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Chapter 268 – Evil G.o.d Protection

Ario and Ginny ran off without a word. And Grulf followed after them.

Grulf looked like he intended on protecting them. He was a very smart and kind wolf.

“Where do you think you are going? You apes.”

So saying, the true ancestor tried to unleash a magic bullet at Ario and the others.

“You’re letting your guard down by looking away.”

I knocked down the magic bullet with one of my own.

“…I’m surprised you can move that much within the barrier.”

“Have you forgotten that we killed you before? You’re underestimating us.”

I said and then grinned for good measure.

While the true ancestor seemed to have not noticed it yet, the moment that the core entered his body, the effect of the Evil G.o.d Protection had weakened.

Perhaps his body had become the barrier, and that was weakening the area of effect.

During the fight with the Lord, it had only been Lord Gerberga who was affected.

And so it was possible that a barrier of flesh was that powerful.

“I’m getting used to the Evil G.o.d Protection. Kathe. Let’s defeat this worthless creature.”

“Of course!”

“Hmph. You only barely defeated me after attacking as a large group. But what can you do when there are only two of you!”

“We can kill you, that’s what.”

I pulled out the Devil King Sword. And then the true ancestor grinned.

“What is so funny!”

Kathe shouted. And the true ancestor answered with a smile.

“Isn’t it obvious? Ruck. You’ve brought the sword, just like I wanted. Thank you.”

“…Did you realize it was me because of this sword?”

I had used the Devil King Sword during the previous fight. And so it was not strange that he would recognize me as Ruck.

“I thought it was possible. But it seemed unlikely. And so I prepared a trap in order to confirm it.”

“Well, that was very considerate of you to go through all that trouble.”

I said as I fired off a magic bullet.

The true ancestor looked like he was taken by surprise for a moment, but still blocked it.

“Not bad. You can still move well within the divine protection.”

And then the true ancestor rubbed his jaw with his left hand.

“Hmm. It’s no wonder that the apes called you Ruck the Hero. It’s very convenient that I can kill you here.”

“I didn’t say anything about allowing you to kill me.”

“…And I’ll get the Devil King Sword on top of that.”

Apparently, the Devil King Sword was an important item for the true ancestor.

Perhaps it was used for some art or ceremony.

While I didn’t know what it was, it was clearly not for something good.

“I won’t let you take it!”

And then I slashed at him with the Devil King Sword.

He dodged the attack with ease. And then Kathe attacked him with her magic.

The true ancestor dodged this as well, and so I fired off even more magic.

Kathe and I worked together, with magic and sword, and martial arts as well. And yet he continued to dodge them.

The true ancestor wasn’t launching his own attacks. He just grinned happily and dodged ours.

‘He’s toying with us!’

‘It’s because our movements are slowed down by the effects of the Evil G.o.d Protection.’

The effects had been weakened. But our power was still held back.

Our movements were slowed down a little, as was the power and activation speed of magic.

Like this, it was not difficult for the true ancestor to deal with us.

‘What should we do, Locke?’

‘We know that he died once. And so he shouldn’t be at full strength.’


‘You continue to attack him, Kathe. I’ll think of something.’

‘Very well!’

Kathe unleashed a chain of magic and physical attacks at the true ancestor.

While she was not at her best, she was still the wind dragon king. And her attacks were severe.

However, the true ancestor still seemed relaxed.

We had indeed defeated him before. So there was no way that he was at his best.

There must be something that was boosting his abilities.

I doubted that having the Evil G.o.d Protection core in his body was doing much to strengthen him.

I was able to guess this based on the strength of the Lord we had defeated.

“Well, never mind. I’ll crush you so bad that you will never be able to move again.”

“Just you try!”

I slammed the true ancestor hard with magic attacks. And then I closed the gap between us and swung with the Devil King Sword.

Just then, the true ancestor flew back. It was as if he was more wary of the sword than my magic.

“I see.”

“What do you see!”

The Devil King Sword had the ability to absorb. If he was wary of being absorbed, then he likely did not want me to grab him.

After all, I had absorbed a lot from him with Drain Touch before.

And if he was scared of that, it would make the fight a lot easier.

And so I kept him in check with Drain Touch and the Devil King Sword while also shooting magic at him.

While the magic wasn’t as strong or fast as it usually was, it was more about how you used it.

And with Kathe’s support, a few of my attacks were able to land and blow off the true ancestor’s left arm and right leg.

“You aren’t half bad.”

The true ancestor said with a grin. And in the next instant, the left arm and right leg regenerated.

“But you can’t kill me with this level of attacks!”

“Don’t lie! It’s not possible for someone to be immortal!”

Kathe’s attacks became even more vicious. However, he dodged them all expertly.

‘I can’t hit him! What should we do, Locke!’

‘Just a little more. Just push a little more and we can win.’

‘I don’t know what you mean, but I’ll do it!’

A little more. It was just a matter of time. I just had to persist.

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