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My mind was going to catch on fire, I don't understand anything what is going on?, I remember this ring

It's the ring that I took from that d.a.m.n old man I killed

My mind started trying quite a bit trying to retrieve any other memories of this ring

But I couldn't remember anything else that was the same ring that was in my hands throughout my previous life

It is the same strange inscriptions that I don't understand, no matter how hard I looked for their meaning

"status "

Name: Ring of Chaos

Manufacturer: King of Kings

Capacity: Cannot see before level 150

Ring of Chaos. I remember this name, The old dragon told me this name. He told me that King Darius died because of his search for this artefact and that it was the most powerful tool of the King of Kings and that there was a great war that occurred because of this tool because of that war hybrids have now fallen to be the Slaves they are.

'But what was the ring of chaos doing on earth and in the hands of the old pervert?'

Yes, I remember now

He told me, before that he found this ring in a meteor and stole it without anyone seeing him

So the most important question now

'How did an artefact from this world reach my world? Is there a way to return to Earth or go to other worlds? I don't know'

I looked at the pearl of destiny

And whispered

"status "

Name: The Pearl of Destiny

Capacity: control the king of kings dark army

king of kings Armie Are there other armies other than the dark army, I do no understand anything

But my heart is started peating fast. I feel excited, I feel that there is something big waiting for me

And I feel that I will see many battles and ma.s.sacres

Yes, I feel confused, but f.u.c.k everything

I don't care about the King of Kings, King Darius, or these d.a.m.n tools that I don't understand anything about

I know only one thing and that anyone that stands in my way will be eliminated

I will make him regret the day he was born and cursed his mother for Bringing him into this world

I tried to hold the ring or the pearl with my hand, but I couldn't. It was as if they were an illusion

Suddenly, my body sensed using Danger area skill that I developed so that I can feel danger even when I'm in my realm.

So I quickly opened my eyes and pulled my soul out

In front of me, I saw a short man with a brown moustache and black hair, carrying a small sword on his waist

Next to him, a girl with red hair and green eyes with she was beautiful and her charms were visible to the eye.

But I was not interested in this overwhelming beauty or these beautiful eyes of hers

All I was interested in at that moment was the shape of this beautiful head falling to the ground

"He's a d.a.m.n kid! Are we here to kill a kid?" she looked at me with eyes full of Disgust

"We have no other choice. The commander told us to come here and kill everyone in the palace"

This charming girl is level 55

This short ugly face warrior level 50

"I feel pity for you, innocent child, but we must kill you"

"Hahahahahahahaha! Pity you must feel pity for yourself because you will not imagine what will happen to you now"

"d.a.m.n you" the short man got angry And pulled his wopean

"Shadow Steps"

I appeared in front of the short man, whose face was going to fall to the ground because of his sock

I took out my blue aura and quickly summoned my sword, My sword was going through some strange developments as well

Green inscriptions began to clearly show at my sword

I whispered

" Cutting Strike "

He couldn't react before His head was already on the ground

I really like taking advantage of me being in a kid body so n.o.body expects me to do such a thing

When his head fell to the ground, his short body began to shake like a headless chicken

This scene made me laugh and made my smile get wider

I looked at the girl I put my sword on my shoulder and approached her

"Do not come close, I will kill you if you get close" she released a large amount of water from her hand, that looked like a large snake.

"Energy Shield"

The water snake b.u.mped into the shield around my body, so nothing happened to me

I approached her with steady steps my eyes didn't leave hers

when I got in front of her in a few simple steps, she started screaming

"I will give you anything you want anything but don't kill me please don't kill me" she was saying that and fired a lot of snakes that landed on my shield but did not make any impact, so she started crying

"Please let me guide you on the right path, I will make you the richest man and the most fortunate man in the world" she begged me

"Haha, don't make me laugh. What is this ridiculous joke if you were already on the right path then Why are you in front of me now on the floor crying" I was smiling with that d.a.m.n smile

She started to sit on the floor and hold her head to her beautiful body and cry in a slow, intermittent voice.

She looked at me like I was a monster. he'd eat her up any minute.

That's why I didn't want to disappoint her.

"Say h.e.l.lo to your friends. "

I whispered.

"Earth snake." "

Four snakes came out of the ground, each of them taking a limb from the four limbs and proving it.

And I started cutting off his limbs one by one, and she started screaming and crying.

So I finally got my sword through her beautiful chest.

And started pressing heavily and cut her head finally really was blood everywhere.

I felt there danger behind me

When I looked behind, I found there was a strong attack, really heading towards me

It is already too late to address it

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