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Chapter 505 Saved Mother or the Baby

Hearing Ye Meiqi's words, Song Yunxuan suddenly frowned and said, “Mom, what do you mean? Anything happened to her?”

“Your sister had a difficult birth, and…” Ye Meiqi paused.

Song Yunxuan looked a lot more serious as her forehead knotted in a frown.

Seeing that, Chu Mochen couldn't help asking her, “What's going on?”

“My second eldest sister is about to give birth.”

Hearing that Song Yunxuan said something to Chu Mochen, Ye Meiqi said in a hurry, “Anyway, hurry! Or I can't save her.”

Song Yunxuan was smart enough to understand what Ye Meiqi meant through her words.

She hung up and told the chauffeur, “Go to the Marie Hospital.”

The chauffeur turned to look at Chu Mochen in the rearview mirror.

Chu Mochen told him, “Faster.”

Then the chauffeur did a U-turn and drove to the Marie Hospital.

Song Yunxuan looked serious and had already guessed how Song Yunying was doing in the hospital.

It was probably that the two old farts wanted to do something to her.

Seeing that her face clouded, Chu Mochen urged the driver to accelerate the car to the top speed.

When arriving at the hospital, Song Yunxuan rushed into the delivery room.

On arriving at the door of the delivery room, Song Yunxuan heard the two old farts from the Xue Family were quarreling with Ye Meiqi.

“Yunying is having a difficult birth. If Xue Tao can't come to sign, you can do it as well.”

“No, no, we can't. You are the one who should sign it as you are her mother, not us. We are her father-in-law and mother-in-law.”

Ye Meiqi gnashed her teeth and lost her patience, saying, “So now you are trying to kill Yunying?”

“How could it be? Yunying is our daughter-in-law after all. Now that she suffers from a difficult birth, we also feel bad. But the agreement of the cesarean operation mentions that her husband's and parents' signatures are required.”

“What agreement? Why have I never heard of it?”

“This is not the agreement from the hospital. It's the agreement she made with Tao by herself before the childbirth. Yunying thinks too much. She is afraid that we may interfere with the childbirth. Now that the agreement is made, we can't save her even if we want to.”

Hearing the old farts' sarcastic comments, Ye Meiqi sulked.

Only the fool would sign such an agreement.

Song Yunying signed it probably because Xue Tao tricked her into doing it.

Ye Meiqi didn't know how to deal with the two old farts of the Xue Family, so she called Song Yunxuan to make her come over.

The old farts knew that she would call Song Yunxuan, but they were not afraid at all.

They did nothing but watch Ye Meiqi.

Anyway, they had already tracked Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan was in Thailend, so she couldn't offer immediate help.

Though Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying were sisters having the same father but different mothers, there was resentment between them. Therefore, if Song Yunying had died because of a difficult birth, Song Yunxuan wouldn't have been too hard on them.

The two old farts had got nothing to fear. They waited for the doctor to tell them whether to save the mother or the baby.

However, while they were waiting, they suddenly heard Song Yunxuan's voice, “Where is the agreement?”

Song Yunxuan strode over and cast a glance at the two old farts.

They both felt fl.u.s.tered.

Hadn't Song Yunxuan gone to Thailend? Why was she here?

And she returned at this juncture.

They got a nasty shock on seeing Song Yunxuan.

When getting closer to them, Song Yunxuan saw an agreement in the doctor's hand. She reached out, asking, “Is that it?”

The doctor nodded, appearing scared as well.

Song Yunxuan was bubbling with aggressiveness as she strode over.

The doctor made the agreement after accepting the benefits from the two old farts from the Xue Family. He was a bit afraid of Song Yunxuan, too.

However, after hearing that Song Yunxuan had gone to Thailend and she wouldn't return during Song Yunying's childbirth, the doctor made bold to accept the benefits and made the agreement to tackle Ye Meiqi.

Now, Song Yunxuan was like justice raining from above.

The doctor instantly felt that great danger would hang over him.

Song Yunxuan wanted to see the agreement.

The doctor hastily presented it to her.

“If no one signs the agreement, you can't operate on my sister, right?”

The doctor frowned and turned to look at the two old farts of the Xue Family, wanting to get an answer from him.

Their faces clouded. But in order to gamble, they still motioned to the doctor to nod.

After knowing what they meant, the doctor nodded, replying, “Yes… Theoretically…”

“I'm not ent.i.tled to sign it?” Song Yunxuan's eyes ran over the content of the agreement.

Cold sweat flowed down from his face, “Mr. Xue and Mrs. Xue made the agreement. It defines that only her parents have the right to sign the cesarean operation for her.”

Song Yunxuan nodded.

Seeing that, the doctor thought this was over.

However, the doctor immediately knew that he was wrong.

Song Yunxuan reached out and tore that agreement in half.

Seeing that, the doctor was greatly frantic and wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the agreement from Song Yunxuan.

However, Song Yunxuan didn't dodge at all.

On the contrary, when the doctor was about to get the agreement, he was instantly frightened when seeing Song Yunxuan's cold look.

When seeing that Song Yunxuan tore the agreement in half, the two old farts knew that their plan didn't work, and their face clouded.

After tearing the agreement into pieces, Song Yunxuan tossed them onto the ground and asked the doctor, “Now can you perform the operation?”

Seeing the agreement stamped on by Song Yunxuan, the doctor nodded with embarra.s.sment, “Yes, no problem. But…”

The doctor wanted to ask her about something else.

But Song Yunxuan cut him off as if she knew what he was about to say, “Are you trying to ask me whether to save the adult or the baby?”

The doctor's face suddenly turned pale.

The two old farts of the Xue Family had told him to save the baby at the critical moment.

Xue Tao should be the one who made the decision.

But Song Yunxuan arrived before him.

The doctor couldn't risk waiting for Xue Tao because Song Yunying was in bad condition.

The doctor wanted Xue Tao's parents to decide whether to save the adult or the baby.

However, as Song Yunxuan was here, they had no chance to decide on anything.

After getting the answer, the doctor still showed no inclination to enter the delivery room.

Song Yunxuan was getting impatient, asking, “What are you waiting for?”

Sensing Song Yunxuan's impatience, the doctor hastily entered the delivery room and transferred Song Yunying into the operation room.

After Song Yunxuan drove the doctor into the operation room, the two old farts wanted to sneak away.

They feared that Song Yunxuan would fix him after resolving the problem.

However, it was too late.

Song Yunxuan looked at them with a poker face, saying, “Mr. Xue and Mrs. Xue, where are you going?”

Just as they were about to sneak away, Song Yunxuan called out to them.

The two old farts felt so embarra.s.sed as if they were clowns.

Xue Tao's mother spoke first, smiling, “We are going to buy something.”

“Don't you think it's a bad time? My sister is about to give birth. Don't you expect to see the baby?”

Xue Tao's father gave a wry smile, replying, “Sure, sure. After all, it's Xue Tao's baby.”

“In that case, why don't you tell the baby's father to come over now?”

Hearing that, Xue Tao's parents looked embarra.s.sed.

Xue Tao would be the last person who would care about Song Yunying's life.

Now, he might be on the tiles in a private room.

As Xue Tao's parents, they doted on their son.

Besides, they disliked Song Yunying in the first place and was unsatisfied with the marriage.

And such an extent even made them want to kill Song Yunying through the difficult birth.

Xue Tao didn't object to their parents' decision. On the contrary, he even expected to hear Song Yunying's death on the day the child was born.

But they never expected Song Yunxuan to upset their plan.

Song Yunxuan could almost guess the couple's scheme.

Seeing that the couple showed no inclination to bring back their son, Song Yunxuan nodded, “Since you can't find my brother-in-law, as a sister-in-law, I might as well get someone to find him.”

Hearing her words, the two old farts were frantic.

The couple knew well about how capable Song Yunxuan was.

Or they would not make a move on Song Yunying while Song Yunxuan was not around.

The couple knew how Song Yunxuan fixed Xue Tao after Xue Tao's lover came to pick a quarrel with Song Yunying.

Now, if Song Yunxuan had made Xue Tao return to see her wife and kid, he would have probably been disabled when he returned.

Thinking of that, the couple dared not let Song Yunxuan get him back.

Xue Tao's mother immediately said, “Tao is worried about Yunying, and he asked us to inform him after Yunying gives birth. He is in the company now. I'll call him right now.”

Xue Tao's mother hastily called Xue Tao.

Seeing that, Song Yunxuan didn't ask anyone to find Xue Tao openly.

Instead, she secretly ordered someone to find out where Xue Tao was because she doubted that he was too busy to come to see his wife and kid.

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