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Chapter 1204 - Amazing the World with a Single Feat

The last test would not conclude until someone stepped onto the summit or if everyone decided to concede and step out of the bounds of the stone slab.

 Zhao Feng sat cross-legged at the base of the mountain. Although he seemed to be cultivating and comprehending s.p.a.cetime Intent on the surface, he had left a small part of his mind to observe the people climbing the mountain.

 Through the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye, Zhao Feng could calculate, based on how these people performed, just how far he would be able to get.

 At this moment, Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan was far and away the leader of the pack. He was extremely strong and had many techniques, so dealing with the weight was no problem. Moreover, he could use Time Intent to slow the speed of the stairs. His progress was clearly what everyone could only hope to achieve.

 The second in alt.i.tude was the Rank Four True G.o.d of the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land.

 After him was a Rank Three True G.o.d. Although his cultivation was weaker, he had been blessed with great talent and strength.

 Behind the Rank Three True G.o.d was the body-strengthening expert, who was relying on his tough body and unbending resolve to ascend.

 Of course, their positions were constantly shifting.

 In comparison to that group, Little Ling was rather mediocre despite her status as a Rank Four True G.o.d.

 "High cultivation does not mean one has the advantage. Strength, abilities, and personality are still major factors." Zhao Feng was constantly summarizing what he learned from his observations.

 "Of these people, Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan is the strongest and most talented. He has the highest chance of reaching the summit!" Zhao Feng focused on Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan.

 Both Kong Yuan and Zhao Feng had reached Level One Time Intent, but Zhao Feng was much weaker when it came to actually using Time Intent. Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan was currently focused on using Time Intent to slow the speed of the stairs, so Zhao Feng naturally took this opportunity to carefully watch and learn.

 "If I can control Time Intent like Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan to slow the speed of the stairs moving backward, I can probably surpa.s.s everyone else!" Zhao Feng estimated and conjectured as he studied.

 "Eh? Something's wrong!" Zhao Feng suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan.

 After a long while, Zhao Feng relaxed a little.

 "So that's what was happening. The stairs are moving backward because of some s.p.a.cetime ability, and Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan is using Time Intent to neutralize a part of the s.p.a.cetime Intent in the stairs. This is what's causing the speed to drop!" Zhao Feng's eyes brightened.

 The abundance of s.p.a.cetime Intent in this dimension had drowned out the s.p.a.cetime ability in the stairs. Probably not even Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan had realized this. He was probably under the impression that the special attribute of Time Intent was causing the speed of the stairs to slow down.

 If Kong Yuan was to realize this point, his Level Four s.p.a.ce Intent and Level One Time Intent together would be able to completely neutralize the Intent energy in the stairs, and ascending to the summit would be exceedingly simple for him. 

 However, as the saying went, the person on the spot is baffled while the bystander sees clearly. Someone of Kong Yuan's proud personality would only think about getting to the summit, not about something like this.

 "As expected, the crucial point of this round is still s.p.a.cetime Intent!"

 Zhao Feng began to organize his thoughts.

 s.p.a.cetime Intent could neutralize the s.p.a.cetime Intent in the stairs and reduce their backward progression. Of course, using other Intent energy was fine too, but the effects would definitely be less than that of s.p.a.cetime Intent, because s.p.a.cetime Intent was strengthened in this dimension.

 "My s.p.a.ce Intent is only at Level Two, and my Time Intent is only at Level One. Getting to the summit will still be rather difficult." Zhao Feng's brows creased.

 Even if Zhao Feng used this method, he would not be able to instantly reach the summit. Everyone would then realize what he was doing, including Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan, and Kong Yuan would probably imitate the method and reach the summit first.

 "But if I don't start moving soon, Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan will think of this method eventually!" Zhao Feng's eyes sank.

 Kong Yuan was no fool, only too conceited.

 Suddenly, Zhao Feng's eyes flashed.


 Many precious cultivating materials appeared in front of Zhao Feng. There was a Golden G.o.d Crystal, a Golden Flame Giant Horn, and more.

 Zhao Feng began to cultivate the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique.

 "Eh? Master is cultivating here?" The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was struck speechless. It even started wondering if Zhao Feng had given up on the s.p.a.cetime Robe.

 "That's a Golden G.o.d Crystal, the horn of a Golden-Horned Fire Rat, and even a Golden Sun Blood Flame Flower…." Several of the experts saw the treasures floating in front of Zhao Feng, and greed immediately seized their hearts.

 "Oh no!"

 This momentary lack of attention while climbing the mountain caused one expert to be forced down by the weight of the mountain.

 Thump thump!

 The expert only barely managed to stabilize himself after falling back several dozen steps.

 He was not the only one on the white mountain to end up distracted. All of them had been affected by Zhao Feng taking out so many treasures. Not even Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan was an exception.

 "Once I get the s.p.a.cetime Robe, today will be the day of your death!" Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan coldly said.

 In the battle of s.p.a.ce Transference Eyes, Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan had lost to Zhao Feng. When he realized who Zhao Feng truly was, his martial artist heart received a heavy blow. Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan would not permit himself to lose to a weak ant; he needed to personally kill Zhao Feng to bring all this to an end.

 "Haaa, it seems like Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan is going to get the s.p.a.cetime Robe!" The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon sighed and continued to recover from its injuries.

 Time slowly pa.s.sed, and the trial continued. At a certain moment, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon suddenly sensed a majestic, deep, and mellow aura at his side.

 "Master has made a breakthrough in his technique?" The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's expression froze in shock.

 However, a minor breakthrough would not be able to change anything.


 Zhao Feng stood up, a faint smile on his face.

 "Using Time Intent on oneself can increase one's cultivation speed!" Zhao Feng had experienced the power of Time Intent.

 Just now, he consumed an enormous amount of Metal-elemental resources to bring the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique into the 11th level – Five Elements Become One. After all, Zhao Feng was already able to convert the five elements between each other, so breaking through wasn't difficult.

 Thump thump!

 Zhao Feng began to climb the stairs.

 "Master has begun to move?" Although the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon didn't think Zhao Feng could beat Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan, it still felt a little antic.i.p.ation.

 "Eh? I thought that brat didn't have the courage to come up!" an expert of the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land jeered.

 "You don't know your own strength!" Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan coldly said.

 Thump! Thump! Thump!

 Zhao Feng climbed up several dozen steps until the enormous weight began to affect him.

 "I also have weight!"

 The power of weight surged out of Zhao Feng's body and began to contend against the weight exerted by the stairs.

 Thump! Thump!

 Zhao Feng ascended as quickly as the wind up the stairs. After one hundred steps, Zhao Feng finally began to slow down.

 "Charge!" Zhao Feng roared, and his body suddenly seemed to grow in size.


 Five-colored lightning condensed into dazzling tattoos on Zhao Feng's body. At this moment, Zhao Feng was a five-colored lightning mountain with enough strength to shake the heavens.


 Zhao Feng's speed soared, the Divine Power of the five elements allowing him to heedlessly press forward.

 Eight others were attempting to ascend the mountain. Zhao Feng managed to overtake one of them.

 He quickly overtook a second!

 "This person… what strength! What a strong body!" the expert who was just overtaken said with a sigh.

 Thump! Thump! Thump!

 After overtaking the third person, Zhao Feng finally began to slow down.

 "So strong!" Little Ling's gaze focused on Zhao Feng as she spat out these two words.

 "Brat, this will be your stopping point!" the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land expert who was the lowest of the group angrily roared.

 "Is that so?" Zhao Feng couldn't help but smile.

 "s.p.a.ce Intent, Time Intent!"

 Zhao Feng sent these two Intents rumbling into the stairs. The stairs beneath his feet instantly slowed down.


 The five-elements-powered Zhao Feng charged past Little Ling.

 Thump thump thump!

 Zhao Feng was getting closer and closer to the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land expert who had jeered at him.

 "Impossible! You can't possibly overtake me!" This expert was dumbfounded, frozen to the spot with a panicked look on his face. But by the time he said these words, Zhao Feng had overtaken him.

 By now, Zhao Feng was the fourth highest person on the mountain.

 Thump thump thump!

 s.p.a.cetime Intent allowed Zhao Feng to steadily move upward, even if it wasn't at a very fast pace.

 Yet another expert was pa.s.sed. The only people above Zhao Feng now were Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan and the Rank Four True G.o.d of the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land.

 "I understand now!" Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan had a very deep understanding of s.p.a.cetime Intent. He instantly understood how Zhao Feng was using his s.p.a.cetime Intent.

 Buzz! Bzzz!

 Kong Yuan immediately sent his s.p.a.cetime Intent rumbling into the stairs, causing the speed of the stairs to slow down enormously.

 "So that was the case!" The Rank Four True G.o.d also understood.

 Thump thump thump!

 Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan's pace instantly accelerated.

 "Your s.p.a.ce Intent is only at Level Two. You can't overtake me! The s.p.a.cetime Robe is mine!" By imitating Zhao Feng's method, Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan rapidly approached the summit.

 But then, Quasi-G.o.d sensed tremendous ripples of Intent energy from Zhao Feng!

 "This is…? So many kinds of Intent!" Kong Yuan's face twisted in shock.

 Zhao Feng had only used s.p.a.cetime Intent during the previous trials, so Kong Yuan believed that that was the only kind of Intent Zhao Feng knew. However, the number of Intents...o...b..ting Zhao Feng's body almost made Kong Yuan forget about climbing the mountain.

 "I sense that there are at least seven different kinds of Intent on his body, but how could that be?" The people behind Zhao Feng were also quite alarmed.

 Lower-ranked True G.o.ds found it very difficult to grasp many Intents. Only when one was an Ancient G.o.d – where comprehending Intents was much easier – was grasping many Intents commonplace.

 Zhao Feng only smiled and continued to ascend. 

 Upon reaching the 11th level of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique – Five Elements Become One – Zhao Feng's Five Elements Intent and Wind Lightning Intent were finally fully formed. Although each Intent was only at Level One, the Five Elements Intent and the Wind Lightning Intent were already seven Intents. If one added s.p.a.cetime Intent as well, Zhao Feng had grasped nine different kinds of Intent.

 The stairs under Zhao Feng were moving backward like a snail. Zhao Feng continued to ascend, step by step, and he quickly surpa.s.sed the Rank Four True G.o.d and began to approach Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan.

 "He's only a DemiG.o.d, and yet nine kinds of Intent!" The transparent elder on the summit was dumbfounded.

 "No, I won't lose!" Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan roared as he pushed all his techniques to the limit.

 He would not permit himself to lose to Zhao Feng again!

 I'm far stronger than you, and my s.p.a.ce Intent is at Level Four. I started climbing the mountain before you, so I will be the first to reach the summit! Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan mentally bellowed.

 At this moment, everyone was looking at the summit. Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan was getting closer and closer, but Zhao Feng was quickly catching up.

 Who would win in the end?

 "Hmph! G.o.d Sealing Stone!" With a flip of his palm, a piece of the G.o.d Sealing Stone half the size of a man appeared in Zhao Feng's hand. A sealing power immediately began to spread through the area. The weight pressing down on Zhao Feng was diminished, and the stairs stopped moving entirely!

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