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Chapter 014: Inner Forest

"In the name of Camelot, I, King Uther hereby p.r.o.nounce you the t.i.tle of Little Sage."

Kailar got down on one knee with his head lowered slightly as the sword touched both his shoulder. It felt… cool.

Originally, one would need to get down on the floor with both knees but from a knightly perspective, it isn't of proper etiquette for someone of high prestige to do so and hence only a half knee was required.

Under the authority of the king, Kailar was p.r.o.nounced the t.i.tle of Little Sage.

The banquet continued after Kairal had been p.r.o.nounced a t.i.tle but from time to time, their gaze subconsciously turned towards Kailar's direction.

"Kailar, this is your uncle, Duke Birmingham and that over there is your cousin, Gawain." Andrea Ettorek pointed towards a tall middle-aged man with high protruded cheekbones.

"Alright." Kailar nodded. Though he was only ten years of age, his aura exuded a sense of maturity well above his age that he's able to understand the inner workings of things. He is, after all, a reborn. "There are many people who follow you, father."

"Haha…" Andrea Ettorek laughed awkwardly.

"Grand Duke." A man suddenly appeared. He was dressed like one of the king's personal servant. "Have you found them?"

Andrea Ettorek's face quickly grew murderous, his aura grimly dark. He could not forgive the people behind the a.s.sa.s.sination plot. His Majesty was almost harmed and even his precious son whom he swore to protect was put to danger.

"No… we have a hunch, but…" Andrea Ettorek whispered softly. His brows wrinkled and his murderous gaze swept through the crowd and met Birmingham's eyes.

The servant nodded and slowly withdrew himself.

The Duke of Birmingham did not ask what had happened. From the looks of it, he already knew what needed to be done.

"John, we must go now."

"Now?" The duke, John Birmingham frowned. Though he knew why they'd suddenly need to leave the banquet, it nevertheless put him off guard.

"Mm." Andrea Ettorek nodded.

"Well… alright. Why don't you let our little Gawain go to your dukedom and grow a bit? Maybe he and Kailar can grow together." Turning his head, Duke Birmingham looked at the little monster and laughed jokingly.

"Haha! He's always welcome!" Andrea Ettorek laughed before bidding his farewell as he led his family away from the banquet.

On the carriage.

"Father, what happened to the a.s.sa.s.sin?" Kailar frowned seeing his father's murderous aura. He was a wise man who was conscious of the worldly and political affairs ongoing in the kingdom.

"The Gauls are here again and those savages have plotted to a.s.sa.s.sinate our king. It was a good plan too. It threw the whole entirety of Camelot into a chaotic mess. Now, they can do whatever they please. If they're to kill a few more dukes, it'll surely cause a whole lot of troubles for us and also a way to profit and hold us for ransom." Andrea Ettorek growled. He sighed and went back deep in thought as he stroked his beard.

Though he wasn't much of a guy for handling his dukedom, he was more or less a G.o.d of war. Andrea Ettorek was born for war and his senses for it were extremely sensitive that even a little clue had provided him what he needed to know.

"But, son… how did you find the a.s.sa.s.sin?" Andrea Ettorek wrinkled his brows in puzzlement.

His dearest son was not a knight nor was he someone who had a special sense for killing. Even the ordinary knights would find it troublesome to notice the a.s.sa.s.sin's presence but for a ten-year-old kid who to do something like this, it truly puzzled Andrea Ettorek.

"I wasn't drinking juice all the time, father. I've been watching people too." Kailar said bluntly, not bothering to hide it. "There were people who were unhappy, there were others who were happy, there were some who were too vain, and some who had thick face… I was a.n.a.lyzing them and I found one odd person. He kept smiling the whole time and it wouldn't have been suspicious, but he smiled while he hadn't interacted with anyone. He just kept looking around as if looking for a certain person. His behavior… I found it suspicious."

"Haha, surely you're talking about yourself!" Andrea Ettorek chuckled and pinched his son's face gently. He was in a good mood—a proud father but he didn't praise him nor did he blame him.

"It was only in the end that he as he kept getting closer to me and His Majesty that I realized his ident.i.ty and true purpose," Kailar continued as he looked out the window frame. "After all, I'm only a child. What threat could I possibly pose to him?"

"Well, I thank you for your bravery but do not forget to be careful of dangers or else you'd lose your life," Andrea Ettorek paused. "His Majesty was well aware of this. He was keeping it under wraps but to think that you managed to find out there was an a.s.sa.s.sin hidden among us, it truly caused everyone a surprise."

Andrea Ettorek shook his head and smiled bitterly.

"But nevertheless, today was an unexpected gain. You've been t.i.tled the t.i.tle of a Sage… the t.i.tle of a wise man. After today, there'll be many who'll look at you in envy."

"Father, why is the t.i.tle a cause for envy?" Kailar asked, slightly surprised. King Uther's performance today was nothing but a joke and hadn't bothered taking him seriously either. But why was his father so happy?

"You will know tomorrow." Andrea Ettorek looked at Kailar with a mystifying expression, intentionally raising Kailar's curiosity up a level.

Kailar sighed helplessly and nodded before closing his eyes and beginning to meditate.

Andrea Ettorek turned his head to the front, his eyes glittering with excitement.

He looked forward to tomorrow.

When they returned to Red Leaf, Andrea Ettorek immediately called the council and convened a meeting of utmost importance. Several important men came just as quickly.

Kailar wasn't interested in the matters. Yawning, he rushed back to the manor estate.

The next day, the whole entirety of Red Leaf declares themselves in a state of war.

Leyton was transferred directly to the front lines under the orders of the Grand Duke.

Kailar who hadn't gone to Nottingham Forest without Leyton had yet to adapt to his protector's absence. He felt a little bitter about it but not too much. He wasn't used to this situation. That's all.

This time, he hadn't bothered riding the white stallion Leyton provided him. Although horse riding proved to be a good exercise, walking also exercised his whole body.

His ten-year-old self had already grown strong bones. Westerners tended to be taller and of stronger features but compared to Kailar who drank milk since the age of five, he was much taller than his average counterpart who had never exercised nor drank calcium.

Kailar who had entered the forest wandered near and around the treehouse. Now that the annoying Leyton wasn't here to keep him in check, he could go and wander around as he so pleased. Who knows, he might be able to encounter a devil beast or something.

Suddenly thinking of something, Kailar cut a piece of wood with his dagger before slowly walking towards the inner parts of Nottingham Forest.

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