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Chapter 1017 - Three Province Battlefield

When Zhao Feng, the Ninth Prince, and company appeared on the other teleportation stage, everyone sat on Zhao Feng's flying flaming chariot and charged into the sky. Eight was the maximum capacity of the flying flaming chariot.

"Look, that's…!"

"The value of that flying machine should be pretty high!"

This Spiritual Palace was even more chaotic than the last. Zhao Feng and company flying into the sky attracted many gazes, and several dozen figures immediately followed behind them.

"Hmph!" Sacred Lord Cang Qiong snickered coldly and unleashed his Sacred Lord aura.


The blood within the several dozen figures shook as this supreme aura pushed them back.

"Sacred Lord…! There's no hope."

Many people left, but there were still a few greedy gazes left after seeing that there were eight people on the flying chariot.

"Zhao Feng, this flying machine is pretty good!" Old Ying had a praising expression.

The flying steed that they had been using was nothing in comparison to this. Flying steeds needed rest, and without a beast tamer, accidents might happen during a long journey that would be hard to resolve.

"This was upgraded by a Blacksmith-Array Master in Chen Province," Ji Tianming, who talked a lot, answered.

"Little Friend Zhao Feng is indeed fierce and strong like the rumors." Sacred Lord Cang Qiong revealed a faint smile.

He was sent by the imperials to protect the Ninth Prince. Of course, there were many other people with him as well. However, there was a big difference between them and Sacred Lord Black Shark's group. This time, if it wasn't for Zhao Feng, they would have all died within the hall.

"Zhao Feng, how did you find us?" Old Ying asked what he was puzzled about.

The array had blocked all sound, power, and Spiritual Senses. When they were trapped inside, no one had entered.

"This." A square golden token with a dragon on it appeared in Zhao Feng's hand.

"Imperial Sky Token!" Old Ying and Sacred Lord Cang Qiong instantly understood.

Although the Imperial Sky Token symbolized the status of an imperial, it had another ability; to increase the power of the wearer's draconic providence. There was still a bit of the Ninth Prince's draconic providence within the Imperial Sky Token. Previously, the Ninth Prince was relying on his draconic providence to fight, so he could obviously sense the Imperial Sky Token not far away.

However, the two were surprised by the fact that the Ninth Prince had given his Imperial Sky Token to Zhao Feng. Maybe this was karma.

"Who would want to a.s.sa.s.sinate the Crown Prince!?" Emperor Ghost Scales asked. For him, the Crown Prince was the person with n.o.blest ident.i.ty that he had ever seen.

"We have no clue." Old Ying had a grim expression.

a.s.sa.s.sins were only responsible for taking the missions and finishing off the targets. They didn't care about anything else; therefore, even if their targets won and left some of them alive, they wouldn't be able to get any information.

Although they were planning to report this when they arrived at their destination, they probably wouldn't be able to find out anything.

"Zhao Feng, our final stop is in the territory of the Tie Family!" Old Ying warned.

Apart from Emperor Ghost Scales, everyone else present knew a bit about the enmity between Zhao Feng and the Tie Family. However, there was nothing they could do about this. The Tie Family was the main area where the non-humans were attacking. Sacred King Feather Spirit was guarding the place, and they needed to go there first.

"Brother Zhao, the Tie Family won't do anything to you!" The Ninth Prince immediately stood up.

With the Ninth Prince's current ident.i.ty, the Tie Family wouldn't dare to do anything to Zhao Feng, at least on the surface.

There were experts and forces of every sort on the way. Most of them joined the front lines in order to gather battle points and exchange them for precious resources. Some were here because they were bloodthirsty or wanted to gain more experience.

About ten days later, the group arrived before a large, stunning gold-and-red palace. A fierce aura of slaughter washed over them.

A group of people would patrol around the gold-and-red palace at every ten meters.

The Ninth Prince took out a token and showed it to the ones guarding the city. These guards led their group into the palace.

After three different groups led them in, the Ninth Prince and company finally arrived at the very center.

"Wait for me outside," the Ninth Prince said to the others. Apart from Sacred Lord Cang Qiong, no one else had the right to enter.

"I'll tell you about the Great Gan Lord Dynasty's situation," Old Ying suddenly said. Everyone else had nothing to do, and it was good for them to know how the war was going.

"Half of the area over three provinces have fallen. A million miles away from us is the stronghold of the non-humans!" Old Ying said in a solemn tone.

Everyone's expression changed after hearing what Old Ying said, and they looked toward the front.

The war between the two lord dynasties had lasted for over a year, and although the Great Gan Lord Dynasty had managed to turn around their initial disadvantage, they didn't have the ability to take back the land they had lost.

Since a portion of those three provinces had fallen, the war was mainly based off these three provinces. These three provinces were Ling Province, where the Tie Family was based; Shuang Province, where the Yu Family was based; and Lan Province, where Grand Duke Lan's Palace ruled.

"Lan Province, Grand Duke Lan's Palace?" Zhao Feng asked.

"That's right. Grand Duke Lan's Palace is one of the forces that supports His Highness!" Old Ying had a solemn tone.

In the Crown Prince trial, Su Qingling came from Grand Duke Lan's Palace. Lan Province was the weakest province of the three.

"Where will we be a.s.signed?" Ji Wuye asked.

"Wait." Old Ying said one word.

Everyone understood that they would only know the result after the Ninth Prince and Sacred Lord Cang Qiong came out.

For them, the best choice would be if they went to the Yu Family's province since they were on the same side now. Although Lan Province supported the Ninth Prince, Lan Province's overall strength was relatively weak, and they weren't the non-humans' match. It wasn't a good place for the Ninth Prince to show good results.

As for Ling Province, they supported the Fourth Prince, and the Tie Family had a weird relationship with Zhao Feng, so Zhao Feng didn't want to stay behind in Ling Province.

On top of that, Zhao Feng didn't know which province the members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion were at.

"What's that?" Ji Lan looked into the distance.

At the very center of the hall were rows of red stone boards that were a hundred meters tall. Blood seemed to bubble from them, and countless names were written all over them as golden light blinked.

"That's the War Board Ranking. The top five thousand people with the most war points in Ling Province will be displayed on the War Board Rankings!" Old Ying explained.

The War Board Ranking was to encourage the soldiers of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty to kill more enemies and be more courageous. It was also a display of glory and strength.

These war points wouldn't decrease even if one used them to buy resources. Apparently, after the war ended, those ranked in the top one hundred would gain unique rewards.

Zhao Feng's eyes swept over the War Board Ranking and saw a few familiar names, such as Xuanyuan Wen, Tie Lingyun, and Sacred Lord Ten Thousand Lightning. Amongst them, Xuanyuan Wen and Tie Lingyun were ranked around 100th while Sacred Lord Ten Thousand Lightning was in the top fifty.

Of course, Zhao Feng realized that there weren't any late-stage Mystic Light Realms on the War Board Ranking, let alone a Sacred King.

"Don't underestimate these war points. Now that the Great Gan Lord Dynasty wants to turn the tide around quickly, the rarity and preciousness of some rewards you can buy exceed your imagination."

Old Ying knew that the people that followed Zhao Feng here were also going to enter the battlefield and kill enemies, so he used this to encourage them.

At this moment, the Ninth Prince and Sacred Lord Cang Qiong walked out from the golden-red palace.

"We leave tomorrow," the Ninth Prince said.

Old Ying and Zhao Feng could tell from the Ninth Prince's tone that their destination should be Lan Province. If the Ninth Prince had seen Sacred King Feather Spirit, they might have very likely been sent to Shuang Province, which suited the Ninth Prince most. It was obvious that the Ninth Prince should have met some upper echelon of the Tie Family instead.

Being a force that supported the Fourth Prince, the Tie Family wanted to stop the Ninth Prince from having big accomplishments, so he was obviously sent to Lan Province.

Apart from that, Lan Province and Shuang Province were on either side of Ling Province. This meant that the overall strength of the Ninth Prince had been split up. After all, news of the Eighth Prince supporting the Crown Prince had spread throughout the upper echelons of many forces.

"Come with me!"

Everyone followed Sacred Lord Cang Qiong to a side hall that no one stayed in. However, a person arrived as soon as Zhao Feng stepped into the hall.

"Greetings, Your Highness Crown Prince!" The newcomer bowed to the Ninth Prince.

"Zhao Feng, the Grand Elder of the Tie Family invites you over!" the person then spoke to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng had to admire how fast the Tie Family's actions were. The news of him following the Ninth Prince had probably already spread throughout the upper echelon of the Tie Family. However, since Ling Province was the Tie Family's territory, Zhao Feng not going over would only make the situation worse.

"Zhao Feng, I'll come with you," the Ninth Prince immediately said. He didn't expect the Tie Family to be so stubborn with Zhao Feng. The moment they arrived, the Tie Family took action. Furthermore, this time, it was someone with even more power in the Tie Family.

"No need!" Zhao Feng rejected the Ninth Prince's good intentions.

"Please, this way." The person from the Tie Family flew into the air with Zhao Feng behind him.

With this person leading him, Zhao Feng arrived at the inner hall behind the main hall. After arriving, the member of the Tie Family retreated.

"Come in!" an old voice sounded, and it made Zhao Feng's heart jump. Although this voice was calm, it made Zhao Feng's body feel hot as his bloodline started to shake. One could tell that the owner of this voice was not simple.

Zhao Feng then stepped into this gold-and-red hall.

There were only two figures within the hall. One wore white robes and had red hair. His aura was extremely faint, as if he had the body of a mortal. On the other hand, the other figure lit up Zhao Feng's eyes. It was a tall female with a stunning face in red. She had a pair of eyes that could attract one's soul, and she was currently smiling as she inspected Zhao Feng.

"Have a seat," the elder in white said with a faint smile.

"May I know why Senior wanted this Junior to come here?" Zhao Feng felt that things were different from what he expected. He also felt several hidden but powerful auras within the hall.

"I hope Little Friend Zhao doesn't take what the Tie Family did before to heart!" the elder in white robes sat down and said.

"Of course not. The Tie Family hasn't done anything to this Junior." Zhao Feng's expression remained the same.

Hearing that, the white robed elder laughed.

"Does Little Friend Zhao have any misunderstandings about the Tie Family?" the white robed elder asked slowly. He was obviously asking for the reason Zhao Feng didn't want to join the Tie Family.

The att.i.tude of the Grand Elder of the Tie Family made Zhao Feng feel uncomfortable. After all, in the past, the people of the Tie Family gave Zhao Feng the feeling that they were extremely forceful.

"Of course not. The Tie Family guards the northwestern border against the non-humans. This junior admires this fact very much." Zhao Feng gave a respectful reply.

"Hahaha, the younger generation of the Tie Family also admires Little Friend Zhao's performance in the Crown Prince trial!" the white-robed elder said with a smile.

"This is my granddaughter, Tie Hongling. She has always wanted to meet Little Friend Zhao, and she can finally do so today!"

The gorgeous female immediately walked forward after the white-robed elder finished speaking.

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