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Chapter 699 - Creating a Domain

When one mentioned the Pirate Emperor, all the pirates in the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land would give a thumbs-up, and their admiration and respect came from the bottom of their hearts. This included the cannon fodder pirates all the way up to the Pirate Kings.

The first Pirate Emperor could be considered a true legend.

"The Pirate Emperor wasn't just a peak-stage Void G.o.d Realm Emperor, he was also a Mechanisms Grandmaster, an Array Grandmaster, and someone who specialized in spatial secret techniques. He was a great all-rounder…." a rare sign of admiration appeared on the Cold Moon King's face.

In that era, the Pirate Emperor's strength was supreme, and he was extremely charming.

Apparently, many young misses of the Floating Dream Sacred Land super-families were tricked or charmed by him. One had to know that the strength of these super-families were close to a three-star superpower, and in the past, they had Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords.

In the beginning, the Pirate Emperor wasn't a pirate, he was a Mechanisms Master. Specifically, he was a tomb raider.

Zhao Feng could imagine that a Mechanisms Master would find it extremely easy to be a tomb raider.

The Pirate Emperor was very lucky and uncovered many ancient ruins. After dozens of years, his mastery of mechanisms had reached the Grandmaster level, and he also started specializing in spatial secret techniques, uncovering a few forgotten realms. Apparently, the Pirate Emperor even managed to dig out a realm left behind by the Heaven's Legacy Race, a race ranked in the top three of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

If the Ancient Race was said to have the most perfect bloodline and unparalleled strength, then the Heaven's Legacy Race had the highest amount of intelligence.

Hearing up to here, Zhao Feng's heart shook.

After doing well as a tomb raider, the Pirate Emperor's strength increased by leaps and bounds, and he became a powerful all-rounder. With his increase in strength, he took up the occupation of a pirate and eventually became the Pirate Emperor.

"In that era, the Pirate Emperor was G.o.d. He even destroyed several two-star sects, including a peak two-star sect."

"The magnificent Pirate Emperor pushed the pirates of the limitless ocean into a glorious era."

"The wealth he saved up was dozens of times - if not more than a hundred times - wealthier than normal Emperors."

Some pirates in the hall started to discuss in excited tones. They all cared about the Pirate Emperor's treasures very much. Some even claimed that the Pirate Emperor's wealth was comparable to the three-star superpower of the Floating Dream Sacred Land.

But all of that was hidden in history.

Only when the fight for Pirate Emperor that happened every three hundred years appeared was the Pirate Emperor Sacred Land able open.

"If the Pirate Emperor was so strong and undefeatable, how did he die?" a sudden voice interrupted the fiery-hot pa.s.sion of the pirates. This voice came from Zhao Feng, and the hall became dead-silent.

"The Pirate Emperor died to a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord from the Floating Dream Sacred Land."

The emotions of the pirates fell.

Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord - this was a level that had surpa.s.sed Emperors, and it was just one step away from the Heavenly Divine Realm.

A rare light flashed through the child DemiG.o.d's eyes. He still had a slight impression of this. He even knew the Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord, and he knew about the Pirate Emperor's miracles, but the DemiG.o.d Kun Yun was stronger than normal Sacred Lords since he was half a step into the Heavenly Divine Realm.

"The Pirate Emperor was critically injured by the Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord, but he managed to escape by using a secret item from the Heaven's Legacy Inheritance, then he created his own inheritance before he died," the Cold Moon King murmured.

When he heard that, Zhao Feng couldn't help but sigh.

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