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Chapter 1123 - The Second Clone

Several Earth Crystal Giants had already appeared in the forests and mountains ahead, as if Zhao Feng's actions had offended them. The Earth Crystal Race paid a lot of attention to the forest; when they sensed something, they would immediately gather and head out together.

"Twelve Earth Crystal Giants!" Zhao Feng knew the information of his opponents. The average strength of the Earth Crystal Race members was at the Sacred King level. One of them was even a peak Sacred King.

Zhao Feng wasn't scared of any Earth Crystal Giants, but since it was a group fight, Zhao Feng couldn't block all the Earth Crystal Giants by himself.

"All of you are courting death!" An extra muscular and bulky Earth Crystal Giant amongst the Earth Crystal Race roared.

"Destroy them!" Zhao Feng ordered. The Five Poison Distinct Bees, Sky Fire Lightning Ape, Golden Winged Scarlet Tigers, and Earth Shattering Raging Bulls charged out.

"Your opponent is me!" Zhao Feng charged toward the strongest member of the Earth Crystal Race. Normal Sacred Kings couldn't excite his battle-intent anymore.

"How dare a lowly human offend the Earth Crystal Race!?" The Earth Crystal Giant looked down at Zhao Feng's cultivation and bloodline in disdain.

"Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm!" Zhao Feng activated his Sacred Lightning Body and used his Sacred Power of Wind Lightning as he thrust out a scarlet-golden palm of lightning.

Boom! Peng!

Countless bolts of scarlet-golden lightning flashed as the Sacred Lightning Palm landed on the Earth Crystal Giant's large body.

"Arghh…! Human!" The Earth Crystal Giant was stunned. The strength of this human in front of him was far stronger than he expected.


The Earth Crystal Giant roared in the direction of Zhao Feng, sending out a blast of condensed air. At the same time, the Earth Crystal Giant waved his arm, and condensed dark yellow axe slashed toward Zhao Feng.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Zhao Feng used his advantage in speed to dodge the attacks of the Earth Crystal Giant.

"Sacred Lightning Dominating Punch! Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm!"

Zhao Feng continuously switched between these two techniques of the Sacred Lightning Body and kept on attacking the Earth Crystal Giant in front of him.

The Earth Crystal Giant was much slower than Zhao Feng, so it activated its bloodline right away in anger.


Its body grew several yards taller, and its power and defense both increased dramatically, forming a terrifying domain of gravity.


After activating its bloodline, the Earth Crystal Giant waved its giant axe and summoned the laws of Earth as it slashed toward Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng felt a powerful gravity restrict him before the giant axe even arrived.

The Earth Crystal Race had natural talent in terms of gravity. Their gravity domains were even stronger than Zhao Feng's.


A triangular piece of metal appeared in Zhao Feng's hand.

Ding! Ding!

Divine Power merged into it, and the triangular piece of metal in Zhao Feng's hand turned into a metallic black shield. Zhao Feng instantly felt the pressure of Heaven and Earth disappear when he held the shield-shaped Ancient G.o.d Seal.

Weng~ Boom!

The Earth Crystal Giant's attack landed on Zhao Feng's shield, and a noise sounded.

Bam! Crack!

The giant dark yellow axe in the Earth Crystal Giant's hand immediately shattered into a pile of dust.

"How is this possible? You have a divine weapon!?" The Earth Crystal Giant's expression changed dramatically. Only divine weapons had such power.

Ding! Ding!

After blocking the attack from the Earth Crystal Giant, the black shield in Zhao Feng's hand turned into a black spear.


Zhao Feng swept out, and a powerful gust of black wind swirled, covering the Earth Crystal Giant within it. Countless gashes appeared around the Earth Crystal Giant's body.

"I'll use you as a test!" Zhao Feng smiled faintly. He didn't need to worry about news of him having a divine weapon spreading in the Ancient Dream Realm, so he could test out the power of the divine weapon without worry.

Zhao Feng didn't even use his full power. The defense of the Earth Crystal Race was very strong, so it wouldn't be killed by Zhao Feng's divine weapon in one move.

Ding! Ding!

The Ancient G.o.d Seal in Zhao Feng's hand turned into a large blade.

Boom! Peng!

A black light that could slash through Heaven and Earth headed toward the Earth Crystal Giant.

"Shameless human!" The strongest Earth Crystal Giant of the Earth Crystal Race could only defend against Zhao Feng's divine weapon, but even the Earth Crystal Race that specialized in defense wasn't able to block the power of a divine weapon.

At last, Zhao Feng managed to leave a Dark Heart Seal in the soul of the Earth Crystal Giant when it was very weak. Zhao Feng then looked at his surroundings. Although he had the advantage in numbers, the bloodline of the Earth Crystal Race was stronger, and they had higher cultivations. The two sides were on par, but with Zhao Feng and the enslaved Earth Crystal Giant joining in, the tide instantly changed.

Zhao Feng successfully conquered the territory of the Earth Crystal Race without much effort. The attack resulted in heavy losses, but Zhao Feng did this on purpose. The strongest survived while the weaker ones with less potential died, which saved him unnecessary resources.

Zhao Feng then started to scavenge the resources of the Earth Crystal Race after conquering their territory.

"Master, here is all my wealth!" All the Earth Crystal Giants handed over their wealth to Zhao Feng.

The ancient Earth Crystal Race could create Primal Crystal Stones or substandard G.o.d crystals. They would usually store these cultivation resources and trade them with other races. There were also plentiful mines in the area where the Earth Crystal Race lived.

"Master, we have a crystal mine in our territory," the strongest expert of the Earth Crystal Race said to Zhao Feng.

"Crystal mine?" Zhao Feng's expression changed slightly. Crystal mines either produced Primal Crystal Stones or G.o.d Crystals. Since the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the continent zone was very faint, it was hard for crystal mines to form. Even if one did form, it would be a very low-grade one.

Zhao Feng used his Earth Escape and burrowed underground alongside the Earth Crystal Giants.

"Substandard G.o.d Crystal mine!"

Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled. Substandard G.o.d Crystal mines obviously formed substandard G.o.d Crystals, and if the mine was of a high enough grade, it could even create G.o.d Crystals.

One had to know that Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords weren't even willing to use substandard G.o.d Crystals to cultivate, but now Zhao Feng had obtained an entire mine. The benefits of attacking the Earth Crystal Race had surpa.s.sed Zhao Feng's imagination. With these resources, he could quickly increase his strength and the strength of the Hall of G.o.ds.


Zhao Feng left the Ancient Dream Realm with a large amount of resources.

"These resources will be used to reward the Sacred Lords of the Hall of G.o.ds that have contributed a lot!"

Zhao Feng organized a pile of resources and handed them to Bi Qingyue to take care of.

Many Mystic Light Realm experts had appeared in the Hall of G.o.ds, but they were still too weak. In addition, the founding Sacred Lords like Bi Qingyue, Supreme Emperor Dark Night, the black-armored Sacred Lord, and company also needed a large amount of resources to become stronger.

"Master, Liu Qinyin has reached the coast and seems to be planning to leave the continent zone!" Bi Qingyue reported Liu Qinyin's whereabouts to Zhao Feng.

"Leaving the continent zone? Does she want to go back to the Azure Flower Continent?" Zhao Feng guessed in his heart. This was a good thing though; with Liu Qinyin's current cultivation, she wouldn't meet much danger if she left the continent zone.

Zhao Feng then allocated a specific set of resources in order to prepare for the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline awakening plan.

Eventually, Zhao Feng arrived at Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit's house.

"Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit, I'll be troubling you…." Zhao Feng handed over the chosen resources to Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit.

"Zhao Feng, I'm also considered a member of the Hall of G.o.ds, right?" Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit revealed a half-hearted expression. Zhao Feng had recently been rewarding the Hall of G.o.ds members, and even Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit wanted some of these resources. At this moment, Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit very much regretted coming to the Hall of G.o.ds for such a small amount of resources.

"This is an extra reward for Senior helping the Hall of G.o.ds!" Zhao Feng gave Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit some precious ancient resources.

The originally dissatisfied Sacred Doctor Jade Spirit was instantly filled with smiles and started to refine pills right away. Zhao Feng then gave these pills to the members of the Tie Family several days later and paid attention to the situation of their bloodlines.

"Master, according to the information from the intel agents around the continent zone, the forces of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty have been very active recently. Their actions are very secretive, especially Nine Darkness Palace…." One day, Bi Qingyue reported some intel and her own guesses to Zhao Feng.

"Okay!" Zhao Feng said before entering seclusion.

Within the Misty Spatial World:

"State of existence has reached the level of an early-stage Sacred Lord, and its cultivation is almost there too!"

Zhao Feng glanced at the second clone.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Several dozen substandard G.o.d Crystals and many precious resources appeared before Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng then started to mult.i.task and cultivated the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body, the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique, the Divine Forming Technique, and more. Zhao Feng was very wealthy after conquering the Earth Crystal Race.

A current was secretly flowing in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, and an invisible pressure was descending on Zhao Feng. He needed to use every minute and every second to increase his own power and the strength of his force.

Dark yellow lightning symbols jumped across Zhao Feng's body a month later and suddenly released a strong surge of light.

"My Sacred Lightning Body has reached the final stages of the 6th level!"

Zhao Feng used his resources and broke through a small bottleneck of the 6th level. After breaking through to the final stages of the Sacred Lightning Body's 6th level, even normal Sacred Kings wouldn't be able to do much damage to Zhao Feng.

"Very good, you have also become an early-stage Sacred Lord. I'll merge the Eyes of Myriad Forms into you right now!"

Zhao Feng and his second clone both revealed an excited smile.

Although Zhao Feng also had the Eye of Samsara, he currently needed strong battle-power. The Eye of Samsara he possessed contained the Samsara of Life, which wasn't as useful as the Eye of Myriad Forms for combat.

Sacred Lord Myriad Forms was a non-human and wouldn't be able to move freely around the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, so Zhao Feng killed him without hesitation and took the Eyes of Myriad Forms.

"Your strength will increase dramatically after merging with the Eyes of Myriad Forms!" Zhao Feng said.

The battle-power of his second clone would be on par with a late-stage Sacred Lord after merging with the Eyes of Myriad Forms. Furthermore, the Eyes of Myriad Forms would increase the defense of his soul and his cultivation speed.

With the experience of last time, Zhao Feng merged the Eyes of Myriad Forms into his second clone's soul within one day.

"My second clone, Zhao Wan!" Zhao Feng named the clone.

After successfully helping Zhao Wan merge with the Eyes of Myriad Forms, Zhao Feng chose some unique eye-bloodline techniques and other skills for Zhao Wan to cultivate. Only powerful eye-bloodline techniques would be able to release the complete power of his eye-bloodline.

One day, Bi Qingyue sent Zhao Feng another message.

"Master, Nine Darkness Palace has been getting very close to many other forces of the lord dynasty, including the Eight Big Families. The Grand Imperial Hall also seems to have taken action…." Bi Qingyue spoke in a solemn tone.

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