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The Start of a Routine

Two weeks have pa.s.sed since I first registered.

Ever since then, I’ve been ridiculed and called Black Rabbit every single day. After that, Ness must have heard of which inn I was staying at, because he paid me a visit.

"Asagi, uh…sorry…I, uh, didn't quite think it would take on like this…"

"It's fine. No one really knows what's going to happen with anything."

"That may be, but…"

He looked pretty sincere about it. There was no culture of kneeling on the ground here, but he lowered his head regretfully. I couldn't be angry with him after seeing him like that. There was no malice on Ness' face, even though he had been the one to first use the name. Though, there was clearly a little contempt there at first.

This was just a case of everyone else making a lot of noise like the fools that they were. The guild was civil when Gardo and the others were there, but the drunkards would jeer to a disturbing degree once they left.

Yes, there were days when Gardo and Ness were not at the guild. h.e.l.l, recently there would be more days where they were away. The two of them worked as a team and took on advanced quests together. The last one was towards the south of this town…they went deep into the forest from a different gate than the one I had entered in, and killed some orcs. The whole thing took them five days, so the guild house was pretty much the worst possible environment during that time. No matter how much they mocked and laughed, the guild did not intervene. They would, of course, interfere with fights that could result in injury, but they had a rule about not meddling in anything else. One must establish their own position on their own. That was the rule. I knew this for a fact because the bookworm at the 'QUESTIONS & OTHER’ counter told me so. Her name was apparently 'Flo.’ She never actually introduced herself, but it was on her name tag.

"What will you do today?"

I was standing at the Quest Counter, which I've visited quite often recently. I was holding a torn piece of paper that I got from a notice that was nailed to the quest board.

"Ah, 'Medicine Gathering' again, I see. So you will be working in the forest. Please show me your status card."

I was already holding it in my hand, and so I placed it on the counter.

"Yes, thank you. Please wait a moment. …Yes, quest information is now registered. Good luck, and have a safe trip."

The guild worker smiled pleasantly handed back my status card. I accepted the card back and repeated the now familiar words.

"Status open."

Name: Asagi Kamiyashiro

Race: Human

Job: Adventurer(Rank: G)

LV: 10

HP: 180/180

MP: 70/70

STR: 58  VIT: 50

AGI: 190  DEX: 90

INT: 44  LUK: 11

Skills: Jack of all trades, master of none

Magic: None

Current Quest: Medicine Gathing

All Equipment: Head – none

Body – Leather armor

Arms – Leather gloves

Legs – None

Feet – Leather shoes

Weapon – Iron sword

– Iron short sword

Accessories – None

Well, the quest was there. I said my thanks and turned on my heels. And of course, the usual insults came flying.

"Oi, is the Black Rabbit feeling vegetarian today as well?"

"Buwahahaha! He does love his leaves!"

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