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He was drinking soda outside the student supermarket when he suddenly saw a crowd of people pouring out of the busy avenue toward him. Behind him was the student supermarket. I didn't think much about it, but the crowd came straight to him and stopped, and everyone looked at him.

"What's the matter?" He met with doubts and stood up and his eyes swept. The smiling girl made him feel a little familiar, but before he could think about it, a boy next to him had spoken.

"Can you help us, please?" Speaking of Zhang Chenghao, he was chosen by man, and he stood up and offered to negotiate.

"What is it?" How strange it is. He was just a freshman, his cla.s.smates and even roommates have not yet met, can not think of anything he can help.

"The glory of kings, do you know this hand tour?" Zhang Chenghao asked.

How can you stand still? King glory, this game is more than he knows. During his brother He Liang's five years as a professional player, he has hardly missed any professional compet.i.tion, even the pre-season training matches of teams, friendship matches for activities, performance matches are much concerned. The glory of the king is familiar and strange to him. Familiarity, because he has focused on so many, so long professional compet.i.tions, strange, but it is because he has never personally tried this game. It's not because he's not curious, but because his parents are still worried about He Liang's involvement in E-sports. He can't imagine how they'll feel when they see another child at home who is equally keen on the game. He didn't want to upset his parents, so for five years he was only concerned about He Liang and KPL, but he never tried the game himself.

Suddenly someone asked him this question. He Liang didn't know how to answer for a moment. After a pause, he finally nodded his head.

"So, we are going to fight a 3V3, less one person. Will you give us a hand?" Zhang Chenghao said.

"Less than one person?" He didn't look around and looked at it very puzzled. This gathered up people can not count at a glance, let alone 3V3, that is to put a few games 5V5 are rich, need to go to him specially to count?

"To be exact, we are less than one person. These are their people, so we have to find a pa.s.ser-by to help. The girl with a familiar look stood up and said. The boy with gla.s.ses on the side of her side nodded when he saw it.

Zhang Chenghao felt that this was a great opportunity to humiliate himself by singing loudly and let himself vent his evil spirits. He did not want to miss it. He quickly followed up and persuaded him, "Help me, cla.s.smates!" It will take a few minutes in a game, and it won't take you too long. If you don't have anything urgent. "

"I... It's nothing urgent. " He Liang has some heartbeat. Five years of serious concern, how can he not be curious, how can he not? He thought of it many times, but in the end he tried to restrain himself. At the moment, it's not self motivation, but someone needs help...

Have a try!

The voice that suppressed for a long time shouted in his heart. The ease with which he pushed the boat before him completely aroused his longing for a long time, and the ghost made him nod.

"Thank you." Singing loudly, he looked at Zhang Chenghao with a brilliant smile: "let's begin."

Gao Song so that Zhang Chenghao can not help but cackle for a moment, the result is to hear what happened here to open the mouth: "Wait for me to download the game first."

It's Zhang Chenghao's turn to smile. A man who doesn't even have a cell phone on his cell phone, of course, will not play the game as he wishes. For a moment, he was pleased with everything he saw, and his voice was doubly cordial: "Don't worry, we'll wait for you. Or we can lend you a cell phone here. "

Whenever you hear it, it is neat and neat. Try to return your cell phone to your family once and why you should do it yourself. Really want to download the king to his cell phone, and he wondered if he was willing to delete it. So he nodded to Zhang Chenghao and said, "lend it to me."

"Small pole, your number please borrow this student. Your mobile phone is good, heroes and inscriptions are also full. " Zhang Chenghao turned to his side, and a companion said very graciously.

"Oh." The student, who was called little polar, handed his cell phone to him immediately. After he heard the way, he went to the game to see Gao Ge and Zhou mo.

I didn't even hear any games on my cell phone. It was a tall song that puzzled her. She doubted whether she had mistaken herself.

However, it was not long before she met students, and she was always very attentive to those who would play the king. She clearly remembered that Pan Ruiming, the rookie in the student affairs office, was the young man before him. Although he heard only a few words, they all showed his familiarity with the glory of the king. Besides, he is the younger brother of former KPL professional He Liang.

So, there is no royal glory on mobile phones. Is it just a mobile phone or something else? Singing and thinking like this, I don't believe in pointing out Pan Ruiming's good intentions and the glory of the king. She nodded to what happened, and Zhang Chenghao there had already built the 3V3 battle room and invited them.

Several people entered the room one after another. What happens to see the other three people, is the uniform team name prefix ID: dynasty. Chenghao, dynasty. Mutong, dynasty. Kai Huai.

And his two teammates, the team named Lang 7, two ID is Lang 7. Gao Song and Lang 7. Zhou Mo, as for what happened, because borrowed the other party's account, but also a prefix name is the dynasty's ID, called the dynasty.

"Can we start?" He asked, unable to wait, and his voice was slightly quivering. Five years of attention and patience have finally come to such an opportunity. It's not the usual King's Canyon, it's not a very popular long-level offense, but it's enough for him. Summon out his own hero, walking under the defensive tower, on the line, in the wild, and fighting... Such a scene has always been a dream of what happened, and now it will become a reality, the King's Canyon or Changping attack and defense, this is not the most important.

"No hurry. Let's discuss it first." Singing loudly and looking at Zhang Chenghao, they said, "should we keep some distance?"

"Good." Zhang Chenghao nodded, and he did not want the command and communication of the three men on their side to be heard directly by the other side. He immediately walked away with his two teammates, keeping a distance from each other.

"What heroes do you use?" Sing songs and ask questions.

Li Bai!

Why should we consciously blurt out? That was his brother He Liang's greatest hero, and he had been longing for a sword-like figure in the King's Canyon. If he had only one chance to play, he would most like to try Li Bai. But he still suppressed his words. Li Bai is just what he wants, but what the team needs depends on his teammates and his opponent's heroes. The choice of heroes is to win, not to be based on personal preference.

"What do I need?" Suppressing the impulse to use Li Bai, he asked why.

"I use Zhuge, he uses Su Li, what do you think you are using better?" Ask for a high song.

"If there is harvest, control, and attack and defense, how about Huang Zhong?"

He said.

"Oh? Do you also study Changping offensive and defensive warfare? Singing is a bit of an accident. Unfamiliarity with this image has nothing to do with game level, but because it is not popular, few players will go into it.

"I can't talk about it, I just know a little." He said. KPL's professional arena does not have a long flat attack and defense, but the focus on professional compet.i.tions is not limited to formal compet.i.tions, in some performances he has seen a long flat attack and defense, so the picture is not unfamiliar, in such informal games have some understanding.

So what is the key point in this picture? Asked the song. One side of Zhou Mo was surprised at the moment. Will consider the lineup collocation, the Changping offensive and defensive battle have an understanding of how the pa.s.sers-by can not be played. No king installed on mobile phones? Maybe there are other reasons, Zhou Mo also thinks so. So what's the point of this picture? Zhou Mo followed his attention, and he was also very strange.

"Wild area economy." He said.

"This... Always? " Zhou Mo could not help saying. He thought he had something special that he didn't know. But the wild economy? In 5V5's King Canyon, that's not the point. It's the norm.

"Be more specific." Gao Ge seemed very patient and asked further. This let Zhou Mo some surprise, he is familiar with Gao Song, Gao Song of the pa.s.sers-by att.i.tude is a bit special, he has felt.

"Unlike King canyon. There is only one line in the Long Ping offensive and defensive battle, but there are two pieces in the field. The number of wild monster is very high. There are nine in the first half, and fifteen in the second half. And refresh faster. The refresh time for some of these features ranges from 1 minute to 2 minutes, but a total of 16 common wildlife is 35 seconds, and the refresh time is only half that of the ordinary wildlife in King's Canyon. He said.

"So it is." Gao Ge and Zhou Mo are both players of the king's rank. Hearing such a clear explanation, they immediately realize how important this "wilderness economy" will be. No more explanation is necessary. After the trio had finished their preparations, they greeted Zhang Chenghao, who could not wait, and immediately began the compet.i.tion. The three selected heroes according to their respective discussions, and then entered the loading interface to see the opposite three people choose Yang Ming, Luna and Sun Shangxiang respectively.

"Luna..." After seeing each other's lineup, he couldn't help sighing.

"Is there any problem?" Ask for a high song.

"There is no blue BUFF on this picture." He met with regrets for his opponent.

"It seems that the students of the Imperial Army are very strange to Changping attack and defense." Gao Song said. Blue BUFF is the name of the blue stone in the game, and the blue stone in the wild area can be obtained. The effect is to reduce the cooldown of hero skills by 20%, and to provide 2% extra blue per second for 70 seconds. There are many heroes in the game are quite dependent on blue BUFF, Zhang Chenghao selected this Luna is one of the typical. Luna without blue BUFF is very limited in skill or mana cost. So in the face of such a hero Luna, against the blue BUFF to start fighting, as far as possible to prevent Luna from getting the blue BUFF has become a very common targeted routine. As a result, this picture is simply not blue, as if BP was directly banned from a single hero.

The game was quickly completed and the heroes of both sides were refreshed in the spring. It was the first time that he had confronted a hero as a summoner, and his excitement calmed down at this moment.

"The line is handed over to us, you go to the wild area to collect the wild monster.

" Gao Song said.

"Understand." He nodded, and Huang Zhong, who clumsily controlled him, took his first step in the glory of the king.

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