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Chapter 402: Making A Game

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The rumors were quickly resolved.

Li Dong's reputation was restored shortly.

Life returned to normal.

But the price was that his stable source of income had been destroyed – the school would never allow students to work part-time as an underground boxer in illegal fights.

If he could not find a new excuse to explain his source of income, he would have to stop his extravagant consumption of ordering more than a dozen dishes every afternoon. Otherwise, it would lead to even more speculation and snooping.

Li Dong sighed in lament. It's really hard to pretend to be poor.

Should he give up on this masquerade and simply enjoy life in the game?

But after thinking about it, he tentatively abandoned this plan… He had to live as an ordinary high school student for a while more.

Because Li Dong wanted to understand this world in greater detail.

“Although Eastern Jupiter's technology, productivity, culture, and other aspects have developed to an advanced stage, there is too great of a difference between social cla.s.ses. The gap between the rich and the poor is huge. It is very difficult for ordinary people who want to change their destiny to successfully transition into a different cla.s.s.

“This is actually a problem that all civilizations encounter. It is also the same in the real world. And as long as most people can survive, albeit just barely, there will not be too much chaos.

“However, if reforms are carried out to make society more fair and to allow more ordinary people to have the opportunity to change their destiny, the development speed and potential strength of Eastern Jupiter will be significantly enhanced.

“A healthy system can often generate an ability level of 200%.”

Therefore, Li Dong had to continue to observe. After coming to his own conclusions and judgments, he would then come up with a targeted plan for reforms to revitalize and enhance Eastern Jupiter.

At noon on this particular day.

“Touki, I brought you a lunch box. It's an extra big one. Let's have lunch together.”

Denen Satoshi carried a large lunch box and showed it to Li Dong. She smiled.

“Satoshi, you are really too polite.” Li Dong shook his head. “Although my income from working is a lot less now, it's not so bad that I can't even afford a meal. Besides, I am a man, so how can I always bother you? Please consider my feelings.”

“I understand. I will only bring you a lunch box occasionally in the future. I always bring carrots and potatoes, so you would not be used to it, either. If my family buys a lot of meat, I'll treat you to something better,” Satoshi explained understandingly.

“Thank you for understanding me.”

Li Dong breathed a sigh of relief. If a girl was too enthusiastic about him, it would become a source of complication and worry. It was better to keep a little distance.

During the meal.

“Touki, did you find a new part-time job? You're probably in need of money,” Nishihara Kaori, who was sitting with them, suddenly asked.

“Not for the time being. I'm not very satisfied with the hourly salary.”

“I have a relative who opened a restaurant and need to recruit two bodyguards and a waiter. I think you are qualified for these three positions. If you are willing, I will get my relative to pay you $30 per hour; 5 hours every night… Touki, I wonder, are you interested in this job?”

Nishihara Kaori smiled and added, “It just so happens that I also work in that restaurant. We can take care of each other.”


Denen Satoshi turned her head and looked at her good friend in surprise. She was quite startled, and her expression suddenly became dull.

What did Nishihara mean? Could she do this sort of thing simply because she had a relative who opened a shop? Was this something a good friend would do?

However, she was more concerned about the Touki's choice. Would he agree or reject her suggestion?

She clenched her fists and stared straight at Li Dong's face, hoping that the other party would understand her feelings and not agree easily.

Nishihara Kaori looked totally calm. She had wheedled and pestered her relative about this matter. After pleading several times, the relative had finally agreed, and she had gotten a good hand for herself.

She had 80% to 90% confidence that Touki would accept the job she recommended. With an hourly salary of $30, it was close to the pay rate of a formal employee and should be more than sufficient for him.

Moreover, Touki would owe her a favor with this.

Combined with the time that they would spend working together, their daily interaction, face-to-face meetings… After some time, the results would definitely be better than Denen Satoshi delivering a lunch box to him every day.

Therefore, Nishihara Kaori discreetly scanned Satoshi's face and began appreciating the defeated expression. She silently said to herself, Sorry, Satoshi. Touki is simply too outstanding. I can't help but want to support him.

“No. Thank you for your kindness, but I won't be considering working in the restaurant you mentioned.”

Li Dong's words stunned Nishihara Kaori and caused Denen Satoshi to be pleasantly surprised.

“Wh… Why?” Nishihara mumbled, “Do you have any concerns?”

“There is no concern.”

Li Dong shook his head, “I just think that the income is too little. $150 a day is not enough to meet my needs. Even twice that amount is not enough.”

He added, “On top of that, I've also thought of a good project recently. If I succeed in this project and achieve success in the market, it may even bring me tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands in income. So, when I go to college in the future, the tuition and living expenses will be settled. If the project unfortunately fails, then I have no choice but to find an ordinary part-time job and slowly save up. When that time comes, I might just accept your invitation, Nishihara.”

“What's the project, Touki?” asked Nishihara.

“A game. I am going to make a popular action game. I am fully aware that I will be throwing my entire savings into this project.”

“A game?”

Nishihara Kaori was shocked, “Isn't it the case that only a company can do this kind of thing? How can you do it alone? The risk is too high for you, Touki. and you don't have any relevant experience. Why don't you give up on this idea? Entrepreneurial enterprises like this have a high probability of failure. Don't take the risk.”

Nishihara Kaori did not deliberately want to strike him down. But since technology, capital, and production information were all in the hands of those regular companies ever since the social cla.s.ses were set in stone, the chance of an ordinary person achieving entrepreneurial success was almost zero.

“Don't try to dissuade me anymore, Nishihara!”

Li Dong raised his hand to stop her words, “This is how I am. I will never give up before trying. Regardless of success or failure, it is better to take action first… Please, don't try to dissuade me again!”

In truth, he would refuse Nishihara no matter what… Even if she found a job for him that paid a salary of a million dollars per hour.

After all, he could not be in the game 24 hours a day. Staying in the game for seven or eight hours was the limit. How would he have the time to work?

So he could never work, no matter what kind of job it was.

Secondly, due to the lack of an ability to innovate, Eastern Jupiter's game industry was quite primitive and backward. Li Dong could randomly copy a game from Earth and it would be a financial success, as long as the game was fun.

Therefore, he had 100% confidence as an “entrepreneur.”

“Ok, Touki, I respect your ideas,” Nishihara said helplessly. What else could she say when he was unsatisfied with an hourly salary of $30?

“Ryu, I support you! you can do it!”

Denen Satoshi was overjoyed at this turn of events.

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