the sky.

By using the momentum of falling from the sky he used his katana to unleash

From there Hiiro once again tried to rush in using the momentum of his sword but only was forced to leave from there due to the heat of the magma.

Well could it be that the two-word magic was destroyed because he is a SSS rank?

It’s surprising how Leowald’s attack power can rise so suddenly. In addition to his overwhelming body ability, he can also use his > with a decent amount of power. His strength is surely admirable but he still has ways to improve it.

Even if Leowald inquires about the >, there is no obligation to answer it.

Due to the enchants placed on the sword it certainly is not an ordinary sword. It was good to install the character of on the sword before the game began. The magic flow on his body should have started to flow rampant, he should lose his consciousness in any moment.

But as expected of the Beast king something trivial like the enchant on my sword isn’t working on him. Should i have used another word that would have given damage to him?

And in the next moment Leowald suddenly ducked down, and cracks appeared on that spot and soon began to expand.

In order to stabilize himself from the sudden movement of the ground beneath his body Hiiro for an instant averted his eyes from him, but in the next moment Leowald who should have been in front of him was nowhere to be found.

But due to the sudden increase in the heat that could be felt he knew that he had leapt up, and there was only the big ball of magic when he looked up.

And he frowns due to the enormous heat that it gave off.

If I’m not mistaken… i saw that in the first round

So, it’s the same technique he had used on marione, surely it was

That jiisan…. storing so much power it’s unreasonable.

As if not wanting to say much he sheathed his katana, and looked up in the sky at Leowald.

My two words magic won’t be able to put up much to it…but if

He raised his right hand and pointed it towards Leowald, soon a pale light started to converge on his index finger. The pale light was sparkling and he wrote a character in the sky.

(This time it’s my turn to surprise him.)

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