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Published at 24th of March 2020 04:35:03 PM
Chapter 517: 517

After their coffee session, Ni Jingqiu left with An Qian, since she had things to handle .

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The moment they got in the vehicle, An Qian reported, “Kohei Koizumi recently came in contact with many physicians, and our cooperation has been shoved aside for the time being . Are we really going to give up?”

“It seems like our cooperation with the Fuji Group won't be that easy . ” Ni Jingqiu sighed with her brows locked .

“The Ultimate Media has also caught the scent of an opportunity, and they are also contacting Kohei Koizumi, recommending him to many famous physicians in the process . ” An Qian continued in a worried tone .

The Ultimate Media was the main compet.i.tor of their Newlight Media, and the two enterprises have been continually b.u.mping heads with each other .

“We had our eyes on Fuji Group first, they're too despicable to try and interfere!” An Qian continued with indignation .

Ni Jingqiu shook her head with a wry smile . “The business world is a compet.i.tion of schemes . If the Ultimate Media didn't have a keen sense, how could they become our compet.i.tor? But you don't have to be too worried about this matter . How can the Ultimate Media easily find a suitable doctor for a patient that not even the w.a.n.g Family's Pharmacy dares to accept?”

Suddenly, An Qian thought of something and suggested, “Isn't Physician Su's medical skills formidable? Why don't we ask him for help?”

Her words made Ni Jingqiu recall their meal that day, so she shook her head . “Let's not trouble him for the time being . He's currently focusing on the National Healer Selection, and that is more important . ”

An Qian became silent as she looked at Ni Jingqiu with a complicated gaze .

Her wise superior had changed ever since she met Su Tao, becoming a completely different person . Not only was she more fond of dolling herself up now, but she's also more restrained when handling matters and was no longer as straightforward as before .

In a j.a.panese-styled hotel in the east of Beijing .

Kohei Koizumi visited many famous physicians under the help of his best friend, Kenji Inada . But his efforts were all futile . Most physicians gave him suggestions to preserve his life and not a treatment to cure .

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After Asaka Ochi brewed a pot of herbs, she carefully took a bowl over . But when she came to the living room, she saw her husband lying on the tatami, trembling in pain .

Then again, Kohei Koizumi was really tough to be able to bear the pain without uttering a single word .

Swiftly, Asaka Ochi placed the medicine down and ran into the room to retrieve a silver needle from a medical box . She didn't even bother to sterilise the needle as she ran back and performed acupuncture for Kohei Koizumi .

Ten-odd minutes later, Kohei Koizumi's brows loosened up and he opened his eyes with a warm smile . “Asaka, it has been tough on you . You've brought me back from the death G.o.d's clutches once again . ”

“You know that acupuncture is only a temporary method to alleviate your pain, but it's not a treatment method . ” Asaka Ochi helplessly replied .

“No, what you've done is save my life!” Kohei Koizumi smiled .

Letting out a sigh, Asaka Ochi said, “Drink your medicine . When the medicine kicks in, it won't be that painful anymore . ”

Looking at the pitch-black bowl of medicine, Kohei Koizumi bitterly smiled . “I'm afraid that my life is running out . This medicine was still somewhat effective in the beginning, but the outbreak of my illness has become more frequent . Is my body developing a resistance to the medicine? Actually, there's no need for you to do this . Not only is it tiring you, but even I'm also tired . Why don't you just let me die peacefully?”

Hearing his words, tears instantly welled up in Asaka Ochi's eyes, but she squeezed out a smile . “Please don't say that . I believe that there will be a miracle . ”

“It's no use . I've already visited so many physicians, and even my last hope has already been extinguished . ” Kohei Koizumi bitterly smiled .

Gritting her teeth, Asaka Ochi replied, “Mr . Inada will definitely find more outstanding physicians for you . If we can't find any in China, we'll try again in India, Egypt, and Greece . ”

With a self-mocking smile, Kohei Koizumi responded, “Modern medicine has already proven that I have a terminal illness, but I still wanted to give a try with traditional medical art . In the end, I'm just deceiving myself . ”

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“You can't lose your courage to leave because it will only worsen your condition!” Asaka Ochi tightly held onto her husband's hand .

Peacefully looking at his wife, Kohei Koizumi nodded with a gentle gaze . “Thank you for your encouragement . I will definitely hold on for you . Come, help me with the medicine!”

Even if the medicine was bitter, Kohei Koizumi still finished it with a gulp and flipped the bowl over to Asaka Ochi to show her that he had finished it .

Seeing that he finished his medicine, Asaka Ochi revealed a blissful smile . “You've always been a hero in my heart, and I believe that you can defeat the illness to recover . ”

After speaking a few more encouraging words to Kohei Koizumi, Asaka Ochi noticed that her husband was getting drowsy under the medicine, so she helped him to bed and gently covered him with a quilt .

When she closed the door, the doorbell suddenly rang . When she went over to open the door, she instantly placed her finger by her lips just when Kenji Inada wanted to speak and hushed, “Kohei just fell asleep . ”

Feeling envious for Kohei Koizumi to have such a gentle and gorgeous wife, Kenji Inada followed Asaka Ochi to the study room .

“I've already sought all the famous physicians in Beijing, and I've also sent invitations for those in other areas . But when they heard of his condition, they expressed that there's nothing they could do to help, either . It looks like TCM is not able to treat Kohei Koizumi's illness . I suggest that you guys should seek other methods . ” Kenji Inada helplessly said while feeling both regret and guilt that he couldn't help Kohei Koizumi .

Biting on her lips, Asaka Ochi replied, “As you know, my father is a physician as well, so I have a deep belief in China's TCM . I believe that the reason why we're not able to find a solution is that we've yet to find the chosen one . ”

When Kenji Inada saw Asaka Ochi's persistence, he briefly hesitated before he said, “This is still one other method, but I have no idea if you're willing to accept it!”

“What is it?” Asaka Ochi asked with a grave expression .

“China periodically holds a National Healer Selection, and those who have been chosen are elites in the medical industry . If Kohei is willing to apply to become a test patient, then not only can he be seen by the specialist team, he can also receive treatment from the candidates . ”

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“I've heard of the standard of China's National Healers, and this is a pretty good idea . ” Asaka Ochi responded after a brief pondering

Kenji Inada's suggestion was given to him by a good friend of his, who was a famous physician .

“Kohei's reputation and status will definitely not be affected if he becomes a patient in the National Healer Selection . Furthermore, the specialists are mostly on the same level as the w.a.n.g Family's father and son, and they will definitely not stand by and watch . ” Kenji Inada further added .

Many famous physicians were worried about their reputation, so they wouldn't easily attempt to treat Kohei Koizumi .

But it's not the same if he's a patient in the National Healer Selection . Not only could the candidates try and treat him, but the judges would also evaluate Kohei Koizumi's condition beforehand .

This was a glimpse of dawn in despair!

After Asaka Ochi pondered through the matter, she naturally knew that Kenji Inada had given a lot of thought in this matter, so she definitely wouldn't refuse it .

Standing on her feet, Asaka Ochi bowed in the direction of Kenji Inada and thanked, “Mr . Inada, please!”

Looking at Asaka Ochi, Kenji Inada only felt his heart softening and replied, “Kohei and I have been friends for years, so it's nothing compared to our relationship . ”

After he received Asaka Ochi's agreement, Kenji Inada went off to prepare . After all, the judges might not approve Kohei Koizumi to be a patient .

So if he wanted Kohei Koizumi to be successfully made into the list, then he might have to make a trip to Foreign Affairs . Thus, he immediately called a resourceful friend of his in Beijing in the vehicle and explained the situation .

However, that friend of his did not give out a promise since this matter would implicate many matters that needed to be sorted out . Furthermore, the National Healer Selection was also a secret activity, so the patients must go through the application process, and the chances of being approved wasn't high .

When Ni Jingqiu returned, she ran into Ni Buqing and her cousin, Zhen Difei, whose head was sunk low .

“Jingqiu, you're home?” Ni Buqing took the initiative to greet Ni Jingqiu .

As the saying goes, don't slap someone in the face when they're fawning over you, not to mention that this person was her aunt . Thus, Ni Jingqiu gently responded, “Yeah . Why are you here?”

“Your cousin caused so much trouble, and I brought him here to apologise!” Ni Buqing smiled with guilt .

“He's smart, but he has to calm his heart down . So it's a good thing for him to suffer some setbacks . I believe that my father will definitely entrust him with a duty after some time . ” Ni Jingqiu gently replied .

Hearing those words, Ni Buqing immediately smiled . “Yeah, I have the same thoughts as well . We'll take our leave!”

After Ni Jingqiu left, Zhen Difei raged out, “Mom, what's wrong with you today? First, you put yourself so low before uncle, and now, you're too benevolent to Cousin . Do you have a screw loose?”

Glaring at him, Ni Buqing snapped, “What do you know?! Go and cultivate your morals when you return . In the future, you're not allowed to mess around since you will be bearing a lot of responsibility!”

When Ni Jingqiu entered the study room, she saw Ni Buwei sorting out the doc.u.ments . When she saw the pile of gifts on the floor, she said, “Aunt has really changed . This is the first time that she comes with so many presents . In the past, she's always the one taking and never giving . ”

“Even if she's at fault, she's still your aunt, my sister . So just forgive her . ” Ni Buwei smiled as he took off his spectacles .

“It seems that the matter of taking back her shares is revoked!” Ni Jingqiu bitterly smiled .

As Ni Buwei stood up, he paced around in the room and replied, “As the patriarch, I must have a broad breadth of mind . Although I know that your aunt has smeared the Ni Family black outside, we must show broadness . If we fail to take care of our blood-related family, how can anyone come close to you? You must remember this in the future when you take over the Ni Family!”

Seeing that Ni Buwei's face was somewhat haggard, Ni Jingqiu smiled as she nodded her head . “You've been sitting for an entire day again? You seem exhausted . Let me ma.s.sage you!”

Looking at his daughter, Ni Buwei's eyes were filled with satisfaction as Ni Jingqiu gently ma.s.saged her father's back .

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