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It's an emergency.

"Are you going to give birth?" (Velt)
"Yes." (Eljiela)
"Congratulations. I am very happy for you." (Velt)
"However, being happy in this situation is troubling." (Eljiela)

I wanted to escape from reality.
I mean, wouldn't anyone?
My companion is about to give birth in this life or death situation after all.

"Oi, you serious? Your belly isn't bulging at all though!" (Velt)
"Eh? Do the bellies of land people bulge when they give birth? Why?" (Eljiela)
"Because like, children stay there until they're born!" (Velt)
"Is, is that how it is? Our race emits the light of our extrasensory divine perception which turns into a child." (Eljiela)
"I don't really care about that, but you're going to give birth, right?" (Velt)
"Ye, yes…… wha, what should I do……" (Eljiela)

There's no point asking that to a guy like me.
All I have is my knowledge of when Hanabi was born five years ago.

"Don't worry, I will give birth right here." (Eljiela)
"O, oi! Don't give birth here! It's dangerous! Can't you hold it in for a bit longer?" (Velt)
"…… Unfortunately…… if I expend any more of my divine power without giving birth now, this child will surely die. That being said, we cannot return to the town with Chirotan flying nearby. So, to save this child, I will divide right here!" (Eljiela)

Wait, think about the situation we're in right now! …… Is what I was about to say when I realised something.

"Oi, what do you mean it'll die if you expend any more power?" (Velt)
"………" (Eljiela)

Eljiela made a complicated face as I said that.

"I have used a drastic amount of divine power today." (Eljiela)

That's right.
She had to resurrect me and fight in that war before.

"Normally there would be no problem, but unfortunately, today is…… so, to give birth to this child, I have to compensate for my used up divine power with an alternative force." (Eljiela)
"…… Alternative…… force?" (Velt)

An unpleasant premonition pa.s.sed through my mind.
It came to me because Eljiela is making a determined face that I've seen before.

"It will be my life force." (Eljiela)

Ahh, I remember now.

――Velt, papa is going to defeat this guy. So in the meantime, run to the castle.

It's the same face my old man made when he prepared himself for death and tried to at least let me survive.

"Velt-sama. This is my once-in-lifetime request. If something happens to me, please bring this child to my sisters." (Eljiela)
"E, Eljiela!" (Velt)
"I will give birth to this child no matter what!" (Eljiela)

Why? Why do『you guys』sacrifice your own lives so easily for your children!
Have you never thought about how the child feels!?

"d.a.m.n it……" (Velt)

No, I know why they sacrifice their lives.
There's no logic behind it, it's just because of their feelings.

―――Velt, I love you the most in the world.

It's because they love their children the most in the world! Even more than their own lives!
And yet, what about me?
Am I even living a life that's worthy of being protected by my old man and mum?

"d.a.m.n it, oi, Eljiela's kid! It's not divine power, but the principles behind it are the same, so take my mana too!" (Velt)

I had reflexively stretched out my hand.

"Velt-sama, what are you doing! It is dangerous! I will save this child, even if it costs me my life! So, Velt-sama, if something happens to me, please take this child to-!" (Eljiela)
"A parent shouldn't just risk their lives and ignore the kid's will! You're completely wrong if you think anyone would be happy about that!" (Velt)
"Ve…… Velt…… sama……" (Eljiela)

Ahh, what the h.e.l.l am I doing?
Why do I have to risk my life for the sake of some woman I just met today? Even though I'm never interested at times like these.
No, it's not like that. I didn't end up doing this for Eljiela's sake.

"Hey, Eljiela. Do you understand the feelings of a child that a parent protected with their life?" (Velt)

I just didn't want the child to be burdened with this.

"If their parents sacrificed their lives to save them, the child won't be thankful to the parents, they'll feel apologetic. If only they weren't there…… if only they were stronger…… if only they were powerful enough to protect their dad and mum, is what they would think!" (Velt)

Even now, I still remember that day.

―――Velt…… run…… ma…… ma will…… prote……

"My mum……" (Velt)

―――Can't you hear me telling you to run away already! At least listen to your parents occasionally, you stupid son!

"And my old man were like that! They risked their lives to protect a worthless, s.h.i.tty brat! But you know, Eljiela! You shouldn't do the same thing! Don't make a brat be burdened with that! Don't make them…… all alone. Someone that hasn't even died once before…… shouldn't make a child bear even more painful feelings." (Velt)

That was the day I regretted not saying what I wanted to, and not being honest with myself.
My life was saved all for this day.
So, old man, mum, lend me your power!

"Uu, uuuu, kuh, uuuu, no…… I really cannot…… involve you anymore……" (Eljiela)
"Bring it on! (Velt)

I'll save her! No matter what! Even if it costs me my life!
I’ve continued feeling that regret so I can save her!

"Haa, haa……… Velt-sama………" (Eljiela)

"s.h.i.t! s.h.i.t! s.h.i.t! Don't give up! Where's your willpower!" (Velt)

The light's weakening……
Eljiela's breath is gradually fading……
s.h.i.t! s.h.i.t s.h.i.t s.h.i.t s.h.i.t s.h.i.t!

"Oi…… you listening? I don't know who the h.e.l.l you are…… but if you can cause a meaningless miracle like giving Asakura Ryuuma, a worthless piece of s.h.i.t, a second life…… why don't you save this life right now! Cause that kind of miracle! I! Velt Jeeha! Am actually doing the right thing for once in my life after all!" (Velt)

If…… a G.o.d really exists…… if this is the closest place to heaven……

"Lend me your poweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!" (Velt)

I begged for the first time in my life……

――Eh…… eu…… eu……

Then, I heard a new life.

"Hogyaa!" (Baby)

A miracle had occurred before my eyes.

"Ah…… ahh, ah! A baby…… my, baby……" (Eljiela)
"Hogyaa, hogyaa, hogyaa!" (Baby)
"Ahh, thank you! Thank you for being born! My baby! My dear baby!" (Eljiela)

Eljiela hugs her baby while shedding tears. Those were no longer the tears of a woman but of a mother.
That made me think back to when Hanabi was born. Back then, Ura, sensei, the missus and I were crying like this……
I thought I would risk my life if it was for Hanabi.

"Velt-sama…… thank you, thank you very much." (Eljiela)
"Hogyaa, hogyaa." (Baby)
"Goodness, crying at a time like this…… now, at least greet the person who saved your life." (Eljiela)

Eljiela faces her child towards me.
I gently place a finger on her small, small hand.
Then, the baby gripped my finger.

"Hafu~…… kyau, kyafu……" (Baby)

It stopped crying…… and smiled……

"Oh, my, this child properly understands that you saved her life." (Eljiela)

The child stopped crying and smiled.
I'm the opposite.
I almost started crying.

"Haha…… kuhahahaha………… is it because of my mana running through her? No, there's probably no logic behind it.." (Velt)

The fact that this child has special feelings towards me, might not be because she was born through my mana.
But well, I don't care about any logic.
I don't need to think about the logic behind each thing anymore.

"Eljiela. I still haven't saved you." (Velt)
"Velt-sama?" (Eljiela)
"I'll only have saved you once I've got you through this situation." (Velt)

That's right, it's not over yet.
I still haven't saved her.

"What was that light right now! Are you somewhere around here!? Come ouuuuuuuut! If you don't come out, I'll blow this whole place awaaaaaaay!" (Chirotan)

He's here.

"Velt-sama, what are you doing!" (Eljiela)
"Don't worry! I'll protect you no matter what!" (Velt)

I'll save her. I'll protect her.

"Please, please wait! It is too rash, Velt-sama!" (Eljiela)

Not really.
I'm the son of the great parents who protected their son's life from a demi-human, even while knowing that it's rash and reckless.
So, it's my turn this time.

"You don't need to blow this place up since I'm here now." (Velt)
"Nu? Kukukukuku, you were over there, huh." (Chirotan)
"Yo, it's been a while." (Velt)

I show myself above the sea of clouds and confront Chirotan once again.
It's strange. I thought I was still scared and trembling, but I'm quite calm now.
My fear is gone.
And as for Chirotan, he laughed while holding his stomach as he saw me nonchalantly come out.

"Guhahahahahahahahaha, you were human, huh! Why is a sc.u.mmy human like you supporting the sky race! Do you understand what it means to challenge one of the Seven Great Demon Kings? You're just a s.h.i.tty brat with no resolve!" (Chirotan)

I didn't…… have any resolve…… which is why I ran from war.
I avoided fighting if there was no clear reason to fight either.
But this is different. This moment right now, is different!

"I resolved myself…… just now!" (Velt)

The moment that child gripped my finger, I had already made up my mind.

"A newborn baby that doesn't understand anything…… showed a pure-hearted smile to someone like me! It's a man's job to protect that! If I can protect her life…… if I can live in a way that I can be proud of to my old man and mum that died protecting me, even if it's against one of the Seven Great Demon Kings or the Four Heavenly Beast Demi-humans…… I'll even fight against the world! I'll risk my life! It's not related to whether I'm interested or whether it's about my past life! I'm here right now, out of my own will!" (Velt)

That's why I'm here!

"…… Keh………… I thought you were a piece of s.h.i.t that could only run away…… but you're actually a man." (Chirotan)
"You'll understand if you get a child too. The parent has no choice but to grow up if they have a kid." (Velt)
"So, will you be satisfied with dying?" (Chirotan)

Of course, I won't be satisfied if I die. I'll definitely survive.
There are people that love me after all.

"I thought my life had no worth. But you know, I wonder what these feelings…… what this overflowing power is……" (Velt)
"Ah?" (Chirotan)
"It's not out of self-interest and it's not related to my past life. It's because I feel proud of myself for the first time in my life of being an a.s.shole. That's right, Asakura Ryuuma was reincarnated for Kamino Mina, and Velt Jeeha was born for this moment." (Velt)

I understand now. I understand how my old man and mum opposed the demi-human even while knowing they couldn't win.
I understand now. I understand why Samejima was so strong when he was cornered.
It was because they had people to protect.

"Now, come at me! I'll do everything I can!" (Velt)
"Kukukuku…… there were some parts I didn't understand, but I've realized something. You're a weak human, but………… you're a man." (Chirotan)

For the first time in my life, I fought against an enemy without being tied down by my past life.

TL Note: https://imgur.com/a/X3H7BvP

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