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The Sniper G.o.d, Shen Zeyan.

Before Liu Zilang entered team Se7en, he was the captain of team Se7en.

Those days in team Se7en, although Liu Zilang was young, he was the closest to Li Muqiu - a dissolute companion kind of friendship. His relationship with the other two members on the team was not bad as well. Everyone took care of him because of his young age. However, the relationship between Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan could be summed up in four words - like teachers like friends.

Precisely speaking, his sniping skills were taught by Shen Zeyan.

Up till the present time, Liu Zilang could still remember the first sentence Shen Zeyan said to him when he taught him how to snipe.

"For a sniper, the most difficult thing to perfect isn't marksmanship."

"It's the state of mind."

And at the Denmark FPS World Tournament half a year ago - it was the clash of t.i.tans, the gathering of the most talented top FPS players from around the world.

Team Se7en which was representing Hua Xia managed to enter the compet.i.tion's finals despite facing many difficulties. However, in a round that meant life and death, Liu Zilang who was young and impetuous then, was provoked by a sniper on the opposing team. He insisted on competing against the opponent and cost his team the round. Team Se7en ended up losing the highly antic.i.p.ated match and narrowly missed the championship.

At that time, Liu Zilang was strongly guilt-ridden and the most difficult person to face in the entire team was Shen Zeyan.

This was because he knew that in his second year of entering the team, Shen Zeyan initiatively gave up his position as the team's captain to a person three years younger than he was. The amount of faith and trust placed on Liu Zilang was self evident.

In addition to that, his borderline insane commands during the finals at that time raised doubts within the others and even Li Muqui. Only Shen Zeyan who normally had very few words to say, believed in his orders. He responded to Liu Zilang, "Carry out!"

This resulted in their loss in the tournament.

At the thought of it, Liu Zilang who was standing within the crowd dared not lift his head.

At that time, a senior sister from the eSports a.s.sociation went up the stage. She was holding a microphone and was searching for topics in order to allow interaction between the audience and the players on stage.

The celebrity players from team IG talked and laughed, rousing cheers from the audience from time to time. However, when Shen Zeyan's turn came, he merely spoke three words before putting down the microphone indifferently, "h.e.l.lo there, everyone."

The senior sister on stage paused for a moment before smiling as she said, "Hehe, it seems like Master Ze is still a miser with words huh!"

Some of the girls who were standing below the stage took this scene with lots of excitement.

"Master Shen is so cool!"

"As expected, he's exactly the same on his livestreams."

"But the actual person is definitely more handsome."

"I like his style!"

"It would be nice to be able to get his signature later."


Hearing the ladies discuss among themselves, there was a person who could not bear watching. He said sourly, "What a pretender."

Immediately, he was confronted with glares from countless girls around him. He was frightened to the extent that he covered his head with his hands while squatting on the ground.

Seeing this person's miserable state, Liu Zilang could not help but laugh.

In fact, to be honest, Shen Zeyan really was not pretending.

They had been together for a long period of time in the past, and Liu Zilang knew that he had a cold temperament.

Liu Zilang still remembered the time when he first entered team Se7en, he only spoke a word with Shen Zeyan throughout the span of three days.

At that time, Liu Zilang wanted to go to a restaurant to eat and saw that Shen Zeyan was still in the team's house. He then asked Shen Zeyan if he wanted to go together with him.

At that time, Liu Zilang was a mischievous child. He asked Shen Zeyang this because he wanted to cotton up the captain.

In the end, he never would have thought that Shen Zeyan would not have agreed to go with him.

Hearing Liu Zilang's words, Shen Zeyan actually nodded and sounded a "mmm" before lifting his feet. He then surprisingly walked away directly from Liu Zilang.

Recalling memories of his previous team, the corner of Liu Zilang's mouth could not help but raise slightly.

Just at that point, he looked up at the stage.

Coincidentally, Shen Zeyan's gaze was also directed toward the audience.

Their eyes coincidentally met.


Liu Zilang hurriedly shrank his body and hid behind Pu Taizhuang.

"What are you doing?" Pu Taizhuang asked, feeling somewhat strange.

Liu Zilang was secretly cursing the location that had been reserved by Big Brother Chen Zhifei as being too near the stage. However, he replied, "It's nothing, I'm just not very comfortable standing in front."

With that, Liu Zilang was going to squeeze his way to the back.

Unexpectedly, Chen Zhifei caught sight of this and grabbed Liu Zilang's shoulder. "Don't, it's a difficult spot I managed to reserve. There'll definitely be an autograph session later. When the time comes and if you don't want the autograph, keep it for me, I'll give it to my cousin sister as a gift."

Liu Zilang was unable to break free, and he secretly cursed Chen Zhifei for being a d*mned siscon.

Liu Zilang turned his head and scanned the stage once again with his peripheral vision. Surprisingly, he found that Shen Zeyan had long since shifted his gaze. He did not appear to have seen just him.

"Was it just an illusion just now?"

Nevertheless, Liu Zilang had been caught by Chen Zhifei. He could only stay back and play it by ear.

After the audience had interacted with the several players on stage, the senior from the eSports a.s.sociation brought up the main topic of the talk again - the China University eSports League.

With Jianghai University as the venue of the finals of the PUBG offline tournament, she welcomed everyone to watch the tournament when the time came and so on.

On one side of the stage, several Jianghai local media groups were seen taking photos of her announcement. It was estimated that the news would be publicized that night.

After all that, what remained was the giveaway session.

At that time, many university students rushed over after cla.s.s without having lunch.

Some incentives were mandatory because of this so that the students would not end up empty handed.

In the beginning, some of the IG's team uniforms were thrown off the stage. Then, there were white shirts, jackets and skirts from PUBG. The students caused an uproar in excitement because of this.

Liu Zilang even saw someone with an imposing stature rush up toward a small white dress without any reservation. He could not help but feel a chill in his heart.

Several people from IG were giving out goodies as they stood near the stage's edge.

At that time, many students who were in front leaned toward the stage; they took out items like clothes and whatnot so that their favorite players on stage would sign them.

At the sight of this, Liu Zilang suddenly thought of slipping away.

However, the crowd of people behind him was constantly surging ahead. The resistance to his retreat was unusually strong.

On the other hand, the hand of big brother Chen Zhifei had been tugging him. Among the crowd, Liu Zilang could only involuntarily allow himself to squeeze toward the stage, like dead dog being dragged.

After some time, the effect of good upbringing was reflected.

Those at the front of the stage who had gotten their signatures, goodies or merchandises consciously retired toward the back. This was so that those behind them could move forward.

Just like that, Liu Zilang and several of them were finally beneath the stage.

"Master Ze! Master Ze! Here! We are here!"

In front of the stage, Chen Zhifei hopped and waved both his arms.

At this time, no matter how excited the crowd was, the several people from IG were on the other side of the stage. They were unwilling to walk over.

Liu Zilang breathed a sigh of relief upon the sight of this.

However, the buddies who were queueing at the back pressed on further.

"Let's call it quits? I haven't eaten since I came?" Liu Zilang whispered.

After hearing the urges of the people at the back, Chen Zhifei could not help but settle for less. He waved his hands toward the closest player and thought of trying to disguise himself as a fan.

However, the person had now already been surrounded by a group of guys below the stage and simply could not leave.

Liu Zilang was about to persuade Chen Zhifei again.

However, at the same time, Shen Zeyan on the other side of the stage suddenly ignored the numerous excited girls below, and walked toward him.

"I'm done for!"

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