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PS Chapter 56 – Youth Commemorating

At 8 o’clock in the evening, Chen Xiang opened [Whale TV] site on time. Chen Xiang is a native of Northeast China. After graduating from a local third-rate university last year, he went to the capital to look for a job. He changed his job several times. Now he has finally stabilized and become a member of the “drifting ant”.

Regarding the future, Chen Xiang is very much at a loss. He didn’t think too much about it. Anyway, it is unrealistic to start a family and start a business in the capital. If he can make more money, then he will make more money, and he will go back in the future.

So, he lived frugally, lived in a cheap bas.e.m.e.nt, ate in a cheap fast food restaurant, didn’t look for a girlfriend and didn’t go out to play. And his usual entertainment is going online.

Look at movies and novels, listen to pop music, and then run to the forum to chat. He enjoys doing these things on the internet.

In the last two years, Chen Xiang also likes the popular live show on the internet, especially in the life and entertainment category. There are always a lot of beautiful girls, acting spoiled on the screen and appreciate their performance satisfying his many fantasies without spending money. He ran all over the major live broadcast platforms and soon became a veteran.

The problem with being a veteran is that he has seen too much and he gets tired of them quickly.

Those sisters are basically double eyelid awl face, false eyelashes with beautiful eyes, and then coated with a thick layer of powder, even their cute and spoiled action looks like a collective group training. It is inevitable to lost interest in them.

Chen Xiang’s appet.i.te is not very good. He is also afraid of his kidney deficiency. Therefore, he soon abandoned these sisters who he can see, hear, and can’t touch and seek out ordinary new fun.

More than half a month ago, Chen Xiang wandered in [Whale TV] site and accidentally clicked on the newcomer’s recommendation on the home page, and entered a newcomer’s live broadcasting room named “Lu Fei”.

Then he became a member of Lu Army.

What impressed Chen Xiang at that time was that the anchor Lu Fei lived in a similar place as him. Through chatting, he knew that the latter was also drifting in the capital. Maybe he felt sorry for each other, or had pity for each other, and for the first time, he rewarded 1,000 fish b.a.l.l.s in [Whale TV], which was equivalent to his lunch money!

He likes to listen to Lu Fei’s playing and singing. He likes the anchor’s optimism and humor. He also likes his original folk songs.

He felt as if the songs were written from the bottom his heart.

Chen Xiang has limited economic capacity, and he can’t spend as much money like a local tyrant. What he can do is to send a little bit of popularity when watching the live broadcasts.

This time, Chen Xiang knew that Lu Fei was going to take part in [Whale TV] PK theme show, so he decided to take action to support him. From this morning until evening, he brushed hundreds of promotional posts in various forums.

Although these posts were crushed to powder and even the account was completely blocked, Chen Xiang was still very happy and shared the joy of fighting in the online world with thousands of fans.

And he was still here with Li Bai, the owner of the group. Fortunately, he was able to grabbed several dozen yuan of red envelopes!

Chen Xiang decided to reward these red envelopes to Lu Fei as fish b.a.l.l.s.

Similarly, he also hopes that Lu Fei’s theme show in the evening will be brilliant and beautiful, and win within the top five rankings!

Therefore, at 8 o’clock, Chen Xiang and thousands of fans entered Lu Fei’s live room.

Then they were given 3 minutes to advertise first.

“I’m going. [Whale TV] is getting more and more out of control. Advertis.e.m.e.nts are getting bigger and bigger!”

“I will waste another three minutes of my life.”

“That’s right. Three minutes is enough for the brothers to finish their work, take off their clothes and get dress.”


“Everyone, stop talking, take a good look at the advertis.e.m.e.nts, the above companies have closed down!”

“The above companies have closed down! The above companies have closed down!”

“The above companies have closed down!”

“The above companies…”

Although it’s advertising time, but there are so many joyful encounters, it is really not boring. Chen Xiang can’t help beating the keyboard and typing the same content. He uses dense advertis.e.m.e.nts to barrage the screen. At this moment, the online popularity of Lu Fei’s live broadcasting room has exceeded 300,000, reaching its highest peak!

This is normal. First of all, Lu Army Fan Club has a fairly high degree of organization. Before the PK, the promotion was quite effective. Countless hardcore fans and pa.s.sers-by fans had time to come in and join. In addition to the theme recommendation on the homepage, there are also a large number of visitors watching the bustle.

But whether these visitors can stay depends on the ability of the host.

Although [Whale TV] has been publicizing this event for a long time, this short burst of popularity is normal, but if dispersed into 24 live rooms, it will form a fierce compet.i.tion.

Chen Xiang suddenly became worried. He knew that Lu Fei was facing very strong opponents. Being in the top five was really difficult.

In the midst of worrying, the three-minute advertis.e.m.e.nt ended.

The live broadcast screen is instantly displayed, still with the familiar scene and familiar person.

On the screen, Lu Fei was smiling. He was holding a guitar and his eyes flashed with confidence.

“Good evening, everyone. I’m your anchor Lu Fei. It’s a pleasure to meet you again on the theme show.”

“The theme I brought to my friends tonight is called Graduation Season!”

“I believe that all the people, all the friends in front of the screen, have experienced the moment of graduation…”

“I also believe that you have or have had a good time on campus.”

“I will use my songs to cherish and appreciate the beauty of our school days!”

“Thank you!”

A very good opening remark. While highlighting the theme of the live show, it also easily evoked Chen Xiang’s memories.

He suddenly felt that he didn’t need to worry!

In the next moment, the anchor’s screen was shrunk and was placed to the upper right corner. The main screen shows a clipped movie.

“The first song is called “Love Wind”, an original campus folk song, I hope everyone can like it.”

Then the prelude was played gently, showing young boys and girls chasing with laughter instantly bringing everyone into the campus life of youth.

“That day, at dusk, snow began to float…”
“The hills were filled with sadness, waiting for youth to break away…”
“Midnight movies, full of old love, singing for young people in the dark…”

Beautiful and moving melody, slightly sad singing, making those memories of youth suddenly become very vivid.

This was the first time that Chen Xiang and Lu Fei’s 300,000+ audience to hear this song “Love Wind“. The barrage on the screen seemed like a waterfall, leaving only a faint trace water line.

Until Lu Chen sang the first time affectionately, the story was just half over.

Enrollment, encounter, acquaintance, first love, misunderstanding, breakup… A picture perfectly set off the lyrics.

Then the barrage increased again.

“19-year-old Youth Commemorating, I have seen this film, very touching.”

“Is the song written by the anchor himself?”

“Nonsense, Lu Fei is a great master and a folk song prince, his songs are written by himself!”

“Throw the original theme song of the movie three blocks!”

“Throw + 1, hearing it made my me want to cry, the anchor needs to compensate me!”

“It sounds so good. I like it.”


Lu Chen ignored all the messages, his mind was completely immersed in the mood of the song, and continued to play and sing for the second time.

Graduation, travel, struggle, yearning, reunion, true love… The long movie was condensed in a few minutes.

“19-year-old Youth Commemoration” is a youth film released on the domestic courtyard at the beginning of this year, with a box office of 290 million, which has set a record for similar movies. Many people have seen this film.

The story of the movie was perhaps a cliché, but n.o.body cares, because listening to music is enough at this time.

“… Believe in the age of love, the song that I can’t sing to you, making me often recall it in my life!”

At the end of the song, the style of the barrage changed.

“Chen Xiaoyi, I love you!”                                                 

“Sun Yahan, I miss you; I miss you so much!”

“Li Miaomiao, a cla.s.smate of 3 years in 7 cla.s.ses, I’ll wait for you by the woods after cla.s.s!”

“w.a.n.g Qiang, you are a b.a.s.t.a.r.d! But I like you!

“Zhang Jie, I want to love you once again…”


The word that they usually want to say and dare not to say, and those words that were hidden deep within their hearts were bursted out suddenly and vented wantonly.

Although it’s just beginning, it’s already nearing the climax!

After singing the song “Love Wind”, the curtain of barrage is like wave of rain!

At 8:10 p.m. [Whale TV] Lu Fei Live Room, online popularity: 39,2017.

TN: For those who noticed the changed in the translation of the lyrics. Well, I used a different translation for this one as Chinese songs are hard to translate.

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