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We have arrived at Alveil, a town between Bailey and the Capital. Tonight, we will spend the night here.

「This is also quite a large town, isn’t it?」
「「Big~ isn’t it~」」

Joule and others returned into my shadow when we entered the town, and we advanced on the main street to find the inn we will be staying at first.

「The inn is over there」

What Wald-sama pointed at was an inn called『Red Piglet’s』. It seems to be quite a high-cla.s.s inn. There were inns along the way too, but the lodging fees are apparently on the country’s expenses. As far as it goes, we seem to be treated as the king’s guests of honor.
After checking in, we had a free time until the dinner, so I decided to walk around the town with Allen and Elena.

「「Where to~」」
「Shall we go shopping?」
「Yeah. Tell me if there’s something you guys want, okay?」

Alveil seems to have rich production, so I hope to find something new~

「First of all, shall we buy nuts to put into the ice cream~?」
「Many nuts~!」
「Make lots~!」

When I conveyed that I wanted to purchase nuts and included their utilization, the two were clearly pleased.

「You want to buy them that much?」

After that, the two walked all the way to the shop while singing「Nuts~ nuts~♪」in a good humor.

「h.e.l.lo~ I would like to buy nuts, could you show me what you have?」

When we entered the shop, a shopkeeper-ish middle-aged uncle smilingly called out to us, so I immediately asked him to show me the goods.

「Nuts? In that case, we have Kotou nuts, Aman, Maro nuts…… and Kashu」

Umm…… walnuts and almonds. Oh, Maro is similar to j.a.panese chestnut. That one is Cashew nuts.
I thought I would be lucky if they had one thing I didn’t have, but they have two, j.a.panese chestnut and Cashew. This is an instant buy.

「I would like each kind, but give me somewhat larger quant.i.ty of Maro and Kashu please」
「Thank you for your patronage~」

When I conveyed that I want to buy, Allen and Elena emphasized my “somewhat larger quant.i.ty.”

「Alright, how about this much?」

The shop’s uncle filled a paper bag with nuts and when he looked at us to confirm the quant.i.ty, Allen and Elena said in discontent.

「More, you say?」
「More, huh? Niisan, is that fine?」
「Yes, it’s fine. Put in a little bit more please」

A considerable amount of nuts was already stuffed in the paper bag, so the shop’s uncle was worried whether we could eat all that, or maybe if we have enough money, but the amount of nuts increased until Allen and Elena were satisfied.

「Allen, Elena. Shall we buy some dried fruit for snacks too?」
「Allen, Kukuru!」
「Elena, Shian!」
「Kukuru fruit and Shian fruit it is then. Alright. You don’t want anything else?」
「「Hmm? I~chi?」」
「Ichi fruit, got it」

Grapes and fig. And also strawberries.

「N? This is…………」

When I was about to tell the shop’s uncle about the fruit Allen and Elena wanted to buy, I caught a sight of something I haven’t seen before.

「Oh, Niisan, you have sharp eyes~ These are Starberries. They are a difficult to get hold of, first-cla.s.s goods with have twice the sugar content of Ichi fruit. Well, they are best when fresh, so they are even rarer when dried」

Starberries, huh~ It’s appearances are similar to strawberry. But, it’s a size bigger and yellow in color. Ah, but the name seems derived. I can see a faint star pattern on the surface. Since it’s first-cla.s.s goods, it must be delicious. Un, then, let’s buy it.

「This, may I buy it up?」
「Ou, I don’t mind!」

There’s not that many being sold, so I decided to buy all there is.

「「Onii~chan, aah~!」」
「Haha~ that’s right. You want to try it」

Because it’s rare and when you hear it’s delicious, you would want to try it immediately.

「After we pay, okay?」
「I got it, I got it. Ojisan, how much it adds up to?」
「「How much~?」」
「Ou, wait a moment」

Until I paid, Allen and Elena demandingly continued pulling on the hem of my clothes.

「Here, Allen, Elena」

When I presented the Starberries I have received, the two widely opened their mouths in wait. It’s just that the Starberries are a little too big to eat whole, so instead of entering their mouths, half of the fruits were sticking out of their mouths.

「Is it tasty?」

When I asked for impressions on the taste, the two sweetly smiled. Their expressions resemble the one they made when eating ice cream.
Furthermore, the two were staring at my face after finishing eating.

「What’s the matter?」
「Ahh. Do you perhaps want to eat one more?」
「Will endure~」
「Next time~」

Oh my, oh my, they want to eat it, but it seems they will endure.

「I see. Then, let’s buy something to eat from the stalls at the main street」

My stomach also feels empty, so when I proposed to eat something at the stalls, the children accepted my proposal.

「Alright, let’s go~」
「「Let’s go~ let’s go~」」

And then, when we got onto the main street――


Allen and Elena suddenly raised their voices after looking at the opposite side of the street.

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