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"Hehehe!" Goldie's manic laugh filled the entire venue. Wild, brutal, bloodthirsty, and tyrannical!

This was the first time Gao Peng had witnessed Goldie get so worked up. Perhaps this was the power of money.


A gust of wind blew through the entire place, creating a loud whizzing sound. Daisy's blonde hair was messed up by the wind, and she had to hold down her skirt to keep it from flying up.

Goldie moved extremely fast, much faster than one would expect from a creature its size. Its eyes were cold, and it rushed forward with the wind.

The Sea Dragon growled and created a tide, flooding the entire place.

It had created an environment that it would be able to thrive in. It was as if a fish had suddenly been thrown from land into water. Its speed quickened considerably.

Its blue-green body could barely be seen swimming under the water.

A killing machine was hiding beneath the water! Not knowing where it might be was the most terrifying thing!

A black and purple figure rushed into the water, and all the water suddenly disappeared. Even the water contained in the air had been cleared out!

The air had suddenly become very clear.

In the blink of an eye, Goldie, with blood pumping in its veins, created a large gust of wind and jumped hundreds of feet over, jumping over the high stone platform.

It was so fast that it left a blur in its trail. Then it threw out a punch.

The sound of the air being ripped through could be heard.

"Ahh!" The giant Sea Dragon stumbled. Its long neck followed along with its head as it moved back. The scales around its eyes had shattered, exposing its flesh and blood. All the water it had worked so hard to gather around itself had been dispersed by a single punch.

Goldie threw another punch, did a 360-degree flip, then threw yet another punch. Both of the punches landed in the same spot. The injury on the Sea Dragon's face grew even bigger. Blood was pouring out! This time, the Sea Dragon couldn't maintain its posture. Its head fell to the floor.

Goldie landed steadily on the ground, its slender body shining brightly. It touched its bald head and squinted its eyes.

"So strong!"

"So amazing!" The audience members couldn't help but exclaim.

The Sea Dragon was the champion familiar, but it had been knocked down just like that.

"Sea Dragon." Daisy's expression changed. She knew very well how strong her Sea Dragon was. There was no way it would go down so quickly.

Daisy felt more a.s.sured after learning more about the Sea Dragon's condition through the Blood Contract. Although the Sea Dragon was knocked down, it wasn't really that hurt. The injuries looked much worse than they actually were.

The Sea Dragon gave an angry roar. It swayed its body while it was still on the ground, causing the ground to tremble. It was like a hill was shaking. Its huge body was covered in blood and smoke, and it swung its ma.s.sive tail.

Goldie didn't try to dodge it. It lifted up its right wing to block the hit.


A purple light flashed.

Goldie was thrown to the side like a bowling ball. It smashed against the gla.s.s wall, causing cracks to appear. Goldie's body slowly slid down the wall.

The Sea Dragon didn't wait for Goldie to land. A strong stench came rushing towards Goldie. The Sea Dragon opened its mouth, revealing rows and rows of sharp teeth. It was a terrifying sight.

Goldie used its left wing to push against the ground and pushed itself to the right to avoid the Sea Dragon's bite.

It was able to avoid the bite, but it wasn't able to avoid being tackled. Goldie was knocked into the air, flying, and its body started to glow purple.

What is this?

Daisy suddenly noticed Goldie's purple glow. She didn't know why, but that purple glow gave her a very bad feeling.

Goldie's pa.s.sive ability had been activated twice by the two hits. It had already been thirteen feet tall when the battle started, so no one noticed anything different.

However, the two hits had allowed Goldie to double its strength, and not just its strength were affected. Its speed, defense, the toughness of its bones, and its reaction time all improved!

Goldie took a deep breath. Not enough! Not enough! Your attacks aren't enough!

Goldie lifted up its legs and placed them on the Sea Dragon's neck. It shouted, "You haven't eaten yet? You giant c.o.c.kroach."

The Sea Dragon was choked by Goldie's leg. Its eyes turned white.

Although the Sea Dragon couldn't understand Goldie's words, its tone was enough to make the Sea Dragon furious.

Its tail, huge body, sharp claws, and sharp teeth were all used to attack Goldie. The Sea Dragon was in a frenzy. It had revealed its wild beast instincts.

The entire place was trembling, and the ground was shaking. Rocks started to shoot out from the ground and the entire place was filled with the roars of the dragon.

Most of the audience hadn't witnessed such a wild battle before. Their hands and feet had gone cold, and many of them were holding their breath.

Gao Peng also had some worries in his heart. He didn't know if Goldie was able to endure such a fierce attack.

He communicated with Goldie using the Blood Contract and discovered that Goldie was still in good condition.

The Sea Dragon attacked Goldie continuously for ten minutes. It only stopped when it was tired and had Goldie pinned down with its legs.

This was quite different from normal. The Sea Dragon had used up all its strength, because it had used as much strength as it could in each attack. The originally smooth ground was filled with craters. Although none of the pieces of white jade basalt had broken, they had separated from the ground, and different pieces were scattered all around.

Suddenly, the Sea Dragon felt something pushing up from its leg. Its expression changed immediately.

It still has such strength even after my attack?

A pair of naked wings that were ten feet wide lifted up its legs. It then slowly stood up on its own legs.

There was a gasp from the audience.

The duck… the duck has grown larger!

Goldie, who was kneeling on the ground, slowly lifted up its head. It had muscles all over its body. Every spine on its vertebrae had grown taller, and there were bulging muscles on its shoulders. Its wings had grown several times thicker.

It was almost 24 feet tall. Its height had doubled!

Goldie lifted up its head and smiled, revealing rows and rows of sawtooth-shaped teeth.

"Ultimate Fist of Destruction!"

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The air exploded, and smoke filled the entire place. There were sharp whistling noises, as if the area was being bombed by missiles.

White smoke was everywhere. The bones of the Sea Dragon were broken. The ground shook, and the entire place trembled.

"I admit defeat! I admit defeat!" Daisy was white in the face as she quickly surrendered.

Just as she spoke, the place went silent. A large figure slowly emerged out from the smoke filling the arena.

As the audience members were crying out in surprise, Goldie walked out from the smoke. At 24 feet tall, it was already as tall as a two-story building. The shadow beneath its feet made it look especially menacing.

Goldie stared at Daisy with cold eyes. It took a deep breath and let out, "That felt good!"

The smoke cleared. The Sea Dragon was lying on the floor, blood gushing out of it. There were bruises everywhere, and some of its broken scales were stuck in its body.

When the audience saw the miserable state the Sea Dragon was in, the audience couldn't help but gasp.

It's pretty much crippled!

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