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A few hours later, Feat and Vector returned.

《《We are back~》》

Together with Feat’s voice, I heard a mischevious boyish voice. Apparently, Vector has safely learned the【Telepathy】skill. Whether he learned it by defeating monsters or thanks to Feat using【Telepathy】and cooperating with him, that I don’t know.

「Seems like you safely learned it」
《Un! I learned it~》
「Thank you, Feat」
《It’s fine~ Ah, these are monster materials. As I thought, he was turning them to cinders at first, so I couldn’t get too much though》

Ehh!? He really turned them to cinders!

「W, was there no damage to the surroundings?」
《There was a time a place nearly got burnt, but nothing that would become a problem happened, so it’s fine》
「I, I see」

Well, a bit burnt is toleratable.
Pulling myself together, it was already time, so we decided to move to the next camping place.
And, since I was entrusted with the meals everywhere that is not an inn, I immediately started the preparations.

「Allen, Elena. What do you want to eat?」
「「N, you see~……―― Curry rice!」」

Oh! It’s time for curry rice!
Come to think of it, Wald-sama and others have eaten dishes with curry spice before, but they haven’t eaten curry yet, right? In that case, I think it should be fine for curry to become today’s main dish on the menu, but…… what to do about rice?
N~ I shouldn’t worry too much about it and ask directly.

「Excuse me. Does anyone feel repulsive about eating White Wheat?」
「White Wheat you say, that White Wheat? That thing is hard to eat, isn’t it?」

Wald-sama reacted to my question first.

「It can immensely soften after cooked. We ate it a lot in my hometown instead of bread」
「Is that so? Any of Tak.u.mi’s dishes are delicious. I don’t mind」
「That’s right. I have no objections as well」
「Me too」
「I’m also good. Captain has been always boasting how delicious Tak.u.mi-san’s dishes are, so I’m looking forward to it!」

I unexpectedly smoothly got everyone’s approval.
White Wheat might not have the image of being animal feed, but it might have hard to eat image instead.

「Thank you very much. I will make it immediately. ―― Allen, Elena, let’s do it~」

I think of asking the two to help me make ice cream for after the meal dessert. It’s the perfect time for a dessert because it’s still hot.
I mix sugar with eggs and add the thick milk――a fresh cream like thing we have recently discovered. This is where I would like to put vanilla beans. I still don’t have them, so maybe next time. I think of going with a simple ice cream.
No, egg ice cream? Well, either is fine.
Then, the mixture is heated for a moment. It can be done without the heating, but food poisoning is scary. Safety first! I cool it after heating and split that liquid into three parts.

If I can make this skillfully, I would like to challenge various flavored ice creams. What I could do now is a strawberry-like flavor from「Iichi Fruit」, caramel, Kahee, and black tea. I could also put nuts in. Rum raisins may work too, but…… I don’t have rum after all. How are brandy raisins, I wonder? I have a stock, should I give it a try? Among others, I could also do mint flavor and roasted soybeans flavor? It’s too bad that I don’t have the royal road of flavors, chocolate, but it seems that I will be able to make a decent one out of certain materials.

「Allen, Elena, could you stir this for me please?」

I freeze one part instantly with《Freeze》magic and put it in the《Infinite Storage》. I freeze another part and have Allen and Elena stir it and slowly repeat the process a few times.

「You guys roll the ice so it won’t break, okay~」

Then, I put the last part in a container and seal it. I requested Joule to make an ice ball with the container in the center and have them roll it.
If I’m correct, the hardness or rather the texture of the ice cream should be different.
The children gave me a cheerful reply and everyone started their respective work, but the work of Joule and others feels like a game, so Allen and Elena were a bit interested at first, but they immediately started focusing on their own work.

While the children are working, I start making the curry rice.
First, I prepare the White Wheat in a large quant.i.ty. I think it would be necessary to make a good amount for the four knights, so I have to cook it several times. It doesn’t take too much time to cook, so I will manage.
As for the curry…… shall I make the alligator curry I made before? I retrieve the ingredients from the《Infinite Storage》and continue working.

「Oh, looks good!」
「Un, you did well. Thank you」

Just as I was cooking the veggies, the ice cream was completed.

「Here, taste it」
「「Ahh~……―― Nniyu~」」

When I spoon the ice cream Allen and Elena made and bring it in their mouths, the two held down their cheeks and showed the faces of satisfaction.
Before I noticed, Joule and others gathered too, so I gave everyone a mouthful.

「How is it?」
「「Delish~! More~!」」

It appears that Allen and Elena like the ice cream quite a lot. Their「More, more」requesting voices were something.

「N~ then, I will give you a mouthful of each type. The rest is after the meal」

I decided that we might as well taste and compare the ice cream Joule and others rolled around and the one I stored the moment I froze it.
Judging from the results, each came out deliciously, and if I had to choose, then the one Allen and Elena stirred came out the smoothest. Well, I think there’s only a slight difference though.
N~ there should also be the method of whipping the fresh cream and mixing ingredients in. Would it come out smoother that way?
But you see~ the best method is the laborless freezing method. It’s a simple method so Allen and Elena would have an easier time, and above all, it would be easier to make various kinds.
Ah, there’s also the hand of making a magic tool that would easily whip the fresh cream. Let’s try asking in a magic tool shop in the capital.

「Then, the tasting is over. Let’s make the curry~」

Finishing the ice cream tasting, I resume cooking of curry.

「Looks delicious」
「It smells really nice~」
「It has an appet.i.te stimulating fragrance, isn’t it?」
「This scent makes me feel even hungrieer~」

When I got to the stage of adding the spices and cooking it together, the knights who were waiting and preparing the camp in the distance impatiently approached. As I thought, the curry’s fragrance is the best, it’s a “human pampering.”
I let it mature with magic this time as well, and it’s complete!

「It’s done, so let’s have a meal」

When I said such, I was waiting for this, everyone was making such expression.

「This is the White Wheat, huh. So it could become this soft」
「Also, this is quite filling, isn’t it?」
「It’s very delicious!」

The children are also eating deliciously, but the reaction of the knights was far greater.
Nevertheless, the reaction after eating the White Wheat was superb. The reaction of Vivian whom I let it eat before was also good, so the tongues of the people of Aetherdia might be close to j.a.panese people’s as I thought.

「「Onii~chan, ice~」」

After finished eating the meal, Allen and Elena urged for the dessert ice cream.
Not only that, the two were also “quickly, quickly” repeating while pulling on my clothes. Joule and others were also rubbing against my body as if trying to press me.

「Alright, I got it」

I retrieved ice cream from the《Infinite Storage》, served it in bowls and handed it to the children. Of course, I have it to Wald-sama and others as well.

『Kyau~《This is really delicious after all~》』
『Unaa~《It’s delicious》』

As expected, the children seemed to considerably like the ice cream and everyone ate it deliciously.
And, as for Wald-sama and others――


They were silently indulging themselves. Well, there’s no doubt that they like it.

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