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Chapter 884: A Million Times for You (246)Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“I prefer reading novels to watching television drama series. At least the storyline wouldn’t ruin my impression of the main character. What’s not to love?”

“If everyone thinks like you, the television series you invested in is going to take a loss.”

An Xiaoning put her book down and said, “I cast all my favorite actors and actresses in the television series I invested in. But of course, there are bound to be lovers and haters, be it a television series or a novel. There are even people who dislike money, let alone such stuff.”

“Are there actually people who don’t like money?”

“Of course there are. Anything is possible in this world. Just because you haven’t seen it before, doesn’t mean it does not exist.” An Xiaoning raised her chin slightly and continued, “What’s your purpose for blowing up my phone and making a trip all the way down to my humble abode by your pregnant self?”

“I wouldn’t have come here if you had answered my calls. Why didn’t you pick up when I tried to call you?” Lin Shishi questioned in a hostile manner.

“Why must I answer? The phone belongs to me. I just refuse to answer calls from people I dislike. Who are you to say anything?”

“You…” Reminded of her mother’s instructions, Lin Shishi mellowed her tone and said, “Sister, my mother and I didn’t say anything at the Autumn Palace previously. You may have severed ties with us, but we, the Lin family, had nothing to do with the government’s decision to impose a ban on superst.i.tions. The harem is not allowed to interfere with political matters. I’m just an expectant mother, how could I possibly be involved in the president’s decisions?”

“That has happened so long ago. Is there any point in bringing it up again? You came here solely because you’re afraid that I’d do something to you. What’s the matter? Are you afraid now?” An Xiaoning questioned, keeping her eyes fixed on her.

“I won’t touch you if you don’t lay a finger on me and my mother. We won’t provoke or incur each other’s wrath. Alright?” said Lin Shishi, sounding rather servile.

An Xiaoning said indifferently, “It must be hard for you to have to speak to me so politely. I know clearly who’s out to make my life difficult. No secret can be kept forever. Don’t try any funny tricks with me. Otherwise, I’ll make sure to drive you to your wit’s end.”

“I naturally wouldn’t dig my own grave.”

“Women who enter the Autumn Palace really do change, regardless of how innocent they may have been at the start. I really do miss the person you used to be before you married into the Tuoba family. However, time has pa.s.sed and everything has changed. You and your family are no more than strangers to me now. Please leave.”

Having understood what An Xiaoning meant, Lin Shishi decided to leave despite having only arrived less than ten minutes ago. She knew that there would be no point in saying anything further.

An Xiaoning slouched on the couch while No. 5 hurriedly came in from outside. “Sis, stop reading novels. Hurry and go on the internet. There’s a bunch of r.e.t.a.r.ds who have created a group online to protest against YouCam claiming that you’re the top swindler in the fortune-telling world. They even threatened to continue causing a stir until the government decides to execute you.”

She glanced at No. 5 and said nonchalantly, “Oh, I see. Well, you’ve already said that they’re a bunch of r.e.t.a.r.ds. What’s the point of wasting our time on those people?”

No. 5 sighed and said, “How could there be such r.e.t.a.r.ded kids…”

“Parents nowadays are all preoccupied with making money, such that they don’t even educate their children properly. There are too many students and too few teachers in schools. The teachers can’t possibly focus on every single one. As a result, the children have gotten used to being spoiled. If I have to snap back at every single one of my haters, won’t I be exhausted since there are so many of them? The very fact that they’re criticizing me so vehemently just goes to show that their lives would be purposeless without me. The fact that I’m ignoring them just means that I don’t need them in my life at all. So, what’s the point of getting myself upset unnecessarily? One should avoid being too sensitive to other’s opinions, lest you end up bringing sorrow to yourself,” said An Xiaoning, keeping her eyes fixed on the book.

No. 5 had a great amount of respect for An Xiaoning and her nonchalant att.i.tude toward her haters. “I guess that’s the mindset of many celebrities too.”

“One ought to be able to withstand pressure and criticism, regardless of whether they’re a celebrity or not.” An Xiaoning took a look at the time to see that it was already five o’clock in the afternoon.

She closed the book and stood up swiftly. “I’m going to Wei Ni Estate now. You don’t have to follow me.”


To An Xiaoning’s surprise, Jin Qingyan was already home when she arrived at Wei Ni Estate.

“Why are you home so early?”

“There wasn’t much to do at the office today so I decided to come home early. Well, the company belongs to me anyway. I get to decide what time I knock off from work.”

“Wow, our big boss is so willful today. I got my bodyguards to send Bei Qi here. How did you settle him?”

“How would you like me to settle him?”

“Give him a small house to live in by himself, as well as a chemistry lab. This man is very capable. I should be able to get what I want from him.”

Jin Qingyan nodded and asked, “Could you tell me what kind of chemical you want him to concoct?”

“A chemical that would aid me in dealing with the Tuoba family,” she whispered into his ear. “I want the Tuoba family to never be able to threaten the two of us. I also want Shi Xiaoyu to pay the price for everything that she had done.”

“Are you still thinking of taking revenge?”

“Tuoba Gucheng negotiated with me previously and told me not to kill his mother so long as she doesn’t lay a finger on me. However, in reality, both he and his mother want me dead. Even if he doesn’t kill me now, we can’t be sure about what happens in the future. I must take necessary precautions.”

Jin Qingyan said in approval, “I support you. Do you know why I love you so much?”


He rubbed his nose against hers affectionately and answered, “Because I can’t find another woman like you. Before I met you, I used to think that my future wife would perhaps be a goody-two-shoes, or a talented woman, or a ravishing beauty, or a bookworm. However, after falling in love with you, I realized that my imagination was far too narrow. Even if the clone was physically identical to you and had the same voice as you, she can never be you. Your soul is what attracts me the most.”

An Xiaoning leaned forward and pinned him onto the couch. Feeling something unusual, she stroked the bulge in his pants and burst into laughter. “We didn’t even do anything, and you already have a reaction?”

“My body began reacting the moment I saw you.”

Despite knowing that he was lying, she still blushed red with shyness and sat up straight. Glaring at him, she asked, “Where did you learn to get such a glib tongue?”

“I’m a self-taught talent.” He pulled her forcefully, causing her to fall forward onto him.

An Xiaoning was completely caught off guard and landed face first onto his neck, her lips pressing tightly onto his skin.

She decided to be playful and stuck her tongue out to lick him. He chuckled and teased, “You want me to want you in the living room?”


“Why did you seduce me, then? If you arouse me again, I’ll do you right here.”

An Xiaoning looked up at him and said, “The living room is a public s.p.a.ce, the servants and Auntie Chen will pa.s.s by often. Are you sure you want to commit a crime here?”

“Are you challenging my bravery?” he asked with raised brows. As long as she said “yes,” he would get intimate with her there and then.

“No, this is your territory. Who’d dare to stop you even if you decide to act atrociously?”

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