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「「N~ there~?」」

Because of the Battle Eagle chick’s rescue request, we searched for place of battle of its parents.
They apparently fought the enemy while moving away from the nests, so they weren’t close to them.
Allen and Elena are looking too, but they cannot find the place at all because I am not the target.

「Yeah. My【Detection】gives a big reaction from over there」

I tried searching the vicinity with【Detection】as well, but because monsters are in all directions, I couldn’t clearly tell that “this is the place”. However, a.s.suming that the adult eagles are in a group, I can reduce the list.
The direction I felt was the same Allen and Elena pointed at, so there’s surely no mistake.

《This child is saying that it’s that way》

When we decided on the destination, the eaglet was in agreement.
It would be troublesome if the adults thought we were enemies when we approach the battle, so the eaglet that fell out of the nest had to be brought along.
But well, there’s a possibility that they would think we are kidnappers and attack us anyway~ The eaglet will have to do its best explaining then.

《Oniichan, there are traces of fighting》

Although we have decided on the direction, I decided to search the vicinity for some clues, and Joule has apparently found traces of fighting.

「Oh, you are right. Rather, it seems that there was quite a struggle, but…… I heard no noise?」

I looked at the place that opened out, but there were traces of trees forcibly pushed down.
Moreover, the place was dotted with the same feathers we found before. Unfortunately, most of the feathers here are damaged.

《N~ seems that the Battle Eagles are fighting a higher ranked monster》
《There are scales! It’s surely a snake!》

Feat and Mile who surveyed the surroundings informed me what they found.

《Aniue, it’s serious!》
「What’s the matter, Bolt?」
《The adults apparently had not returned since yesterday》
「Eh! Y, yesterday!?」
《…… Yes》
『…… Pii』

I was shocked by the new information.
There’s no doubt that a fierce fight happened here, yet we didn’t hear any noise. I found it weird…… I found it weird!

「…… Then, the fight here took place yesterday? Of course, we wouldn’t hear the sounds of a battle……」

I don’t understand the present situation, so there’s nothing I can say. But, it’s certain that we should speed up.

「There’s no problem if they guided it away safely, but……」
『Pii, pii』

As if trying to say something, the eaglet jumped up on my head and tapped it.
When I sent a look to Bolt, he immediately interpreted for me.

《『If it’s Tousan and Kaasan then they will be fine』is what it is saying》

Ah~…… my words must have rubbed the eaglet the wrong way or possibly fanned it’s anxiety.
That’s most likely why the eaglet is saying that its parents will be fine.

「Yeah, indeed. When we meet them, you can complain『You are late!』to them」

When I half-jokingly said that to the eaglet, it gave a cheerful reply.

「First of all, let’s hastily look for them! Joule, Feat, let us get on please. Bolt, you check the surroundings」
《Got it~ Allen, Elena, come here》
《Niisama is on me then》
《I am off!》

After giving the instructions, the children began moving quickly.
Allen and Elena got on Joule, while I got on Feat’s back. Mile too, tightly held onto Vector’s mane, and we were ready to go.

「We will increase the speed, so make sure to hold on properly, okay?」

When I cautioned the eaglet not to fall, it gave a cheerful reply once again.
I felt my hair being pulled on a little, so the eaglet must be holding on properly.
Confirming that everything’s all right, Joule, Feat, and Vector broke into a run.

《Aniue, I found them! Straight ahead, about six to seven kilometers》
「Good job, Bolt!」

Bolt who confirmed the surroundings from the skies as usual returned. It seems he safely found the adults…… still, they seem to be quite the distance away.

「You seemed to be up for quite a long time, is your body all right?」
《I’m fine. Also, Aniue, I am not 100% certain, but the opponent seemed to be a Silver Python, the adults still seem to be guiding it away》

Silver Python, huh. Err…… as the name suggests, it’s about a ten-meter silver snake of a B rank.
It’s smaller than Evil Viper and possesses no venom, but its muscly body will strangle you to death if you get caught.
Battle Eagle who is C-rank wouldn’t stand a chance if alone, but they are a group. They have sufficient forces to fight.

「I know. Everyone, let’s hurry up!」

Although I said that, I cannot feel completely at ease.
The eaglet also urged to hurry.

《…… Aniue, you seem to be having a conversation with the eaglet…… have you come to understand its words?》

It was a coincidence, but it seems the eaglet and I held a proper conversation.

「…… No, I just had a hunch」

It’s not like I understood precisely what the eaglet was saying. I truly just had a hunch. However, I felt that it was saying「Hurry!」!

「「Onii~chan, ama~zing!」」

It was just a coincidence, okay…… Allen, Elena, don’t look at me with such sparkly eyes, alright?

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