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Chapter 536: Mother-in-law Is Here (4)

Bo Junyan liked his wife's positive and hardworking personality. She did anything with great effort. “Mom is like me. She doesn't like people with thick makeup. As long as you don't put on thick makeup, you can do whatever you want. Even if you don't wear makeup, it'd still be fine!”

Because his wife was good at everything in his eyes, Bo Junyan felt that she was the best no matter what! She was beautiful no matter what!

Mu Huan, who already had an idea in her mind, nodded and said, “Oh, right. Hurry up and tell me about your mother's preferences and dislikes, lest I commit a taboo.”

“Okay.” Bo Junyan told Mu Huan about his mother's favorite dishes and the like, as well as the way to make her favorite food and the things she disliked.

This was necessary.

Ever since he was young, even if his mother did not like something, as long as he liked it, she would eventually like it in the end. For example, when he went to be a doctor, his mother's objection was so much that she would start crying and kicking up a fuss. But in the end, she still accepted his studying medicine and becoming a doctor. In the end, she even thought that he was good at studying medicine.

Hence, no matter how his mother looked at Mu Huan and whether she liked Mu Huan or not, she would eventually accept and like her because he liked her.

However, he also wanted his mother to like Mu Huan from the start. Just like what Mu Huan had said, he hoped that their family would be harmonious and happy. Every day would then be a wonderful day to open their eyes to.

In the past, Bo Junyan only knew how to work. All he could think of was how to quickly expand the Bo family's reach to what he wanted.

Now, apart from his work, he was also beginning to enjoy life. And this was all because of Mu Huan.

As Mu Huan and Bo Junyan finished freshening up, the butler had already prepared dinner downstairs.

Mu Huan wasn't dressed formally. She must have panicked a little when she suddenly met her mother-in-law without any warning at the start. But after the panic had subsided, she calmed down and thought that she should just dress up normally. There was no need to be too nervous or anxious to make her mother-in-law like her. After all, she would only succeed to make a fool out of herself.

Although she had only put on light makeup, she still looked different from before. She looked much more energetic and beautiful, her youthfulness especially showing through.

Meng Yueman couldn't help but sigh in her heart when she saw this. Youth is so good!

Then, she looked at her niece. Despite being the same age as Mu Huan, she always dressed too maturely.

Huo Yuqi seemed to have understood the meaning in her eyes, and she sighed in her heart. She was already dressing so maturely, but Long Feilei still only saw her as a little girl. If she were to make herself appear a little younger, he wouldn't even notice her.

Didn't men like tender gra.s.s? Why was he so different from other men? Did he not want this tender gra.s.s?

“Mom…” Mu Huan smiled widely at Meng Yueman.

“Hm.” Meng Yueman didn't really like or dislike this daughter-in-law of hers. After all, this was her first time meeting her, so she still needed to have more contact with her to have an opinion.

It was just that the fact that Mu Huan had dated Gu Chenyi made her a little bothered.

Especially since the incident at the engagement party had already spread throughout the entire industry. Everyone knew about this matter, and the rumors were rather nasty.

The Bo family had never been involved in such a scandal before, so she must be feeling a little bothered and uncomfortable.

But she heard from her son that Mu Huan had been forced to attend his matchmaking session.

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