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Isekai Soul Cyborg got the Old Man and Tenbatsuko to wake up. They shook off the drowsiness of just waking up.




Old Man: Ugh. Anyway, let's get back on track. We're finally here at the Adventurer's Guild, lad.




Isekai Soul Cyborg: Yes, it's been a long journey, but we're finally here.




Old Man: It's only been close ta a day, but yeah, it does feel like it's been pretty long. The sun's already settin'.




Isekai Soul Cyborg: Yup, but it's finally time for my Adventurer's Guild debut. And since it's already evening, there should be a lot of other Adventurers here to witness my grand entrance.




Old Man: Hou. So, what're ya gonna do ta make yer entrance? Considerin' it's you, I'd a.s.sume that ya'd kick the door open or somethin'.




Isekai Soul Cyborg: Nah, I wouldn't do something like that. It seems pretty rude to be kicking doors open. Plus, I haven't done much practice with it, so I'm not sure if I could do it right.




Old Man: So ya would've done it if ya practiced it huh.




Isekai Soul Cyborg: Yeah, so instead, I'm going to push the doors open with all my strength so that it slams open.




Old Man: That ain't all that different in kickin' the doors open in terms o' rudeness!




Isekai Soul Cyborg: Huh, I guess it is. Oh well, I'm still gonna do it. Here I go.




Isekai Soul Cyborg goes in front of the doors to the Adventurer's Guild. There were signs of repairs having been done on the doors.




Not minding all of that, Isekai Soul Cyborg put his hands on the doors and pushed them with all of his might. The doors were surprisingly heavy. However, Isekai Soul Cyborg was still able to slowly open them. Once the doors were halfway open, he gave it his all to push them out of his way.








Once the doors were slammed open, all of the Adventurers and guild staff turned their heads towards the doors. What they saw was a stupid-looking man looking triumphant, and an old man and a little girl shaking their heads with a hand on their foreheads.




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Oh, but there is an ill.u.s.tration. So enjoy that.


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