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Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri s.h.i.tai to Omoimasu 174

Defense Specialization and the Rain Area

While they encountered a number of monsters along the way, they were not the kind to put up a decent fight.

The trio went straight towards their destination and reached it without a problem.

"Hmm. It's raining like it always does. Maple, take out your umbrella."

"Uh, okay."

Maple took out her cloud umbrella from her inventory. The two others also took out theirs.

"The umbrellas will protect us from the rain coming from above. But you have to be careful to avoid the splashes from the ground."

"Got it! Okay, let's go then."

The three of them held their umbrellas up and slowly stepped foot into the raining area.

"What a relief. It works."

Maple said as she listened to the sounds of the drops bouncing over her head. While it didn't really look like an umbrella, it fulfilled its purpose just fine.

"Well, as long as it's sold in that store, its effectiveness is a.s.sured… Since it'll take some time to move in here, I think I'll tell you what I want you to do during the boss fight."

And so Sally began to explain to Maple what their strategy would be.

"Hmm, hmm, got it. I can do that!"

After listening to the whole thing, Maple nodded.

"Perfect timing you two. We just arrived."

Kasumi said as she folded her umbrella.

Dark clouds still hung over their heads, but the rain had now stopped.

Maple and Sally folded their umbrellas and confirmed what they needed to do.

When they were done, the three of them stepped into the boss area.

"Here it comes. The boss!"

In front of them, water was oozing out of the floor of clouds, and it slowly gathered to take a humanoid shape.

Inside of its swaying body, there was an even more blue object floating inside.

This was the boss's core, and also its weakness.

Once its body was completely formed, the cloudy sky began to change.

"Maple, it's going to rain again!"

"Yes! As planned!"

"I'm counting on you two!"

All three of them moved to fulfill their individual roles.

As if reacting to this, the boss's liquid body began to transform, and its arms became swords.

And then, with a splash, it started to charge at them.

But that wasn't everything, a big drop of water that was at least 1 meter wide was falling from the sky.

"Now, I'll use these first. 'Ocean'! 'Freezing Area'!"

As Kasumi rushed towards the boss, Sally used two of her skills.

The water that Sally created was immediately frozen, causing the ground to be covered in white, shining coldness.

"Good… 'Web User,' 'Icicle.'"

Sally used two more skills.

A pillar of ice shot out, and as Maple watched, Sally shot out webs from her hands and climbed up at an incredible speed.

"Woah…amazing… Oops, I need to prepare as well. 'Deploy all Weapons'!"

Maple directed her weapons to the sky.

Maple had two jobs.

The first was to destroy the blocks of water that Sally was freezing in the air. The second was to survive the attacks that would come, once the boss started to attack her.

Maple started firing into the air, and she was able to destroy every single block that Sally had frozen.

They would not fall even when frozen in the air, and so she destroyed them.

Just like the rain from earlier, this water had a slowdown effect on them.

And so they wanted to seal it.

"Sally is amazing, jumping around up there…"

Maple muttered.

She could see Sally way up high, jumping from pillar to pillar and freezing the water.

"She looks so cool!"

Maple's eyes shone as she watched. Pretty things often took a lot of unseen effort, and this was no different with Sally.

"'Right hand: Web' 'Right hand: Contract' 'Left hand: Web' 'Left foot: Web' 'Left hand: Contract' 'Right foot: Web' 'Right Hand: Web' 'Right Hand: Contract' 'Left hand: Web.'"

Sally continued to shout something.

She would use the skill to shoot a web, sometimes contract and sometimes erase.

Sally was constantly managing the webs so that there were no mistakes as she moved through the air.

Sally landed on one ice pillar and caught her breath.

"Phew. That's the first step finished. Allowing them to drop would have spread the debuff effects…which would make things harder."

After destroying a certain number of water drops, the boss started to undergo a change.

The core inside of the boss, who was hammering his sword over Maple's head, began to shift. It slid out of its body and into the floor.

After that, several clones of the boss, who also had the same core, came out of the cloudy ground.

With every drop of rain that fell, another appeared, making it hard to attack the cores.

"Alright, it went pretty well. Now, 'Blood Blade'!"

Kasumi said as if announcing that it was her turn. The sword that was in her hand started to melt into a red liquid.

At the same time, Kasumi's HP diminished by half.

However, it was more than effective, and the blade that was made of red liquid began to extend high into the sky and also run along the ground, dying the clouded earth red and attacking every single core.

"If you don't know which is the real one, attack them all!"

When the attacks were finished, the blade returned to normal.

This was a skill that she could safely activate because Maple had been distracting the boss.

"Now, I think we have to repeat this 3 times. This really is a tough boss."

"Kasumi! Potion!"


And so they continued to the tense second stage of the final boss of the layer.

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