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Chapter 1: Being Summoned – Part 8


Part 8

When they continued on from the hilly area that had rocks scattered about, and on towards the large river that flowed north and south, a robust-looking bridge made of stone could be seen.
It was the 《Fort Bridge Ulg 》 that was on the town’s western bank.
Beyond the extended stone bridge, there was a fort that looked like a castle gate, and beyond that, there was the town.
Getting here from Starfall Tower took about three minutes on foot in the game, but it took them about three hours.
——Well, something like a game where you do nothing but migrate for three hours, that can’t even be called a s.h.i.tty game. Conversely, there’s no reason to make a fort in a place that was a three minute walk away from the town.
Going by the game’s settings——Fort Bridge Ulg was a fortress that was meant to protect the only town that was in this area.
It’s because to the west of the fortress, there was the Man-Eating Forest. After traveling through the Man-Eating Forest, it was demonic being territory and powerful monsters would appear from there.
In order to conquer the dungeon called 《The Ruins of the Primeval Forest》 that was in the forest, players used the fortress as a place to meet up with party members and as a rest area to recover their HP and MP.
——Though, usually, only I would pa.s.s by those guys that were waiting for their party and head towards the dungeon alone.
How was Fort Bridge Ulg used in this world?
He couldn’t find the appearances of adventurers.
Also being in the middle of the main road that went southeast, Fort Bridge Ulg became something like a checking station.
They’d confirm the countenances of those pa.s.sing through or check their luggage. If put into modern terms, it was something like an inspection.
There was a great number of armored guards and Diablo understood that they were at important defense positions.
Despite their heavy armor, the soldiers stood with a precise posture.
When Diablo’s group crossed the bridge and tried to travel into the fortress——A guard blocked their way.

「Oi! You, over there!」

The guard covered only his upper body with a metal armor and held a halberd in his right hand.
Not having armor on the legs was the standard for infantrymen. Accordingly, the upper body had a thick armor placed on it.
Being 《Human》 race-wise, he was a male. His hair was light brown, short, and it was ruffled.
His eyes were big and there was a trace of nervousness on his face.
Looking closely, he looked to be of a young age.
It might be better to call him a young man.
——I wonder, what kind of position guards have in this world?
In the game, they were the police. Adventurers that did bad things were given punishment by the guards.
For example, adventurers that killed players in places other than compet.i.tions or had stolen something,had their names displayed in red as a 《Criminal》. And when they approached locations like a town or a fortress, they would get surrounded by guards and be beaten to death.
——Could it be, I, I haven’t become a criminal, have I?
The Demon King role play was just role play and he shouldn’t have done anything particularly bad.
Since something like a name wasn’t displayed, he couldn’t tell.
In the game, an event where a guard NPC of Fort Bridge Ulg would call them to a halt wasn’t implemented. He became considerably restless from the impossible development.
If he were to make a timid interaction here, the meaning of the Demon King role play he did with the two behind him would disappear.
He needed to make a magnificent response!
He squeezed out his voice.

「What, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d? For you to call this Diablo to a halt, you do have the suitable resolve to go along with that, don’t you?」

The guard stepped back as if he were shocked.
He was obviously overawed.
「N, no……It’s just that we check the ones that come and go through to Faltra, but we hadn’t seen you before……This may be a bit rude but, I’m going to need you to tell me your social status and objective.」
From his armpit, Rem raised her voice.
「……He’s……something like my summoned beast……Though the circ.u.mstances are complicated.」
For some reason, she was hiding everything from her neck down in Diablo’s mantle and only showed her head.
Shera also, in the same way as Rem, only showed her head and raised her voice.
「I told you, that’s wrong! I’m the one that summoned him!」
「So it was Rem-san and……the elf, Shera-san……But, summoned beast? I’ve never seen nor heard of a humanoid one before. Moreover, it talks, you know?」
Rem scrutinized her eyes.
「……If it’s with my power, I can call upon a summoned beast that has never appeared before. It couldn’t be that you are doubting me?」
It was somewhat like a coercive tone of voice, but because she only put out her head and her nekomimi were twitching, it looked like she was a frightened kitten. So cute.
On the guard’s side, he was bewildered from being told “are you doubting me?”.
「N, no, there’s no way I would doubt Rem-san’s power! However, that is……the summoned beast doesn’t seem to have the necessary choker placed on it……」
Diablo gripped onto the scruff of the necks of the two that were hiding behind him.
「The choker, huh.」
Magicians are thought to be powerless, but once they become level 150, doing something like lifting up a girl with one hand was easy.
「Stop it, stop it!」
Rem and Shera resisted, but Diablo easily dragged them out from behind him.
「If it’s the choker, it’s right here, isn’t it?」
The guard was shocked.
Rem and Shera had their faces dyed completely red and hid their chokers with their hands.
「……This is humiliating.」
「Uuu……You have it all wrong!」
The guard raised a bewildered voice.
「H, huh!? Normally, the summoned summoned beast has the choker but……Ehh!? On tribesmen……Ehh!?」
「Hmph……For you to put me together with those everyday summoned beasts. It’s unpleasant. Should you displease me any more than this——」
「……Please let us through.」
「Do you still need something else!?」
From Diablo’s coercion and Rem and Shera’s protests, the guard got out of their way.
「Ex, excuse me! Please take care!」
「Well, fine. Let’s go.」
「Ah, I told you you’re a bit too fast! Or rather, don’t stand out too much!」
「……This kind of disgrace……I can’t believe it……Without fail, once we return to the town, I will dissolve this magic.」
Ignoring the two’s objections, Diablo started walking.
Rem and Shera panicked and followed him.
The other guards and pa.s.ser bys that were at Fort Bridge Ulg were similarly surprised from seeing the girls’ chokers.
They gazed with great interest at the two that had chokers placed on them and Diablo who was leading them.


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