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Published at 12th of September 2019 10:27:24 PM Chapter 72

The White Dragon spreads out her arms to shield Drakos as the Ninja Catgirl and Wolf Girl a.s.sa.s.sin move at sonic-speed toward Drakos and the White Dragon . They well-endowed b.r.e.a.s.t.s fiercely jiggled with the force sheer force of their movements . Their ma.s.sive melons really bounced and jiggled in perfect harmony, they were the perfect squeezable size!

The Ninja Catgirl actually slashes Drakos face with her dual Spirit Fire Katanas(Dark Spirt Flames, formed form infusing her weapons with a Spirit Beasts Core) and burns Drakos face, blood splatters onto the snow . The Wolf Girl a.s.sasin also slashes Drakos chest with her hardened calcified Wolf claws which were razor-sharp, her steel-like claws were glowing with powerful Qi . It looked like all the a.s.sa.s.sins who were attacking him were mostly likely Cultivators rather than Mages .

Drakos takes the hits on purpose, he slides back and spits out blood with an unfazed face, he wanted this happened though . He wanted to see if the White Dragon really was the draconic girl in his past that the Phoenix Queen killed, if she would really fight by his side, he wanted to know if this was the very girl in which he actually 'loved' . His past memories with the White Dragon were slowly resurfacing .

"NOW YOU ARE DEAD!" The White Dragon moves so fast she teleports right behind the beastkin a.s.sa.s.sins like a bullet and grabs them both by the neck . She starts choking them to death and slams down their s.e.xy alethic bodies, it was the battle of the beasts and the White Dragon came out on top as the Apex Predator .
'Gaaaah! Who is this girl!? She is strong!' The Ninja Catgirl coughs out blood and so does the Wolf Girl a.s.sa.s.sin as they being violently chocked by the White Dragon . She was squeezing thier necks so hard that both of the Beastkins a.s.sa.s.sins faces were turning a deep dark red, they were suffocating under the extreme pressure and force of the White Dragon's monstrous strength .

Drakos could see The White Dragon's cultivation tier and rank, and he was shocked at the numbers and power he sees, she was way over the level of himself and the two girls she was choking to death . The female a.s.sa.s.sin's eyes were almost popping out from their skulls .

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"Alright that is enough," Drakos authoritatively says as he looks directly at the White Dragon right in the eyes, his golden eyes flickered with disdain . He didn't want her to crush their necks and kill them so fast . He could already sense how insanely powerful she was and knew what was coming .

"But they tried to kill you!" the White Dragon snarled as she crushed their necks harder . They Beastkin a.s.sa.s.sins cough even more blood like a firehose .

"Yeah many people have tried . But none can do it . Just let them go . I will deal with their fates," Drakos darkly smirks as he cracks his knuckles and ties back his long white hair, which was like snow much like the White Dragon's . He felt like they were closer than then he could imagine . Regardless he really wanted to be with the White Dragon forever, even though he didn't fully know who she was and how many she had killed, if only he knew the 'truth' about her .

"You are a fool! You cannot trust these people!" The White Dragon snarls and yells out as she tosses down the a.s.sa.s.sins mortal bodies .

Once the a.s.sa.s.sins were dropped down they saw that Drakos was auguring with the White Dragon and quickly attack Drakos with an all-out attack . They used all of their Qi to kill him . The Ninja Catgirl summons her Phantasm which was a long-bow and arrow that had Black Amatersau Flames around it .

"Aaaaaaaah!" She yells out as she fires a powerful arrow covered in black flames towards Drakos

Drakos swiftly summons his Phantasm but this time his Sytche Phantasm isn't summoned instead a Glock- Hangun is formed around his palms and he shots out one projectile towards the incoming Amaterasu arrow . It seemed that the bullet for the Phantasm Gun he summoned was made from his powerful demonic Qi! But how was it formed? Did he actually copy the Ninja Catgirls bow and arrow weapon Phantasm and convert into a Demon Phantasm Gun? Now it looked like Drakos can copy and transform others Phantasms . This may have to do with his unknown demon bloodline . The power and magic of chaos dark energy converted into a weapon to forge a Demon Phantasm Gun .

It was said that a Phantasm was manifestion of ones self, so that would mean that all of his weapons were Demonic Weapons or any other terms Dark Based Weapons which harnessed dark Qi and was powered by rage and hatred as well as chaos and even sin itself . All in which describe Drakos very well, by no means was he a hero nor was he evil, he was just . . . Sinful .

Drakos looks at the oynx colored handgun in his hands with a wide devilish smirk, he could see that there were glowing symbols at the side of the guns barrel, demon glyphs, 'Let's see test out this new phantasm," he clenched his Phantasm Gun and pointed at both a.s.sa.s.sins . Unlimited weapons . Unlimited power . He was eager to see what other weapons he could create!

Drakos looks down at his enemies' This world is mine for the taking . '


Btw I am making a new novel since Hentai G.o.d System got banned! And I have also made a website for all uncensored chapters to be posted on, no filters all uncensored R-18! There will be a pa.s.sword posted on pa treon today for the R-18 chapters and a author's note .

IMPORTANT: Should the MC have a gun Phantasm? Is it too OP? Is the MC already OP? Let me know if I should tone it down .

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