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Chapter 30 - The Guan Family's Children Look At The Babies

Outside, everyone was also very surprised. As they ate the pea seedlings, they asked, "The seedlings are edible? There's also the smell of peas. It's so fresh!"

"It's also tender and has the taste of the bone soup. It's really delicious!" Second Brother Guan smiled foolishly.

The children also liked to eat pea seedlings. Firstly, they found them fresh and secondly, they tasted good. Usually, these children did not like to eat vegetables. Mother Rong was delighted to see them eating.

"This radish, I feel like I'm eating meat!" Guan Chixi said, and everyone laughed. The radish was soaked in bone soup, so there was the smell of meat. As such, wasn't it like eating meat?

The Guan family had a hearty dinner in the courtyard..

After the meal, upon knowing that their Sixth Aunt had just given birth to triplets, the children rushed into Ye Lulu's house to see the babies.

"Sixth Aunt!"

"Sixth Aunt has given birth!"

The children were gathered in front of the bed. They were generally not much taller than the height of the bed. All of them wore rough short-sleeved shirts and had a little knot on their heads. They were too cute.

Ye Lulu could even ignore the commotion outside and looked at the children lovingly.

It was true. In ancient times, these little people were the most adorable.

"Wow! Sixth Aunt, is this our younger brother?"

"He's so small!"

"Wow, these brothers look like buns!"

The Guan family's grandchildren were full of amazement as they surrounded the bed and shouted loudly.

"There are three younger brothers. Eh… or is there only one?" The youngest child was barely tall enough. He revealed a cute little face, and his black eyes were in a daze as he sucked on his fingers and looked at the three babies.

He could not tell if there was one or three. Haha.

"There are three babies, stupid Qimao!" The oldest brother, Guan Damao, said with disdain. He could not stand it anymore.

The corners of Ye Lulu's mouth twitched hard. The Guan family's grandchildren's nicknames were Damao, Ermao, Sanmao… all the way down. There was only a little girl in the middle, who was Second Brother Guan's precious daughter, nicknamed Little Radish. That was because when she was born, the radishes planted in the Guan family's land were the best. They were all fresh and juicy~

No one could stop Second Brother Guan from thinking that his precious daughter was fresh and juicy as well. Hence, his nickname for her was 'Little Radish.' This was a father's love for his only daughter. It was irresistible.

Qimao's mouth was wide open. He looked at the three babies in a daze. "Three? But, but there's only one…"

"Hah." Ye Lulu couldn't help but laugh. Qimao was too young. When he saw the three of them, he couldn't differentiate them and thought that he was seeing things.

Haha, he was so silly!

"Sixth Aunt, the younger brothers are so beautiful." Damao looked at the babies sensibly and liked them very much. He then carefully raised his eyes to look at Ye Lulu. This child was also very cute… after fleeing for a long time, Ye Lulu had a timid personality. In the past, she was very timid and didn't make much noise in the Guan family. These children had only spoken a few words to their Sixth Aunt before.

Hence, he was unfamiliar with Ye Lulu.

However, Damao really liked his younger brothers, so he tried to talk to Ye Lulu. Ye Lulu smiled and looked at Damao with smiling eyes and said, "Thank you, Damao. You're very cute too."

Damao's face flushed red, and his cheeks burned like a monkey's b.u.t.t. He looked up at Ye Lulu, then turned around and walked out.

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