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Chapter 159: The Red Robe’s Ident.i.ty ~Arnold’s Rampage~

Frankly speaking, Muir was surprised. She didn’t think that she’d be hearing rumors of that person in such a place after all.

That person……..over half a year pa.s.sed since she had separated with Hiiro Okamura. Half a year ago, Hiiro had said that he’d come back if he was free.

That’s why Muir believed in Hiiro’s words and trained desperately so that when the time came, she’d be able to fight alongside him. In order not to become a burden, she had trained hard together with her foster father, Arnold.

While thinking that it would soon be 6 months since their separation, she excitedly waited for Hiiro’s return. However, even after the promised 6 months had long pa.s.sed, he had not contacted them at all.

As for their training, it had ended off at a good place where all that remained mainly centered around self-practice. Thinking that they’d be better off finding Hiiro themselves if he didn’t come back on his own, Muir discussed the idea with Arnold.

However, Arnold told her that even if they knew Hiiro’s destination, it would be too dangerous to go meet him themselves. That was to be expected. If his destination was as he had told them before, it was likely the Demon Continent.

It was not a place that beastmen like Muir and co. could easily go to. If they were like Hiiro and could use transformation magic, then it’d most likely be fine, but unfortunately, they did not possess such convenient magic.

Arnold had also said that they should just leave such a heartless guy alone. However, Muir knew that he did, truthfully, want to see Hiiro as well.

The reason she knew that was because when she had mentioned going to meet him on her own, Arnold had made a happy-looking face. But in reality, they had no means to do so. That was why they had no choice but to continue staying with their master, Rarashik, and train themselves to reach even greater heights.

At that time, an unexpected visitor appeared. Muir couldn’t have possibly predicted that the visitor would have been one of the great 《Three Warriors》of the 《Beastman Captial: Pa.s.sion》, Barid. Not only that, but they heard a surprising story from Barid.

Right now, they were at war. That was something that anyone within the country would know. Along with the fact that they had made an alliance with the 『Humas』for it. However, in that war, the beastmen were forced to retreat by the 『Evila』.

Furthermore, the cause of that retreat was a single person. A 『Humas』who was being thought of as a hero by those on the side of the 『Evila』. Not only that, but that person’s features seemed to highly resemble that of a certain person that Muir knew really well.

No, likely, Hiiro was the only one she could possibly think of, who could do such unprecedented feats. Arnold also seemed to have arrived at the same conclusion, as he was displaying a shocked expression. His obviously warped face was then confirmed by Muir.

Then, at last, Rarashik also arrived at the same answer. While she had initially adamantly refused Barid’s recruitment for the war, she suddenly changed her mind and accepted his invitation to at least go back and listen to the King’s story.

And so, currently, all three of them had followed Barid to【Pa.s.sion】’s castle, and had arrived at the 《King’s Tree》’s 《Throne Room》.

“It was good of you to come, Rara.” (Leowald)

The one who was sitting on the throne while speaking was the King of this country, Leowald King. This was not the first time Muir had met with him in person.

Following a series of unexpected events, she had become friends with the Second Princess Mimir. Occasionally, she had been invited by Mimir to play at the castle.

During those times, she and Arnold had met Leowald on numerous occasions. However, even if this wasn’t their first meeting, seeing him here on such a formal visit did, as expected, make her nervous.

It seemed that Arnold, who was kneeling next to her, also held similar thoughts, as his nervousness appeared on his face.

However, Rarashik alone kept her usual att.i.tude as she stood right in front of the King.

“It’s been a while, Leo-sama.” (Rarashik)
“It’s good that Rara also seems to be energetic as usual. Also, sorry for suddenly summoning you.” (Leowald)

Muir was aware that the two of them had a fairly intimate relationship. When Rarashik was still working as a martial arts instructor, she had taught Leowald.

“No, I actually didn’t have any intention of coming. It’s just that I heard an interesting story.” (Rarashik)
“……..about the Red Robe?” (Leowald)

Leowald’s eyes glinted.

“Yeah, that’s right. After all, it seems like Leo-sama was shown up by that guy.” (Rarashik)
“Gahaha! That’s right! What a pleasant youngster he was!” (Leowald)
“Looks like you’re having fun, Leo-sama.” (Rarashik)
“Yeah, my blood’s boiling for the first time in a while. I had a small battle with him. Undoubtedly, he has the qualities needed to become my rival.” (Leowald)

Upon seeing Leowald’s happy smile, Rarashik shrugged her shoulders.

“I see, seems like that guy’s become liked by a troublesome person.” (Rarashik)

As she said that, Leowald’s eyebrow twitched. Barid, in addition to the other soldiers in the room, froze suddenly, having been caught off guard by Rarashik’s statement.

“……..Rara, do you know? Who exactly that Red Robe is?” (Leowald)
“Yeah, but just in case, I’ll at least ask what his name is. Since it is possible that it’s just a misunderstanding on our part.” (Rarashik)

Although she said that, it could be seen from her expression that Rarashik was confident in her answer. Muir was also confident, but listened carefully in order to reaffirm her answer.

“I don’t know if it was his real name, but he was called Hiiro by the Maou.” (Leowald)

As he said that, the corners of Rarashik’s mouth rose into a large grin. Seeing her expression, Leowald also understood.

“It seems that he’s an acquaintance.” (Leowald)
“Yeah, although if it’s about that youngster, then these two here would be more informed. They were his former travel companions after all.” (Rarashik)
“What!?” (Leowald)

The eyes of everyone in the room widened.

“Is that true, Arnold and Muir?” (Leowald)

As they had introduced themselves when they had met previously, Leowald knew their names.

“ “Yes!” ”

The two of them raised their voices in affirmation at the same time.

“I see! That is quite the coincidence! Do tell some stories about that youngster!” (Leowald)

Arnold answered Leowald’s request. He spoke about where they had met and what kind of adventures they had gone on together. However, he had, for the time being, attempted to speak in a way that would conceal the details of Hiiro’s magic.

Well, as Hiiro seemed to be acting as if he had no intention of hiding it, it might have been okay to talk about his magic. However, as long as he didn’t have permission from the person himself, Arnold felt awkward about explaining the details of Hiiro’s magic to others.

Even so, it wasn’t like Arnold knew all that much about Hiiro’s magic anyways. So all he said was that it was an excessively omnipotent magic.

Leowald enjoyably listened to Arnold’s stories.

“Hohou, so you came to this country with this Hiiro person. How unfortunate. If we had been able to recruit him at that time, then around now, we would have returned with our heads held high.” (Leowald)

It seemed that his a.s.sessment of Hiiro was simply that high.

“However, Arnold, having heard your story and seen Hiiro’s actions myself, he’s likely a user of a Unique Magic. Not only that, but he’s human. I’m surprised that he would come to trust beastmen such as yourselves.”(Leowald)

His words were only natural. The discord between the『Gabranth』and 『Humas』was considerably higher than that of the discord between the 『Gabranth』and the 『Evila』. The reason being that in the past, they had been treated as livestock and slaves by the humans.

“That’s true. Certainly, there are many things that he says and does that I can’t understand at all. However, for better or worse, that guy is straightforward.” (Arnold)
“Hou, straightforward, you say?” (Leowald)
“Yes. He’s a guy that continues forwards according to what he feels. It’s like he doesn’t believe in the values of others and their rumors. He’s a human who reaches an answer based solely upon what he has directly seen with his own eyes, heard with his own ears, and felt with his own skin.”(Arnold)
“Fumu.” (Leowald)
“When he found out that I, no, when we were beastmen, do you know what he said?” (Arnold)
“That sounds interesting, what did he say?” (Leowald)
“That…….he has nothing to do with it.” (Arnold)
“………….” (Leowald)
“『Race has nothing to do with it. In the first place, even if your race is different, it doesn’t change the fact that we’re all alive, right? To be honest, I have no interest in it. What’s so fun about fighting over it?』……..it really pulled all the fighting spirit out of me.” (Arnold)

At Arnold’s words, Muir smiled while Leowald’s face once again broke into a smile.

“Hohou, that’s excellent.” (Leowald)
“Heh?” (Arnold)
“Excellent…….that’s excellent, Hiiro. This truly makes me want to obtain him by all means.” (Leowald) (TL: Hyu hyu~ another one for Hiiro’s harem~)

As Muir became dumbfounded, Rarashik murmured, “Ah, shoot~” as she realized what Leowald was thinking.

“It seems that the youngster has been completely targeted. By that battle junkie.” (Rarashik)
“O-Ojisan……?” (Muir)

When Muir looked towards Arnold anxiously, she noticed that before she knew it, he had brought his hands together in prayer, and said,

“You have my condolences, Hiiro.” (Arnold)
“Wait, Ojisan!” (Muir)
“It’s fine, Muir. It’ll be a good medicine for that idiot. This is revenge for leaving us without saying anything and breaking his promise with us.” (Arnold)

Upon seeing the obviously evil expression Arnold was making, Muir dropped her shoulders as if she were amazed. While she understood his feelings, she also felt that he had gone a bit too far.

“Hiiro…….?” (???)

As she did so, she heard someone’s voice.

“Ooh, what is it, my daughter, Mimir? Your friends have come, you know?” (Leowald)
“Father, um, just now…….I thought I heard Hiiro-sama’s name……” (Mimir)
“Mu? Hiiro? Why do you know Hiiro’s name?” (Leowald)
“Ah, eh………that is…..” (Mimir)

Upon seeing that, Arnold’s eyes glinted. Muir’s face cramped up, as she thought to herself-

(O-Ojisan, don’t tell me……) (Muir)

Although she thought that and was about to stop him, she was too late.

“Leowald-sama, actually, there is one more thing that I feel you must hear.” (Arnold)

Upon seeing Arnold suddenly making a good face while acting respectfully, Rarashik’s eyes flickered as she froze.

“Wh-what is it?” (Leowald)
“Do you still remember? The incident from half a year ago when Mimir-sama’s voice suddenly returned?” (Arnold)

Realizing that he was planning on blabbing everything like she thought, Muir’s mouth flapped open and closed with shock.

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