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First, Eisen got to work with the Broom, because it seemed to be rather straightforward. As there was no special element needed for this, Eisen simply used some High-Steel that he already had around and forged it into a simple straight staff shape, before then slightly bending the staff to seem more like it was simply a wooden branch that you may find laying around, before bending the end into a slight spiral-shape so that it could hold things like a lantern, which Eisen would be making later as well.

And after the branch was done, he grabbed the re-built Spinning-wheel to allow input from the different spinnerets and then put it on a setting to make the string pretty thick, before using three different inputs. One part ManCrystal enchanted with Xenia's Witchcraft Skill, one High-Steel and one Witch's Birch. Considering that a normal broom would use straw, Eisen figured he should use some natural ingredient in this as well and then remembered this material with a quite fitting name, figuring that there had to be a reason for it to be called that.

Once the old man then had all the string that he needed, he laid it out in a zig-zag directly next to each other, as if folding it, and used trans.m.u.tation to make it harder and tougher before bundling the different pack of hardened string together properly. Then, Eisen pushed the end of the Steel-Broomstick into one end of the bundle and attached it tighly with the help of some manthread and a little trans.m.u.tation, before simply cutting up the other end of the string-bundle.

Now that the base was done, Eisen of course placed a few gems here and there into the surface of the broom and then got to work on the Lantern, putting together a mixture of gla.s.s that the old man added some more Witchcraft-Enchanted ManCrystals into and then formed the whole thing into a simple oval bubble, with a flat underside, which Eisen cut off later, and a slightly pointed tip, as well as a small square of gla.s.s cut out at the side and in total five small lines pushed deeper into the bubble.

And while the gla.s.s was cooling off inside of the annealer, Eisen got to work on the metallic parts for the Lantern, which was once more really just made up of High-Steel. For the underside of the lantern, Eisen formed a simple pentagonal plate with a few holes to place the rounded bars into. And for the top of the lantern, Eisen created a pentagonal pyramid, once more with holes for the rounded bars, as well as a hook to properly attach it to the Broom.

Of course, Eisen also made a few latches and extra parts for the part of the five-sided lantern that could be opened up to exchange the candles that would be placed inside for different effects.

And then, Eisen put everything together swiftly and hooked the lantern into the end of the Broom, finishing the base for this item quite swiftly. Of course there would still be enchantments placed onto and into the Broom, but Eisen would do all of that later.

For now, Eisen would just get started on the bow next, for which he would once more use Spring Steel like for the Crossbow that he made for Deedee.

The Bow was quite particular in itself as well, because the whole weapon design that Evalia came up with was a three-in-one bow. Meaning different bows for different strengths and ranges. The Regular size for a bow like used in most Archery compet.i.tions, a recurve bow, then a Recurve bow the size of a Large Longbow, and then the truly Giant Recurve Bow.

In real life, such a bow would probably be impossible to use, or even make in the first place, but in this game it would most likely be possible, and Eisen really did enjoy the challenge of making an impossible item like that useable.

So first, Eisen made the bases for the three different bows, which were just two metallic bars for each one with each limb curved toward the user, and then at the point where the bowstring would be, back away from the user.

Once the different limbs were finished, Eisen got to the part that would hold all of them together, the part that would actually be held by Ranger.

And all that was really needed was a handle large enough for the two giant limbs that had some slots for the other limbs set into it. Because the Giant and Large limbs each were made to be able to have the next-smaller limb set inside of them to an extent, mostly toward the center of the bow, but enough to make sure that each smaller bow was supporting the larger ones and vice versa.

It all actually worked in a pretty nice synergy with each other, although the fine-tuning was a bit more annoying than Eisen thought. After binding the same steel thread as used for the crossbow, except that the mancrystal used to make the magic thread for this one was enchanted with Archery, around the ends of the bows, Eisen continued trying to pull on everything to test it out and make sure everything was fine, but whenever he changed the slightest bit about the thickness of the smallest bow, it would have a huge effect on the largest bow, so he really had to make sure not to overdo anything and make sure that everything was fine.

And once the thickness of the bows were figured out, all that Eisen needed to do was properly work on making it possible for the different bows to switch their 'Mode' as quickly as possible, although that didn't end up being that hard in the end. All that Eisen needed to do was place a small piece into each lower limb of the bows that would make it possible to roll up the bowstring to tighten it into place.

Usually, it would be just set into the limbs themselves in a way that they were nearly invisible, which Eisen achieved by adding another few 'Magnetism' enchantments that would only apply to a specific string of the bow, and with a little bit of the Golem's control, it would be able to easily switch between the modes within a few seconds, at least that's what Eisen hoped.

It seemed like the Golems were able to use the weapons as part of their own body as long as they 'Woke up' with them attached to their bodies, so Eisen simply placed some more latches onto the handle of the bow to snap onto Ranger's hands, and everything should probably work just fine. Although for all of that to work, there was a requirement that the items weren't already seen as standalone items, so if Eisen went and thought of this bow as 'Finished' before he thought of the whole Golem as finished, then he wouldn't be able to make the Golem connect to the item.

Either way, once Eisen finished the Giant Bow and figured out the different mechanisms of it, Eisen set a few gems into the different parts of the bow and then moved on to something else, which were the different quivers for Ranger, because together with three differently-sized bows, he would also get three differently-sized types of arrows, the largest being more like a spear than an arrow.

In the end, it didn't really take that long to make these, because they were simply tubes of leather which Eisen would strap onto Ranger's back.

"Hmm... I guess I can enchant them now, huh?" The old man muttered to himself with a slight sigh, as he would have preferred to place the different sensory organs into Ranger's head before doing so, but it seemed like the old man had no choice, considering that they would probably just be finished in the late morning of the next day.

After all, it was already pretty late in the day now already, so it was to be expected for not all the materials to be finished. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

So, Eisen swiftly sat down in front of the two metallic bodies and got to work. First, he enchanted Croco's body, although all that the old man did was place similar enchantments as Supp had gotten into Croco's hands as well, just instead of enhancing the Support Element, it would help out Croco's general magic-casting.

Other than that, Eisen simply made sure to create enchantments that would for one make Croco's body lighter through the Gravity element, which was only possible due to the sheer amount of Soul-Generators Eisen placed into her tiny body, making her about one tenth of her original weight.

And all of those enchantments were filled in with combined dark and light gems, because the Gravity Element was a combination of the two as well.

But on top of that being the case, Eisen enchanted the dark-gems with the Witchcraft skill, and the Ligh-gems with Sorcery, to enhance those two abilities within Croco as well.

Then, the Broom was turned into a three-dimensional enchantment that would make it float enough to even carry Croco's light body, and those enchantments would be kept active through the help of some extra soul-generators placed into the core of the Broom. And in order to keep all of the gravity-reducing enchantments that Eisen used for Croco running, Eisen had to use 95% of all the souls that Eisen had leftover or was currently using for Soul Generators fueling some infusion capsules, trying to compress them all as much as he could. Hopefully he would be able to do so with the actual Compression ability that he would gain at Alchemy's Rank 4, because for now most of Croco's torso was made up of those Soul Generators.

And then, Eisen of course also enchanted the different gems on the Broom with Sorcery and Witchcraft, and then used the large central gem in the middle of the Broom to generate a dark mist that would wrap around the broom, while the lantern would end up giving light to the whole thing.

Speaking of, the lantern was enchanted by Xenia instead, with a magic circle stemming from Witchcraft itself that would be able to use the different abilities of different candles created through Witchcraft.

After Croco's body was properly enchanted, Eisen moved on to Ranger's, and enchanted the arms and legs with enchantments to help speed which were filled out with wind gems, while Ranger's hands shoulders and upper torso were enchanted with enchantments to help dexterity in the hands and stability in the upper body, and those enchantments were filled out with water gems, because water was known to be both mendable and stable.

As for the bow, it was obviously just enchanted with wind magic that would help the velocity and range of the arrows that were shot. The gems were enchanted with Archery for the most part, while the large central one was enchanted to cover the bow in wind magic. And then Eisen placed another 'Granting' enchantment around the place where the Arrow would shoot through, which would cover the arrow in either wind or water magic, depending on what Ranger wanted at the moment.

And in the end, that was mostly it. Eisen placed Croco's Golem Core into her chest and quickly activated it, creating a fourth Reincarnation of the five Great Golems. As she was activated, the first thing that happened was that she began to float in the air with the help of the Broom, which was currently attached to her hand, while the enchantments all over her body, which had been covered by Evalia's metallic paint already, began to glow.

After Eisen made sure that everything seemed to work properly, he then sent Croco off to learn from Xenia together with Supp, while the old man started to prepare whatever else was needed for Ranger's sensory organs.

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