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"So what do you want to buy exactly? I know a lot of stores that sell a lot of things. It's rather impossible to pick one honestly! I always have a hard time!" Mika giggled like a clumsy school girl showing Rose everything the mall has to offer.

"OH MY G.o.d! SO MUCH THINGS TO BUY!" Rose shouted with stars in her eyes... I always knew she would act like this I mean come on! She's a compulsive spender. Last time I heard that hoe fainted from going shopping. It's shop till you drop as she said it.

"What should I choose? Should I buy perfume for him!" Rose frolicked around the department store looking at every shelf there is to see. "Or should I buy these jeans? OH!" A particular item caught her eye. "Should I buy these condoms? XL for your uncle right?" She smirked at me. SHE'S REALLY TESTING ME ISN'T SHE?!

"NO! YOU HOE!" I s.n.a.t.c.hed them and threw them.

"UH. YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THAT MA'AM." The store clerk said to me.

"Oh.. I'm really sorry.. some IDIOT. Really just messed with my temper.. I'll go get the thing I threw..." I apologized to the store clerk being awfully embarra.s.sed I mean who throws condoms out of nowhere... Ugh...

I took the pack I threw and put it back to the appropriate shelf. "Guys we should really go bac-" As I turned around to see both Mika and Rose are already gone! They vanished like how Rose took her own dignity... WHERE COULD THEY HAVE POSSIBLY GONE TO.

I took a little check-in my phone and the movie is almost time to begin... only 10 minutes of advertis.e.m.e.nt left... If we don't make it there in time who knows what that hoe who is literally blackmailing me to be her friend Camille is up to.. she's nothing but the devil's snare.

"Where on earth did those sugar high girls go?" I looked around like a mother looking for a lost child to see where everyone was...

As I looked around I noticed the pink lighting and the crowds of people from outside the stage in the middle of the mall.. what is going on right now? I looked curiously coming closer to the stage with the pretty pink lights and there it was...

A SUGAR TIME CONCERT!? I didn't know Alex was doing a concert right now in this mall.. well I don't think he'll bother telling me anything.. we aren't really close or anything... I can see the long lines of die-hard fangirls screeching for attention yelling out the name of the one who deemed as their "husband or stan.." I guess fan girls are as crazy as they are today...

"Well... Well... I didn't expect to see you here." I can hear that ANNOYING PLAYFUL DEEP VOICE. AND NOT JUST ANY DEEP VOICE. IT'S-

"What a coincidence.. you're also a fan of Sugar Time right? Well, that's not a coincidence."

I turned around to see Fredredrick giggled at me with his plastic grin... Eck... This playboy is here. Ugh...

"You don't look pleased to see me... did I do something to annoy you my pretty kitty."

"Well, I should be asking you that question... FANCY seeing you here Fred... I didn't know you were a fan of Sugar Time." I bounced back his question. Giving him att.i.tude by crossing my arms.

"My sister asked me to come here and grab autographs from the pop idols. I'm doing her a favor that's all. I'm not really a fan but my sister enjoys them." He said to me giving me a smirk.

"Why do you keep smirking so much.. You're not even that cool." I smirked back at him.

"It's just how my face looks.. you really are a cat aren't you?" He looked at me with teasing eyes..

UGH THIS GUY IS LEGIT ANNOYING ME TO DEATH.. I don't know how Mika is so obsessed over this guy that she has to make up a rumor about how we were dating or whatever.. he is so not my type.

"And why am I exactly a cat?" I asked him

"Well cause cats are cute.. just like you.." He winked.

"...." I took a slight pause... WHY DOES IT SOUND LIKE THAT SONG I'VE HEARD ABOUT.. something called "It's Not Like I Like You.."

"Am I suppose to say... ACK! YOU ARE SUCH A BAKA! IT'S NOT LIKE I LIKE YOU OR ANYTHING YOU DUMB OCTOPUS!" I mimicked a tsundere. "Because I'm not a tsundere. Also, find some other hoe to annoy that's going to take your c.r.a.p cause I'm not interested got it?" I told him off..

He just then starts laughing his a.s.s off.. WHAT IS UP with this d.i.c.k.. he's testing me I feel it!

"You really are a cat.. you know you remind me this black and white cat... I took care of in the shelter..she was quite a handful...although I loved her and she finally warmed up to me.." He giggled.

IS HE SERIOUSLY COMPARING ME TO A CAT?! I mean being compared to a cat is somewhat a compliment BUT SERIOUS THIS GUY IS p.i.s.sING ME OFF... BUT wait? He's taking care of animals in the shelter?! THIS GUY? Takes care of neglected animals?!

"You volunteer in the animal shelter?!" I say shocked...

"Why do you have that look on your face like you didn't expect me to work in an animal shelter.. do you honestly think of me as that sc.u.mmy?" He chuckled slightly looking at my disgusted and shocked face.

"Yes. I did not expect you to be the one taking care of animals in animal shelters... You're like a bad boy... that's like so obnoxious and a total playboy. You can't expect people to know that you're the type that would go to animal shelters and take care of stray and homeless animals... I mean come on wi-" He interrupts me.

"I may look like the biggest sc.u.m in the earth.. but I don't think you should really judge anyone from their cover. You know the saying "Don't judge a book by their cover?" actually I'm so dedicated to volunteering I even had Matthew come along with me!"

"Oh right.. I remembered when I called you guys to go to Kitty Cafe with me. You guys kind of like not joined since you were busy in the shelter.." I squinted...

Although that's really sweet.. I guess he really does have a soft spot for animals... I guess knowing this.. is making him a little bit likable after all...

"I mean.. I think it's better to take care of cats that are in need instead of cafe ones.. wouldn't you agree?" He gives me this proud and superior stare.

"Ya.. you're right.." I just complied.

"It's my dream to be a vet actually. Ever since I've been a kid... I always liked to be around animals... just touching their fluffy fur and taking care of them.. it really brings me joy.. I remembered when my dog died... I couldn't really do anything about it.. or when my cat got hit by a car... she just wallowed in pain under the car... and I couldn't do anything.." He brought up really sad memories... memories.. that make even me... upset and sad...

"That's why I wanted to be a vet... So I can at least do something.. you know. to the dying animals around me... I really just didn't want to just stand there.." He faintly said...

"Hey... I'm sorry.. for trying to p.i.s.s you off and calling you playboy.. and calling you obnoxious..." I apologized to him...

Now I kind of feel like a jerk... I mean he might act like a f.u.c.kboy just hitting on everyone and sometimes a sarcastic d.i.c.k.. he kind of means well.. and that's what I like about him I guess...

"Is the cute little kitty warming up to me now?" He giggled.

NEVERMIND! HE'S AN a.s.sHOLE THAT DESERVES TO BURN IN h.e.l.l! UGH! HE'S SO ANNOYING! "Die a horrible death." I squinted. "You know I was starting to actually like you... but you suddenly saying that just made me lose all that character development and I just came back to hating you." I pouted giving him a mean look.

"Aww.. I guess the little kitty got mad again.." He chuckled continuously..

Although.. I realized.. the MOVIE IS ABOUT TO START SOON! I'll have to find ROSE QUICKLY!

"Did you see Rose here by any chance?! I'm actually looking for them!" I asked him looking around for that red-haired bimbo...

"No.. I didn't see Rose... and trust me... I have the sight of an eagle... I never saw anyone go through here like ever...

"Well! It was nice talking with you again but I really have to go! I need to catch a movie with my uncle and Rose so see ya!" I got my things together and I start to dash forward although he stops me.

"Can I help? Pretty sure.. having 2 sets of eyes looking for them would be faster wouldn't you agree?" He offered for his help..

No way! HAVING ROSE AND HIM IS JUST TROUBLE. IT'S LIKE MIXING GASOLINE WITH FIRE.. BUT WAIT A MINUTE! A light bulb flashed above my head.. I might have an idea!

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