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Kill The Hero – Chapter 206 – Speedy Battle (1)

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

There was an a.n.a.logy commonly used among players. 

If 4 Floor dungeons were long distance runs, then 5 Floor dungeons were marathon.

5 Floor dungeons were quite different from 4 Floor dungeons.

Many new monsters appeared, and among them, there were many who were quite powerful and many that were troublesome to deal with.

The changes were so great that it was almost as though the genres had been changed exactly.

Nevertheless, the reason for this a.n.a.logy was simple.

Players who were capable of clearing 4 Floor dungeons had the ability to hunt monsters they hadn't seen before.

In truth, there weren't any monsters in a D rank or below 5 Floor dungeons that players who were active in 4 Floor dungeons couldn't kill.

The key was time.

If there was enough time, there weren't any monsters that they wouldn't be able to hunt, which meant that they needed time to hunt the monsters.

Therefore, players attacking 5 Floor dungeons for the first time tried their best to secure enough time.

As stated in the comparison above, the players prepared as if they were about to run a marathon.

'40 to 49 days.'

That was why Roberto estimated that it would take at least 40 days.

It would take at least 8 days to clear one floor.

'D rank dungeons usually take about 50 days.'

And even that could be considered pretty short.

For players attacking 5 Floor dungeons for the first time, it wouldn't be strange if it took them more than 10 days to clear each floor.

He had only made such a low estimate because of Isaac Ivanov.

It wasn't just because of his successes, Isaac Ivanov had created numerous miracles, so he had mentioned 40 days.

'That's common sense.'

Kim Woo-jin also didn't intend to deny that it was common sense.

“Did you say three weeks?”

As Roberto had said, to say that they could complete it in three weeks was quite unorthodox.

Nevertheless, the reason he'd said it was simple.

[You have become a vampire.]


It could be said that Kim Woo-jin now had an unusual skill at his disposal.

[Your thirst for blood increases.]

[The power of your blood increases.]

[Your control over blood has been strengthened.]

[All senses have been increased to the maximum.]

The moment he transformed into a vampire, Kim Woo-jin's appearance began to change.

His face became pale, the shadows under his eyes darkened, the whites of his eyes became red, and his canines became larger and sharper.

At the same time, Kim Woo-jin's senses were enhanced.

[A being with blood stimulates your senses.]

Just like a snake with its heat sensing ability, information about creatures who had blood in their bodies was being delivered to Kim Woo-jin in real time.

The presence and location of the creatures that filled the lush forest could be clearly felt by him.

Then Kim Woo-jin's eyes shined with golden light.

[Horus' eyes have opened.]

Then, detailed information about all the creatures Kim Woo-jin was sensing, appeared before his eyes.

'The synergy is much greater than I expected.

This was the reason Kim Woo-jin had said three weeks.

Kim Woo-jin had gained the ability to grasp the existence and information of monsters faster than anyone else with the help of the Vampire skill.

'There's no longer a need to move separately in order to gather information.'

For Kim Woo-jin, this meant that the process of gathering information was now completely unnecessary.

Now, he just needed to figure out a way to hunt the monsters.

'I can start hunting right away.'

And for Kim Woo-jin, such a task was easier than anything else.

[Hunt 33,111 monsters to move on to the next floor.]

“Everyone's in.”

Roberto smiled before giving a dirty smile to Kim Woo-jin.

“Alright, Isaac Ivanov! Show me your skills! I want to see if you really can clear this dungeon in three weeks!”

And so, Kim Woo-jin's debut in 5 Floor dungeons had begun.

[Paris is colored by screams!]

[21 dead! 121 wounded! 34 of the casualties are players!]

[Complaints from the players are overflowing!]

It didn't take long for the terrorist attack on France's number three guild, the Esprit Guild, located in Paris, France, to gather attention.

-Terrorism again?

-Was it committed by Muslims?


ㄴDammit, Muslims are ruining France!

Many expressed their outrage over the acts of terrorism.

Up to that point, it was no different from the response incurred by other acts of terrorism.

-But why did they target a guild?

However, the fact that the target of this attack was none other than a guild began to create a different reaction.

-That's because the players of the Esprit Guild are all pieces of trash. Those guys are all a bunch of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, aren't they?

ㄴMany of the players in the Esprit Guild have committed crimes, but not all of them are guilty.

Moreover, the Esprit Guild was infamous in France due to their bad reputation.

-Honestly, isn't this justice instead of terrorism?

ㄴThat's right. Wasn't one of the guys who died the one who caused an accident because he was drunk driving?

ㄴThe one that hit that child?

ㄴf.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, they deserved to die.

A friendly public opinion toward the act of terrorism began to form.

The problem was the media's reaction.

None of the media dared to reveal the opinions put forward by the ordinary citizens.

[Are attacks on players okay?]

[A special law is needed that will protect the players!]

[Will the French government pa.s.s the player protection bill?]

Instead, the media only threw up articles that supported the players as though they had drunk too much and started vomiting profusely.

“Something else will pop up sooner or later.”

In the Brazilian branch of the Thunderbird company located in Fortaleza, Brazil, a place that didn't even need terrorism to be chaotic, the Lightning King let out a laugh with his pale face.

Hearing it, Shakira shot him a questioning gaze,


In response to Shakira's question, the Lightning King simply stretched his hand out.


Then, some sparks of lightning danced on his palm before exploding.


“Something else will pop.”

“Are you saying the terrorist attacks will continue?”

“There's no way there won't be an encore.”

“But how did you figure that out?”

At Shakira's question, the Lightning King laughed.

“I was lucky enough to overhear it from some people I know.”

“Who could that…”

“If their prices start rising, they'd certainly be very happy about it. Like oil for example.”

The Lightning King got up from his seat.

“Anyway, if there is another terrorist attack, the players will definitely strike in the future.”

As he said this, his expression became hard.

“The number of dungeon attacks would drop sharply, and the number of monsters would naturally increase. The fear the ordinary people feel would definitely reach its peak and so would their faith in the Messiah Guild.”

The Lightning King was certain that if everything continued on the way it was, the Messiah Guild would naturally become the leaders of the world.

“A world where the Messiah Guild is in charge doesn't benefit players like us.”

And he believed that such a world had nothing to offer someone like him.

“So we have to prepare a rival that can counter the Messiah Guild as soon as possible.”

A rival for the Messiah Guild.

“I hope Isaac Ivanov is worth raising.”

And now, he had a candidate in Isaac Ivanov.

Shakira clicked her tongue at the Lightning King's words.

“Then it would have been better to not stick him with Roberto. He's the worst judge we have. Even if they get 100 points, he would forcefully reduce it to 50.”

The Lightning King laughed at that.

“The more the situation devolves like this, the more strict the a.s.sessment should be.”

As he said this, the Lightning King checked the date.

“It's been 18 days since they entered the dungeon, they should be on the third floor by now.”

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