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Chapter 1203 - The Final Test

 "That golden eye! Could it be…?" Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan's gaze fell upon that bright golden eye and seemed to recall something.

 Although he had long ago noticed Zhao Feng's golden hair and golden eyes, the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds was home to people with all colors of skin, hair, and eyes. For this reason, Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan never imagined that the golden Eye of Heaven he had fought with was under Zhao Feng's control. After all, Zhao Feng was far too weak and insignificant in his eyes.

 Only now, when Zhao Feng's left eye displayed an absurd level of power, did Kong Yuan begin to wonder if Zhao Feng could be the owner of that Eye of Heaven that had defeated him.

 "Instantly killing four people!" A Rank Four True G.o.d's expression twisted in shock.

 He had originally been on Zhao Feng's side, but when the experts of the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land focused on Zhao Feng, he didn't go to Zhao Feng's aid. Instead, he had taken the chance to attack the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land experts. He didn't expect Zhao Feng to emerge unscathed from the a.s.sault and even kill four members of the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land.

 Whoosh! Whoosh!

 The two halves of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's body began to link together and slowly repair themselves. However, it currently had an extremely weak aura and lacked the ability to fight.

 "What bloodline is this!?" The experts of the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land were stunned by this sight. Three experts of the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land had been obliterated by the s.p.a.cetime Slicer, but even after getting cut in half, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was still alive.

 "Okay. Only ten people are left, so all of you advance!" the transparent elder floating in the void said with a smile.

 Everyone scanned their surroundings and confirmed that there were only ten people left. Four of them belonged to the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land while the remaining six were almost certainly experts belonging to the Gulong Zone or Tianyun Zone.

 "Rest here for a while. No one is allowed to attack anyone else!" With this warning, the elder wearing the s.p.a.cetime Robe vanished.

 "Little Brother, your move just now was truly stunning!" A brown-haired middle-aged man walked up to Zhao Feng.

 Zhao Feng's performance had been simply too shocking. If one added on the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's special const.i.tution and Little Ling's Rank Four True G.o.d cultivation, Zhao Feng's group of three was a power that could not be ignored in this place.

 "Senior praises me too much!" Zhao Feng politely returned.

 The G.o.d Eye Duplication ability truly was very powerful, but no one present understood what it really was. This was the reason the expert was flattering Zhao Feng.

 With the second test concluded, the remaining ten began to rest and recuperate. No one knew what they would be facing in the next round, so all they could do was maintain their peak condition.

 "If the next round is dangerous, you must immediately give up!" Zhao Feng said to the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

 The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had consumed a great deal of Origin Destruction and was currently extremely weak. Its cultivation level had fallen, and it would need some time to recover.

 Fortunately, even without the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, Zhao Feng still had Little Ling – a Rank Four True G.o.d – at his side.

 After taking a few recovery herbs, Zhao Feng began to comprehend s.p.a.cetime Intent. Zhao Feng was confident that, no matter what the next round entailed, s.p.a.cetime Intent would receive some sort of boost in power.

 Several days later, everyone had essentially recovered from their injuries, but the transparent elder still did not appear.

 After another ten days, a few people began to get impatient.

 "That old fellow probably forgot about us!" Many of them were starting to get annoyed.

 However, Zhao Feng remained seated on the ground, having never moved from his spot. In Zhao Feng's view, being able to comprehend s.p.a.cetime Intent in this place before the third test wasn't bad at all. Zhao Feng's Level Two s.p.a.ce Intent and Level One Time Intent had been obtained entirely through meditating in this dimension.


 Zhao Feng entered the G.o.d Eye Dimension, where the old man was continuing to practice the Heaven Engulfing Palm.

 "I can already merge s.p.a.cetime Intent into the palm technique!" Zhao Feng said with a joyful expression.

 Only when the Heaven Engulfing Palm was used with s.p.a.cetime Intent could it be considered the true Heaven Engulfing Palm. This palm would be able to transcend s.p.a.ce, and wherever it pa.s.sed, the flow of time would slow. The enemy would not be able to evade the attack; they could only stand there and be crushed.

 At this moment, Zhao Feng sensed something strange, and his mind returned to his body.


 The stone slab on which they all were standing began to quake. Countless stones of all sizes began to rise from the center of the slab.

 "Get back!"

 Everyone immediately began to retreat to the edges.

 Boom! Bang!

 Countless white stones emerged before them!


 The stones began to merge together, and in a flash, they had formed a ma.s.sive mountain one thousand zhang in height. This mountain was entirely made of the white stones, and there were sets of stairs that led to the summit.


 The transparent elder appeared on the summit.

 "The first to reach the summit will be considered the victor!"

 The elder's body suddenly exploded with a profound layer of silver light.

 "The last test?" This caught many people by surprise.

 "The first to reach the summit will get the s.p.a.cetime Robe!" a middle-aged man excitedly said. The final test was completely different from what he had imagined. Perhaps he would still have a chance to obtain the s.p.a.cetime Robe!

 "What sort of mysteries does this mountain hold?" An elder suspiciously began to walk up one of the sets of stairs.

 The moment his foot hit the steps, the elder understood. These paths leading up to the summit could only be taken step by step. One could not fly up them. Besides that, he also sensed an abrupt increase in weight.

 In the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds, the major factions all had their own tests and trials. Trials of weight were one of the most common types. This kind of trial normally involved strength and perseverance.

 "Is this all?" Zhao Feng stepped onto a stair and felt a heavy pressure bear down on him, but Zhao Feng did not believe that this final test was purely one of weight.

 "The s.p.a.cetime Robe is mine!" A body-strengthening expert was ecstatic when he saw that this was a test of weight and began to madly ascend the stairs.

 "Eh?" This body-strengthening expert suddenly felt that something was wrong. Turning his head, he saw that the stairs beneath him were moving back downward.

 "This… what's going on?" The expert was instantly thrown into consternation.

 As he climbed up the stairs, the stairs under his feet would go backward. This meant that he could only advance if he could move faster than the speed at which the stairs moved backward. But whenever he climbed a certain number of steps, the weight on him would increase a little, so pulling off such a feat would be extremely difficult.

 "Hmph, isn't this just a test of strength and resolve?" The body-strengthening expert did not give up. His entire body exuded an astonishing physical strength as he charged onward, shouldering all the weight pressing down on him.

 "Let's go!"

 "I can't fall behind!"

 The others also began to step onto their own set of stairs, charging upward against the enormous weight.


 Zhao Feng immediately ascended ten steps.

 "The weight really is increasing," Zhao Feng muttered.

 Meanwhile, the stairs continued to move backward. If Zhao Feng did not continue moving forward, he would be brought back to the starting point. However, even if Zhao Feng continued forward, he would never be able to reach the end. Thus, Zhao Feng chose to just stand and wait for the stairs to send him back to the beginning.

 "Little Black, have any ideas?" Zhao Feng asked.

 The final test was not as simple as it appeared. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had seen and experienced many things, so it might have been able to find some sort of flaw or loophole.

 "The weight of each path should be determined by one's cultivation. Thus, a Quasi-G.o.d might actually have more of an advantage than a True G.o.d!" the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon slowly said, a thoughtful look on its face. This was what it had observed from observing the others.

 "So, I actually have more of an advantage than the others!" A pensive look appeared on Zhao Feng's face.

 However, if it was really as the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon said, then Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan – who was at the DemiG.o.d level but had the strength of a Rank Four True G.o.d – possessed the greatest advantage.

 "If we say that the first round tested our ability to comprehend s.p.a.cetime combat skills and the second round tested our fighting power, the third round is most likely testing our potential!" The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had an extremely wise and profound look in its eyes.

 "Potential?" Zhao Feng took in a deep breath.

 Who could really say anything about a thing like potential? Even though the major factions selected geniuses based on potential, people normally regarded potential as a synonym for bloodline. However, this was not actually the case. At least in Zhao Feng's view, a person's personality was also a part of their potential.

 "This road must be walked in one go. If you rest, you will be returned to the beginning!" Zhao Feng suddenly declared.

 "Eh?" The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's eyes shone with a sharp light. Now that it thought about it, Zhao Feng's conclusion was correct. For Zhao Feng to be able to a.n.a.lyze this point so quickly could also be considered a type of potential.

 "Ah…!" Halfway up the mountain, the body-strengthening expert could no longer take the weight and finally ran out of strength.

 Whoosh! Whoosh!

 The stairs swiftly brought him back to the starting point.

 On the other staircases, quite a few people were still going, constantly climbing upward, but the stairs were constantly moving backward, so they made little real progress.


 Zhao Feng seated himself on the ground and closed his eyes.

 "Master, what are you doing?" The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon looked at him in surprise. It was also sitting back and resting, but only because it was too heavily injured to have any hopes of getting the s.p.a.cetime Robe. Why was Zhao Feng doing it?

 "Since I currently don't have a way, I'll just think while cultivating!" Zhao Feng replied.

 Although a mountain had appeared here, this was still a dimension ideal for comprehending s.p.a.cetime Intent.

 On the summit, the transparent elder shook his head at those who continued to climb. "Those with enough strength and talent can come straight up, but if you don't have the strength and talent and aren't willing to admit that you're incapable… if you don't think about how to solve the problem, if you cannot accept failure and continue to mindlessly charge forward, what can you hope to achieve in the future?"

 "Eh? We can use Time Intent!" Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan discovered that he could use the power of Time Intent to slow the speed at which the stairs moved back. This would save him strength and speed up his progress.

 The other members of the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land saw this and immediately understood. However, of the four members of the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land, only one other besides Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan had reached Level One Time Intent.

 "As expected, for this test, wielders of s.p.a.cetime Intent once more have an advantage!" The Rank Four True G.o.d from the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land faintly smiled as he used his Time Intent to slow the speed of the stairs.

 "d.a.m.n, that's not fair!" a person complained, but there was nothing he could do.

 Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan saw that he was ahead of the pack and gave a smug smile. The s.p.a.cetime Robe would definitely be his.

 Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan glanced down at Zhao Feng at the base of the mountain and his smile widened.

 "I originally planned to defeat you in this round, but I didn't think that you would concede on your own!" Quasi-G.o.d Kong Yuan looked down from the mountain at Zhao Feng and derisively chuckled.

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