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Chapter 812: Mr. Xing

What kind of enhancement is this? Has it triggered the deepest brutality in their hearts?

Next to Su Ping, Hades was surprised to see their three comrades go into a fit of rage.

His enhancement could only boost them so they could fight harder and resist the enemy's mental influence. However, Su Ping's buffs had turned them into bloodthirsty, loyal soldiers.


The three of them dashed out brutally and aggressively. Their eyes were filled with brutality, but they were also clear deep in their hearts. They didn't really lose control!

Instead, they had adjusted themselves to be at their best status with Su Ping's enhancements.

Shennong's Three Punches was the first to charge out. He had practiced multiple laws, and he attached them to his fist. His punches were so shockingly powerful that many observers outside the battlefield were astounded.

Queen of the Night and Father Time didn't wait to make a move. They had both been focusing on one law; however, they had grasped them to such a deep level that they could even influence other people's laws.

“Darkness blinds you just like light does!

“Law of darkness: Devour!”

Queen of the Night raised her hands, and rays of light disappeared around her. Darkness rolled like waves.

All senses and laws were restricted in the darkness. Only she could sense and control everything. It was the upgraded version of a law, and had almost transformed into a small world.

If she made further progress, she would be able to establish a dark world of her own, based on that law.

When the dark field was unfolded, the champions of the Thousand Feathers Alliance instantly lost their senses. All wore grave expressions. An expert stepped forward and roared, “Law of fire: Melting Sun!”

Noises of burning fire resounded against the void.

A hole was left in the darkness by the burning fire, which illuminated the faces of the members of the Thousand Feathers Alliance. One of them was as brilliant as the sun, and scorching vines were appearing on his body.

His body matched his law of fire, allowing him to unleash power that was as great at that of Queen of the Night. He soon removed the darkness around him, before he charged at her with a giant burning axe.

He had also been enhanced by various skills, which made him unbelievably strong.

“Are they all in the advanced phase of the Star State? It's so unbelievable that they're making use of the power of laws so skillfully.”

“Are they fighting for the Tree of Laws? I don't think we have a share in that, do we?”

“What are you thinking? The Tree of Laws will definitely be carved up by those alliances. Rogues like us would never get a share.”

“Look, a pet has just perished. Oh my G.o.d, isn't it a Star Swallowing Dragon that was in the advanced phase of the Star State?”

Many rogue Star State experts gathered outside the battlefield. They kept on commenting on the fierce battles while feeling jealous and helpless.

The ultimate treasure was right in front of their eyes, yet they couldn't have it. That feeling was truly frustrating.

“The new member's enhancement skills are so good. They even boosted the advanced Star State pets.”

“He's definitely an advanced Star State expert. He did a great job concealing his true power!”

“How did Zeus make friends with such a bigshot? To think we treated him a bit coldly when he greeted us earlier…”

“Look, the Ouhuang Alliance is about to be screwed.”

The members of the Alliance of Stars whispered about the battles and felt rather scared by the intensity.

Every Star State warrior had a handful of powerful pets; some even had ten. The small world began to feel crowded since all the pets were out.

The outburst of skills and laws had also caused spectacular views everywhere.

Someone was taken out three minutes after the battle started by the Star Lord backing him. They saved their champions with their domination over the small world.

At the same time, the champions lost the qualification to continue fighting.

The leading girl crossed her arms and commented while she observed the battle proudly, “Humph. You think the worthless sc.u.mbags of the Thousand Feathers Alliance are qualified to compete with us?

“You're just a bunch of shameless men who try to mislead others.”

The leader of the Thousand Feathers Alliance sneered and said, “Let's see how much longer your idiotic, arrogant subordinates can endure!”

“All of you, a.s.sist the Alliance of Stars. Knock out the Thousand Feathers Alliance even if you lose!” shouted the leader of the Ouhuang Alliance. His words reached his remaining three champions in the battlefield.

They were still struggling to resist attacks; they didn't know what to say after hearing that.

We can hardly resist our opponents. How could we attack?

However, since their leader had just said they didn't have to seek victory, they could just as well try their luck.

“What's your problem?”

The Thousand Feathers Alliance nearly vomited blood after hearing that. Why do you have to take me to h.e.l.l with you?

“Although I don't like the morons of the Alliance of Stars, I dislike the scoundrels like you even more!” declared the leader of the Ouhuang Alliance proudly. He obviously had no respect for him.

The leader of the Thousand Feathers Alliance was rendered speechless.

It was true that birds of a feather flock together. Those two groups of morons had finally reached a consensus on a subject.

d.a.m.n it!

The leader girl, however, raised her eyebrows coldly. “Who are you calling morons? Do you think I can't easily beat you up?”

“You just admitted it,” said the leader of the Ouhuang Alliance with a snort, “You should thank me, or I can easily ask them to attack the Alliance of Stars.”

“Let them try. Do you think I'm scared of you?” The leader girl didn't give in, at all.

The leader of the Ouhuang Alliance grew solemn and said, “Since you don't appreciate my kindness, don't blame me for being brutal. You…”

He was about to give another command, when he suddenly changed his expression. His men had been surrounded by the other factions when they attacked the Thousand Feathers Alliance.

They would get killed if he didn't rescue them!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

The only three survivors, as well as their battle pets, were rescued by the leader of the Ouhuang Alliance.

“Ha, ha…”

Seeing that, the leader of the Thousand Feathers Alliance burst into laughter.

The leader girl chuckled too and said teasingly, “Come on, let your men show me what brutal means you have!”

The leader of the Ouhuang Alliance's cheeks twitched, but he only snorted in the end.

He would only embarra.s.s himself even if he kept on speaking.

There would be a chance to get back at them later.

The leader of the Thousand Feathers Alliance, on the other hand, suddenly changed his expression, and the man who had just used Melting Sun appeared next to him.

The man was heavily wounded at the moment, with blood on his lips.

“Haha. He's truly an idiot for choosing to take Shennong's Three Punches' attacks the hard way. You think your men are any smarter than mine?” The leader girl laughed after seeing that.

They had been watching the situation in the small world while they talked.

The man would have been killed if the leader of the Thousand Feathers Alliance hadn't intervened.

“That guy is from the Fist G.o.d Planet, isn't he? He's indeed something!” The leader of the Thousand Feathers Alliance became cold.

The Fist G.o.d Planet was a tier-one planet in the Federation. It was a thousand times bigger than Rhea!

Rhea, on the other hand, was dozens of times bigger than the Blue Planet!

An Ascendant State expert emerged on the Fist G.o.d Planet and became its master. It was one of the major forces in the Federation.

“Your eyes are keen enough to see through his fist technique.” The leader girl chuckled.

The battle in the small world became even fiercer.

Five minutes later, another pair of champions from the Thousand Feathers Alliance were rescued, and Queen of the Night became the first loser of the Alliance of Stars.

Eight minutes later—all the champions of the Thousand Feathers Alliance were gone as the other alliances had ganged up on them.

While the Star Lords outside were talking and laughing, the rule of the jungle dominated the small world. Whoever got wounded first would get killed!

“Hahaha. You thought the Thousand Feathers Alliance could laugh to the end? Do you feel like crying now? I'm so happy!”

The girl laughed happily when the Thousand Feathers Alliance lost the qualification, and the leader of the Ouhuang Alliance also mocked, “I thought you would have endured longer. You should have quit the compet.i.tion earlier to watch the show!”

The girl giggled and gloated, “They're also heavily wounded. How pathetic.

“They're truly unlucky to have you as their leader!”

The Thousand Feathers Alliance's leader had the gloomiest face, but he couldn't come up with anything to say in response. He soon concealed his fury and sneered.

Another pair of Star Lords were quietly watching the battle on the other side of the battlefield.

When they heard the jokes and laughter from the opposite side, they solemnly looked at the source and then speechlessly withdrew their gazes.

It was hard to imagine that the conversation was among several Star Lords; they were too childish!

“The leader of the Alliance of Stars seems to have a powerful background, but she doesn't have much worldly experience.”

“Humph, they're just three idiots. They have no idea that the Tree of Laws will fall into our hands in the end.”

“Yes, this rule is almost tailor-made for us. Mr. Xing must be very happy to find this many free sparring partners here.”

“It's hard to imagine that someone with a Fate State cultivation would be strong enough to beat advanced Star State opponents. He must be aiming for the championship of the Universe Geniuses' Contest, isn't he?”

“Who could argue with this? But the champions of each Universe Geniuses' Contest are just as strong as him.”

“Such people will definitely reach the Ascendant State as long as they don't die. The gap between some human beings is truly huge. Some people are simply born to illuminate the entire universe.”

They talked while always focusing on a man in the small world, not daring to lose sight of him for a moment.

They would have to immediately relocate him if he was in danger, as they were tasked to keep him safe.

If anything happened to him, the punishment would be too much for them to bear, even if they were Star Lords!

However, they didn't think that anything would happen to him, considering the guy's abilities. After all, he wouldn't have gone to that divine residence in the first place if a bunch of Star State warriors could threaten his life.

As time went by—

More and more people were rescued from the battlefield along with their pets, losing their right to keep fighting.

Half an hour later, only eight men were left in the small world.

Only two of the Alliance of Stars' champions were left, namely Su Ping and Father Time.

Hades was heavily wounded when he filled in the offensive position and was rescued.

Father Time was devoted to defense skills and had mastered defensive laws; he was so st.u.r.dy that he endured the attacks of five men.

However, he was also approaching his limits too. He had endured for such a long time mainly because Su Ping had been healing him and covering his back.

“Finish off the Alliance of Stars first! His turtle sh.e.l.l is so st.u.r.dy!”

“That's true.”

Someone shouted and chose the Alliance of Stars as the target. After all, Father Time had only shown defense abilities in the battles so far; such opponents were no threat to them. Even if they couldn't break his defenses, they wouldn't get wounded either. It would be safe.

“Come on and give it a try.” Father Time breathed heavily, with sharpness glowing in his eyes.

Su Ping stood next to him while being silent. However, divine power surged inside his body; he would replace Father Time if the man failed.

He didn't launch any reckless attacks because there were too many opponents. He might be singled out and collectively attacked by others if he showed his real strength.

However confident he was, he didn't have the courage to fight against dozens of advanced Star State experts. He was only a Void State warrior after all.


The two men who had just spoken charged along with their pets at Su Ping and Father Time.

Father Time's eyes were cold and his heart was bitter, but he didn't retreat. He had endured for such a long time because he wanted to obtain the Tree of Laws and get a chance to become a Star Lord!


Dragon patterns appeared on his body and spread out to create a gigantic turtle that enshrouded both himself and Su Ping.

A tensile law had been condensed on it, although it was nothing special, just the law of solidity of the rock cla.s.s.

The Dark Dragon Hound had also grasped that law, but its understanding was nowhere nearly as deep as Father Time's. That law of solidity was so powerful that even if it was imposed on thin paper, the paper would be hard enough to resist Fate State attacks!


It was exactly at that moment when chains clattered, and the two incoming Star State men trembled. A dark chain darted over as quickly as lightning and pierced through one of the men's shoulders!

Once the man's shoulder was pierced, the chain was spun, swinging the man into the small world's ground, producing a huge pit.


His partner was shocked; he turned around, only to find that the chain was being controlled by a young man wearing a purple robe.

Silver light was condensed in his eyes as he spread out his senses. Then, he narrowed his eyes in shock.

According to his perception, the young man was only a Fate State expert!

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