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Meeting at the Water Dragon Settlement

I suppose they had something in mind.

I didn't know what they were doing, but I would wait for now.

Right then, Princess Leea seemed to have sensed that things had calmed down, and so she began to talk.

'Locke. That bomb must have been so frightening.'

“Ah, Leea. Yes, you must be careful not to touch anything you find that looks suspicious.”

'Yes, I know that.'

'Mister Locke. We should think of some kind of security measure as well.'

“Mister Morris. Do you have any ideas?”

'Yes. We could use the water dragon barrier…'

And so Morris began to explain his idea in detail.

He was going to use the water dragon barrier and add the ability to detect explosives.

But it would require very complicated techniques.

I had only just started to learn about the magic that water dragons used. There was still so much left to learn.

“You can do such a thing?”

'It is incredibly difficult… But I will try.'

“Thank you. If it turns out to be possible, it would be a great help.”

As Morris and I talked about it, Leea's voice came on again.

'…Um, Locke. Please don't be too angry if Morris fails at doing it.'

“Don't worry. I never had any intention of blaming him.”

'Locke. You are so kind.'

So, it was so difficult that even Leea was worried that Morris wouldn't be able to do it.

'I will help Morris as well.'

“That's comforting.”

'Yes. I will do my best.'

Leea seemed very determined.

And then I spoke to Morris.

“If there is anything that I can do, just let me know.”

'Yes… It would be easier to do it if I could see the actual bomb.'

“Unfortunately, it exploded…”

The bomb was a magic tool that used mana.

The runes and magic circuits were all converted into energy that spread out.

That's how they raised its power. And so nothing but the mana remained.

So it was difficult to find out what it had been once it exploded.

“It exploded just as we tried to a.n.a.lyze it…”

'So even you, Locke, were unable to find out its structure?'

Well, it had been Luchila who was trying to a.n.a.lyze it. Perhaps I would have learned something had I been the one to do it.

That being said, I had been watching it intently from the back. And while it wasn't enough, I did know a few things.

“Luchila. While you didn't have long to look at it, tell Mister Morris what you did find out.”

Luchila was waiting close by.

“Uh, yes. But I really don't know much…”

'Miss Luchila, I would be grateful for any information no matter how small. Please.'

“I understand.”

And so Luchila started to explain. While it had been brief, she had a.n.a.lyzed quite a lot.

Morris was quite impressed.

“That's all I know. Did you realize anything else, Mister Locke?”

Luchila had noticed that I was watching too.

“Indeed. But you learned a lot in a short amount of time. I don't have much to add.”

“Thank you.”

“But if I were to add one thing…”

And so I told Morris what Luchila had failed to realize.

“That's amazing. I didn't notice that…”

'Very good, Locke. And of course, you too, Luchila.'

“What do you think? Can you do it?”

'I was able to gain more information than I was expecting. So I think it should be fine.'

“That's good.”

Once we had finished exchanging information about the bomb, Morris said:

'…Mister Locke. I hope that my son isn't causing you too much trouble?'

Morris sounded very worried. Of course, he was talking about Mors.

Mors had stayed at Danton's mansion in order to help strengthen it.

“Mors was a great help to us. Thank you.”

“Yes. Mors did amazingly. He did so much.”

Kathe also gave her approval.

'I am glad to hear that. By the way, where is he now?'

Perhaps Morris wanted to talk to his son.

“We had him stay with Danton.”

'Did he do something wrong…'

“No, it's not like that. I told him that I didn't mind, but he refused to ride on my back.”

'I see. Well, that is only proper. It would have been unforgivable for him to ride on your back, Your Majesty.'

'…Kathe. When will you learn? You are the Wind Dragon Ruler.'

Dorgo had been quiet up until now, but he broke his silence in order to scold Kathe.

Apparently, riding on someone's back had a significant meaning in dragon culture.

“Hmph. But it's faster that way…”

Kathe did not seem very moved by their opinions.

“To us, riding on someone's back carries a special meaning.”

Just then, Dorgo's voice could be heard from the sky.

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