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Chapter 890: A Million Times for You (252)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


An Xiaoning did not let the cat out of the bag at all. She decided to affirm and rea.s.sure him more often from now onward.

What’s the harm in telling him my true feelings and thoughts if that could give him a greater sense of security?

He’s my man anyway, it won’t matter if I let him know.

I will help him overcome this.

Staring at Fan Shixin, who was standing as straight as a ruler, Jin Qingyan asked, “Throughout the past few days… did my second personality take over again?”

“Yes,” Fan Shixin answered with a nod.

“Did I do anything outrageous and unacceptable?”

Fan Shixin answered, “I’ve checked all the surveillance camera footages. You didn’t do anything else, apart from drinking with a woman and groping her thighs and hands.”

Jin Qingyan heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Good to hear.”

“However, you held a woman in your arms and entered a private room together with her. I reckon you were planning to get intimate with her. Fortunately… we managed to get there in time.”

With a look of dismay and uneasiness, Jin Qingyan asked, “Did I do anything suspicious when Xiaoning arrived at midnight yesterday?”

“No, Young Madam arrived right after we cleaned you up.”

“Did I really get the bruises on my face from missing a step and falling down the stairs?”


“How was I so silly… I had such a terrible fall just by going down the stairs,” he remarked, placing a hand on his forehead.

Fan Shixin’s eyelids twitched. How would Young Sir react if he finds out that Young Madam was the one who caused the injuries on his face?

“Since I’ve already settled everything here, there’s no need to continue staying around. Shixin, arrange for us to board a flight home this evening.”

“Yes, Young Sir.”

Jin Qingyan waited for him to leave before standing in front of the window alone, staring out at the gray and gloomy skies. Deep in thought, he seemed to have slipped into a trance.

Ever since Shi Bao’er arrived at the boot camp, she had been feeling like she was put through cruel torture every single day. She would cry and weep, although it didn’t bring about any change at all.

Wen Yuechan was the only one who comforted her, after which the two became friends.

They would eat together, train together, leave together after dismissal, and soon became inseparable.

Long Xiaoxi was indifferent and nonchalant toward this because they were both people she detested.

She resented Wen Yuechan much more than she resented Shi Bao’er.

Long Xiaoxi’s face would grow sullen whenever she saw Wen Yuechan.

At the same time, the duo detested Long Xiaoxi as well.

They were at odds with each other.

When Wen Yuechan returned to the dormitory after having lunch, she overheard Wen Yuechan complaining when she reached the door.

“Long Xiaoxi has Yiheng and her brother around to back her up. She’s also on very good terms with Ji Gui. Bao’er, if it weren’t for you, I would have been discriminated and alienated here,” Wen Yuechan lamented.

“You’re so pitiful. Are you actually afraid of that fatty Long Xiaoxi? I can send her flying to outer s.p.a.ce with just one punch. Long Wenlun is her biological brother, of course he’s going to be kind to her. Jin Yiheng is her G.o.dbrother too. It’s only normal that he’s nice to her. As for Ji Gui, well, it’s not surprising that he’d play with her since he’s such a dimwit. After all, birds of the same feather flock together,” Shi Bao’er remarked in contempt.

Long Xiaoxi could not tolerate it any further and stormed into the dormitory. “Sis Bao’er, you’re right, birds of the same feather do flock together. The fact that you two don’t hang out with the rest of us just means that you don’t belong with us. So why are you still here?”

“Do you think I wanted to be here? Long Xiaoxi, you’re not allowed to bully Yuechan from now on, you hear me!?!” Shi Bao’er warned, riding on her high horse of being the eldest amongst the children.

Pursing her lips, Long Xiaoxi retorted, “Who’s the one getting bullied here?”

“Bao’er, don’t say too much to her. If she decides to cook up stories and tell on us to Yiheng, it’s going to become my fault again.”

Shi Bao’er gave Long Xiaoxi the side eye and scoffed, “Let her go ahead and tell on us. I’m not afraid of her at all.”

Long Xiaoxi pinched her fingers and turned around to leave.

She ran toward Long Wenlun’s dormitory. Upon the sight of her brother lying in bed, she climbed onto it and said, “Brother, I don’t want to stay in the same dormitory as Bao’er and Yuechan. Could you tell Coach to let me live alone in a dormitory by myself?”

Long Wenlun looked up and said, “Coach is not going to agree to it.”

“Maybe getting Yiheng to do it will help. I’ll go look for him,” said Long Xiaoxi, who scurried off as soon as she finished speaking.

Jin Yiheng and Jin Rongyan were in the midst of playing soccer. Long Xiaoxi ran toward him and called, “Yiheng.”

He stopped what he was doing and chided in slight displeasure, “You don’t even call me ‘Brother’ anymore.”

“That’s because I don’t want to treat you like my brother anymore.”

“Why?” Jin Yiheng asked.

Long Xiaoxi stepped forward and held his hand. “Don’t you want me to give birth to your children when we grow up?”

“Didn’t you say that you didn’t want to anymore?”

“I changed my mind. When we grow up, I want to be your bride and give birth to your children. Are you willing to let me do that?”

Jin Yiheng pinched her chubby cheeks and answered, “Girls are so fickle-minded. Sure.”

“Well, your bride… I have been treated unfairly. Will you help me?” she asked, pointing at herself.

“What happened?”

“Bao’er and Wen Yuechan were badmouthing me in the dormitory, and Bao’er even gave me a stern warning. They’re both older than me and yet they’re ganging up against me. I don’t want to stay in the same dormitory as them anymore, you have to help me!”


“Why aren’t you saying anything?”

“I’ll help you.”

“Alright, go tell Coach now. Hurry, help me,” Long Xiaoxi said eagerly.


“Yes, now, of course. Hurry and go, I’ll wait for you here.”

Seeing how eager she was, Jin Yiheng had no choice but to stop playing and help her talk to the instructors.

They immediately agreed, mostly because he was the boss’ son, just like Long Xiaoxi had expected.

Long Xiaoxi was granted permission to stay in her own dormitory and was transferred to a room beside Jin Yiheng’s.

The teacher helped Long Xiaoxi move her belongings over to the new room and changed the bedsheets for her.

Long Xiaoxi sat on the bed in her new room, filled with joy and excitement.

Jin Yiheng entered with his younger brother and said, “Xiaoxi… is everything good now?”

She leaped up and tiptoed to give Jin Yiheng a peck on his cheek.

Jin Yiheng began to blush shyly and placed a hand on the spot that she had kissed with astonishment in his eyes.

Jin Rongyan chimed in, “Xiaoxi, Xiaoxi, since you’ve already kissed my brother, why don’t you kiss me too?”

“No, go to the side and play on your own.”


Mo Li was serious about dating No. 8 with marriage in mind.

Although they both tacitly acknowledged that they were dating, they knew that they were definitely not getting married anytime soon.

However, Mo Li had told her parents about her new relationship.

Mrs. Mo requested to meet No. 8 and, hence, Mo Li brought him to visit his parents’ breakfast bistro.

Mrs. Mo was a little worried the moment she saw the tall and handsome No. 8.

While No. 8 and Mr. Mo were chatting with each other, Mrs. Mo pulled Mo Li into the room and said, “He’s such a charming man, are you sure you can keep him loyal? I always feel like handsome men are unreliable and untrustworthy.”

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