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Chapter 23: Let's grow Weeds

「Hey, you. It's nice you can cultivate monsters. But, don't you think you're going too far by growing meaningless weeds?」

Those were Lily's words when she saw the new monster that I was cultivating. But, what she said was the undeniable truth. Because, right now, I tried to cultivate an insignificant monster that even novice adventurers could hunt with ease. It was a type of slime-monster from this world, the weed monster called Weed Leaf. By the way, I grew so much of this weed that it was hard to handle it properly. The Gourmet Hero was also puzzled by my actions. Even so, she said.

「No. There might be a deeper meaning to the actions of Lord Kyou. That's how our Lord Kyou is!」

But, I've done what I had to do to grow these weeds. However, there were no results yet. I thought that, maybe, this monster had a "stubborn personality"?

「So, why are you raising such a thing in the first place? 」

「Well, there's something I want. I thought I'd make it with this monster. 」

「With this? Let me tell you something. That's inedible. 」

I knew that perfectly. After all, it just looked like a ma.s.s of weeds. I won't be able to eat it even if I simmered it. Even so.

「Well, I still think I can use these weeds for something useful. As person from a different world I didn't have it for a very long time. It would be sad if a j.a.panese person was deprived from this type of thing.」

Lily was looking at me with question marks. Don't tell me that I bought up a little too much of my past? But, there were already monster weeds everywhere in my garden. Besides, they started to grow on the other monster crops area as well.

「Well, I don't care what you do, but try not to cause trouble to the town. 」

「I got it. 」

I gave a proper answer to Lily's warning. Later on, I didn't know that her words would become a true admonition to my existence.

「Eh? 」

「That monster weed. Isn't that thing growing too much? 」

Before I knew it, the Lord of the town looked at me with a grin in his face. Earlier in the day, a soldier came to my house. He took me to see the Lord. Actually, the Lord told me that the weeds were increasing too much. So, I went walking around in the town to check if they reached this part of the land. But, they were growing rapidly, weren't they? As expected of weeds. They had a great breeding power. Okay, back to my conversation with the Lord.

「We have overlooked your actions until now because of your profit in growing monsters. Your distribution of a newly variety of food to my town is commendable. However, growing weeds is a meaningless action. It doesn't provide anything good and we can't eat it. 」

What he said was actually true. Well, it was certain that we couldn't use weeds for useful purposes or even use them as food. Anybody would think that growing weeds would be just harmful.

「Kyou. It will be easy to drive you out of this town if I want to. Do you understand what I am implying? Will you stop growing weeds at this precise moment? 」

Scary! This person was extremely scary! He threatened me straight on!

「Ah, no! Please, wait! I know they look like mere weeds, but they probably have some use! Can you wait a little until I achieve a practical result? 」

「…Oh. So, you suggest that you will find a way to use those weeds. You've certainly created a farming method that managed to elevate the status of the Killer Plant, which was supposed to be ordinary, to high-grade food. If I think about it… 」

The Lord looked intrigued. He thought deeply about it and then, he spoke.

「All right. However, you must show me the results when you achieved something. If your results satisfy me, then I will allow you to cultivate it. But, if you don't satisfy me…」

If I didn't satisfy him…He made sure that I understood the consequences, right? After all, he professed those words with a sinister smile on his face. Oh gosh, this person was really scary.

「Lord Kyou. What are you doing? 」

「Ah, I'm trying to make something with these weeds that are inedible. 」

I pulled the upper strings of the so-called Weed Leaf and steamed with hot water. d.a.m.n, why I end up in a tough situation once again. I was just trying to create something with good intentions on a peaceful day. Anyway, if I did this processing, maybe I should extract something relevant from these weeds. Maybe.

「What's this? 」

The Lord looked suspiciously at it. Well, of course he would be. After all, this was the first time he saw colored-water. He looked alarmed because it could be poison.

「Please, see for yourself. As I said, this is not poison. I shall drink it myself first to show you that it's fairly okay to drink it.」

After I said that, I poured the colored-water into a cup and I drank it. The Lord stared attentively at me. Then, he became somewhat convinced and poured some for him to drink.

「…What's this! The moment I brought this strange water to my mouth, I felt a bittersweet and fragrant taste that I can't seem to describe it accurately. But, this water is not unpleasant! Rather, this is a very aromatic water! What is this hot water with flavor!? 」

「It's tea. 」

I affirmed to the Lord. Yes, I wanted to make tea. The Weed Leaf that was said to be a harmful weed. Actually, I steamed it and dried it. Then, I took the leaves and made a broth. However, it was still rough and barely flavorful, but I was confident that I would be able to improve the taste with more time and preparation. I should try various ways to succeed in creating a perfect tea.

「It's wonderful, Kyou. As expected, you are the great monster farmer that our town is proud of. Please, I shall ask you to bring this tea to my mansion from now on.」

What? Since when did I become the official monster farmer that the town was proud of? Well, whatever. For now, I'll do my best to improve this tea. I was raising a monster called Jewel Beans from the vegetable monsters. If I succeeded in increase the flavor of this tea, I could use this for seasoning. I should try it with Jewel Beans next time.

I also remembered something I watched on my TV back in my human world. It said that we could reproduce the shape of a specific food countless of times if we treated it with different methods. I still had no idea that this light thought would lead to great achievements in the future.

2/4 – More coming up.


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