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Nonetheless, just as they drove down the next hill, the person driving in front of them crashed into a tree as he was panicking. He was forced to come to a halt.

"Our opponent stopped!" Li Muqiu yelled to alert the others.

Liu Zilang remained silent. He turned the steering wheel to the left and then hit the brakes.

"Zi zi zi!"

In a trice, the yellow sedan car became positioned horizontally. Friction was created between the tires and the meadow as the vehicle drifted down the hill. It stopped very quickly.

The benefits of stopping the car this way were that it could be used as cover, and they could avoid sneak attacks from their opponent when they exited the car.

However, the response of the person in front of them was rather odd.

After getting off his car, he did not equip his gun immediately but instead exercised his fists at Liu Zilang and the others.

"Is he reprimanding us with his fists?"

Li Muqiu was startled and then he cracked up. "Is this guy a fool?"

"Could it be that he has no more ammunition?" Zhou Erke guessed.

Even if it was three against one, two of them were too lazy to throw their grenades and instead dashed toward that person without scruples.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang did not move, and he held his gun up in an angle behind them.

For a top-notch sniper like him, distances within 500 meters did not really matter.

"Da da da…!"

"Da da da…!"

Two rounds of gunshots were heard. Of course, they belonged to Li Muqiu's AK and Zhou Erke's M4 respectively.

Still, that person did not fire any shots no matter what.

The next second, when that person with low health peeked from behind his car again.

"Boom", the resounding gunshot of an M24 was heard!

In the air, a sniper bullet hit the target's head in a fleeting moment which totally turned him over to the ground!

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoabout.i.t killed Yuri911 by headshot with M24!"

"Report, report! Kill steal!" Zhou Erke protested as she felt discontented.

"That's right! What a brute! Even I didn't have the nerve to steal it from Erke." Li Muqiu joined in the condemning line.

With that being said, though both of them gave such comments, they dashed toward the tree like two speedy rabbits.

"Wow! This guy is very well equipped!"

"He has two med kits, let's take one each! Haha!"

The two of them kept giggling as they crouched beside the person's crate. They mentioned every item found loudly as if they were purposely trying to trigger Liu Zilang.

Right then, Liu Zilang said, "Oh right, I forgot to tell you something."

"What?" Halfway looting, the two of them were startled.

Liu Zilang replied calmly, "When I scoped in just now, I think I saw that person holding a grenade in his hand."



Just as they cried out in surprise.

An explosion was heard!

As flames ignited under the tree, and smoke spread into the air, the two of them flew left and right respectively due to the explosion.

"Hahaha…" Seeing that, PDD who had been observing their match instantly laughed like a pig.

'That...that guy is freaking malicious!" Li Muqiu who was now kneeling on the ground felt like crying.

Zhou Erke rambled in her statement too. "Ah! I, I…I'm shocked!"

In their respective live streaming channels, countless viewers dissolved into laughter as well.

"666, this guy's show is making me dizzy!"

"The grenade was a farewell gift!"

" Junkrat 1 , is that you?"

"That brother held a grenade of glory! One for two, he didn't lose much this round!"

"Guru Qiu, though that guy was reprimanding you with his fists, I'm afraid that he's not a fool?"

"Hahaha, speaking of which, who's exactly the fool?"

"Don't you notice that Guru Lang is the most terrifying one?"

"Guru Lang, continue looting, I'll just laugh and not say a word."

"2333, this is too d.a.m.n scheming!"


Currently, in the game.

"Save me!"

"Save me please!"

"Save me, save me!"


The voices of Li Muqiu and Zhou Erke were heard one after another.

Liu Zilang walked over unhurriedly and then asked casually, "I heard that you have one med kit each?"

Li Muqiu was speechless.

Zhou Erke was at a loss for words too.

A brief moment later, Liu Zilang revived the two of them and had two more med kits in his Level Three Backpack.

While the two of them gritted their teeth as they put bandages around them, Liu Zilang looked a little embarra.s.sed. "Don't you have first aid kits? Why are you being so frugal? If you don't have enough, remember to ask from me…"

As soon as they heard what Liu Zilang said, they looked elated.

However, right after that, Liu Zilang continued the second part of his sentence leisurely, "Don't be so polite, I have enough bandages."



It seemed like they had both taken their guns out.

Hence, Liu Zilang made a wise choice to shut up and then went back into the car.

After the "epic" pursuit on the hills, the next circle was almost done shrinking.

Soon enough, the safe zone on the map became smaller again.

The circle shrunk from Severny and the Shooting Range from the north, whereby the safe zone of lesser than two thousand meters now enclosed Water Town, the Ruins, and both sides of the inland river above them.

At that time, there were 32 players alive in the match and 29 players if Liu Zilang's team was excluded. There was still quite a number of players.

Since the south hill of Rozhok was no longer in the save zone, it did not make sense for them to return to the Shooting Range.

Li Muqiu pondered as he looked at the map. He then asked Liu Zilang for his opinion.

Soon, the three of them decided on a place to settle down. It was the small island on the inland river located westward of Rozhok.

At that moment, that spot was in the center of the safe zone and had a bridge on both its left and right. On top of it was the Shooting Range and below it was Water Town. The Ruins was westward of it while Rozhok was eastward of it.

Even though it was a downright strategic spot, it was also an area where they could be attacked by incoming enemies from all directions.

However, for Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu, getting attacked by incoming enemies from all directions meant that there were enemies everywhere. It was exactly what they were wishing for.

Or else, they did not know where else to look for anyone to talk to.

Initially, the few of them thought that they would encounter a few battles along the way but much to their surprise, it was an unusually smooth journey.

After hiding their car at the bridgehead, the three of them quickly crouched in the bushes beside.

Zhou Erke was somewhat nervous so she asked, "What are we going to do when a car comes later?"

To which, Li Muqiu answered confidently, "We'll just destroy it, don't be afraid! We'll fire at them right away before they even have the chance to fire back!"

Right after he said that, a "boom" sound from a 98K was heard!

Without warning, blood splattered out from Li Muqiu's Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet.

"F*ck! Somebody's in Water Town!"

As a top-notch professional player, Li Muqiu deduced his opponent's location accurately the second the gunshot was heard.

As for the squad of people in Water Town, they probably heard the sound of a vehicle when Liu Zilang's squad drove their car over.

Nevertheless, perhaps they did not have the opportunity to engage on them just now. Only when Liu Zilang's squad arrived at their crouching spot at the bridgehead, did they have such an opportunity.

Fortunately, Li Muqiu wore a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet and did not suffer a headshot knock out.

Even so, after the 98K gunshot was heard, rapid gunshots from a rifle sounded!

All of a sudden, "whoosh whoosh whoosh" sounds were heard as bullets pierced through the air. They were headed for the bush that Li Muqiu was crouching in!

Due to the previous headshot, Li Muqiu was only left with little health. On top of that, since everything happened so fast and he had no shelter, with the number of bullets fired at him, he would certainly be knocked out regardless of how bad that person's marksmanship was.

In a flash of light, Liu Zilang who was crouching beside Li Muqiu responded extremely quickly.

He suddenly took a big leap in front of Li Muqiu and blood was soon seen splattering out of his body. He had taken the shot for Li Muqiu.

After being stunned for a while, before Li Muqiu could even thank him for his help, Liu Zilang quickly ran down toward the river from his left.

As long as descended that slope, he could use the pier and the rocks as cover for him to heal himself.

At that moment, Liu Zilang suddenly stuck out the pan he carried behind him and then shielded Li Muqiu from a hail of bullets from Water Town.

Right then, "dang dang dang" sounds were heard!

Originally, Liu Zilang was prepared to take in two more shots with his Level Three Military Vest. However, the pan he carried actually shielded him from all three enemy shots!

Over at Water Town, the two people on the building platform were dumbfounded.


'A pan?

'That's a freaking Level Four Vest, isn't it?'

One of the heroes in Overwatch

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