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Part 9

「It looks like an interesting guest has come, doesn't it, swindlers?」


Diablo also glared that way.

Having no foothold whatsoever, they were in the sky. Their red mantle fluttered in the wind.

It was equipment that was just as rare as the 《Curtain of Dark Clouds》 that Diablo had equipped. It was bestowed with the effect of 《Flight Magic》.

──That guy, could it be, they're the 《Magi Gunner》 from before!?

「It is fine if those words are directed at me! However, if you are insulting this honorable person, consider that head of yours gone! Lamnites!」[1]

Diablo only realised it now.
──A woman's voice!?

That person that wore the vivid red mantle came down from the sky.

*Fuwa* Her feet touched the sand. She handled the 《Deep Crimson Wings》 perfectly.

She looked to be the same age as Diablo.

Making only a single glance at Baduta, she turned her gaze to Lumachina.

Her scarlet lips faintly curved.

Diablo felt a sense of discomfort from her speech and conduct.

「……This person, calling herself with "yo", and "master (aruji)"……It seems that she considers herself not as the Feudal Lord but as a king.」

Faltra City's Feudal Lord Galford was self-important, but he had an att.i.tude of being in court service.

Lamnites' att.i.tude was that of a king himself.
──A setting where such a strong person was the Feudal Lord wasn't in the game though?

Lumachina put her hands together.

「Fu……To think that the big boss of the swindlers, would be such a young girl.」

「Even though you can't do anything significant, you demand nothing but donations. I will not tolerate parasites in my territory. It means I do not approve of your religion.」

「If you pay the taxes, I will allow you to do business though.」

「Hahn! As if I care about that coward's incompetence! If he has any complaints about me, the king should try coming all the way out here!」

──I see, so the current Lifelia King has never come to the former Demon King territory which has been judged as dangerous. And so, the Feudal Lord's rampage couldn't be stopped.

Taking a guess from her earlier attack through the use of her Magi Gun and her relationship with Baduta, it was certain that she was over level 100.

However, that was because there was compensation due to the difference of numbers, and above all, it was because he used a countless number of items. He has already used up all of the rare potions that were in his pouch.

The foundation of 《Magi Gunners》 is "once they fire a bullet with a magic spell enclosed in it, that magic spell activates".

Although the bullets were consumable goods, the destructive power per unit of time was in such a different league that the game balance was broken.

──That reminds me, there was a Ranker that blindly fired a doubled barrelled Magi Gun that excessively focused on might, wasn't there. It was dangerous since they shaved off about half my HP in an instant. Though I did annihilate them since they were a couple that had a 《Wedding Ring》 on!

Even so, since there wasn't any MP consumption during battle, it was plenty strong──is what Diablo thought.

Lumachina replied to her.

「That is because these swindlers here are demanding unreasonable donations.」

「After having the chapel confiscated, and having to pay the tax one way or another, I had no choice but to seek donations from the followers. Even Priests have livelihoods to sustain after all.」

「Th, that is……」

「Even if it's possible for Kami-sama, it is impossible for people to do. We are people that believe in Kami-sama and no Kami-sama himself.」

Lamnites readied her shouldered Magi Gun.

「What are you……!?」

Diablo was about to use magic.

「You d.a.m.ned insolent fool!」

Lamnites landed in a spot ten steps away.

Before Diablo could fire his magic, Baduta had thrust his spear, and Lamnites had jumped backwards.

It was a speed that made him admire them.

「Aーhahaha! In the end, even you all don't believe in your G.o.d! That is why you tried to protect the High Chief Priest. If there truly was a G.o.d, wouldn't G.o.d have protected her even if you did nothing!?」

Baduta howled.

Lumachina shook her head left and right.

「I……am misunderstanding? Did you say, shallow!?」

However, Lumachina was composed.

Lumachina had turned her gaze this way for only an instant.

──I see, since she had the ideology that "G.o.d cannot be understood", is that why she accepted such an absurd "setting"?

Isn't it about time for her to notice his lie? In that case, just how much has she realized?

No, no, that's impossible……
He was bad with people whose depths couldn't be read.

Lamnites snorted.

「It isn't that sort of……」

「The healing and miracles of good harvests certainly are there, you know?」

Lumachina breathed a sigh.

If it went on too long, the Magi Gun would be turned towards her again.

「Lumachina-sama, leave it at this for today. Lamnites, we haven't used the chapel, nor have we done any tax evasions. I don't believe we have done any faults to be reproached by the Feudal Lord, have we?」

──So it was me!!

Diablo instinctively made a displeased face.

Baduta swung his head to the side with a fine performance.


He felt like he would unconsciously avert his gaze. It felt like being glared at by a bad-looking guy in town. Such a weak att.i.tude wasn't Demon King-like.

「You, what do you plan on doing once you find that Magician?」

「If they're a useful fellow, I will make them my subordinate! If they won't obey me, then I thought I would teach them the difference in our strength!」

He unintentionally let his true feelings leak out.

「Fufufu……If they were such a powerful person, they would eventually stand before me.」

She had most likely noticed.

「It seems that my subordinates have caught the sand ship that did such a foolish act. Let's end the conversation at this. We shall continue another day.」

She flew towards the west of Zircon Tower City.

Rem talked with an exhausted voice.

「Don't say that. It will make you all the more tired.」

Shera happily laughed.

──I want to follow her example, being so carefree.

Baduta once again knelt to Lumachina.

「Thank you. I also have something to talk to you about.」

Diablo's group──Or rather, they were treated as Lumachina and her attendants, got on board a camel drawn sleigh.
They headed towards the northern side of town.

Translator’s Notes:

[2] Original: ファニス・ラムニテス
[3] She refers to herself with "yo" 余,  a kingly way of saying “I” or “me”

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