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Chapter 5: Demon King and Demon King


30 minutes before the Demon King’s revival──
The church struck six bells.

Diablo entered the Adventurer’s Guild.
It was right at dinner time, so the first floor dining hall was crammed with people.
Among them, he found Sylvie’s figure. At the same table, Emil was also there.
The Adventurers of Faltra City knew of Diablo’s strength. That’s why, after seeing his figure, they spontaneously just their mouths.
Diablo had that much of a grim look to cause that while not noticing it himself.
Sylvie noticed him coming.
「Yaa, Diablo-san. What’s up?」
「My close friend, it is rare for you to come here alone. Did something happen?」
「Something……That’s it……」
He was mumbling.
──Just how do Demon King ask a favor of people?
He wanted to make a commission to search for Krum.
However, the Demon Kings that Diablo knew of made orders, but none of them had asked people to search for someone.
It was simple if it were an order. All he had to say was 『Krum has disappeared. Rem and Alicia have as well. Go search for them.』.
However, is requesting something done with that kind of att.i.tude?
No matter how much of a communication disorder he had, he knew that some part of that was wrong.
He couldn’t use the Demon King role play.
With that being the case, he had to make the request with his plain self.
He started to have a cold sweat.
Emil tilted his head.
「What is it, my close friend? You’re looking pale, you know?」
He tried to talk about the situation.
But he had flashbacks to the failures he made in his personal relationships up until now.
There were times where he was misunderstood.
There were times where he was hurt.
There were times where he was made fun of.
There were times where, even though he comfortably connected with someone when he talked, he was made into a laughingstock.
Once he remembered that, his throat became unable to move as if it were cramping up.
Sylvie made a dubious face.
「I wonder what’s wrong?」
At that time, a young Gra.s.swalker boy──he looked like a child but his age was unknown──came running in. He had a ragged mantle on him.
「Excuse me!」
「Yaa, did something happen?」
Sylvie tilted her head and extended her ears to the other party.
The ragged Gra.s.swalker whispered and reported something to her.
Now that he thought about it, Sylvie was the Guildmaster that managed Faltra City’s Adventurer’s Guild.
Emil was also the leader that managed the Warrior-type Adventurers.
──To trouble people like them with searching for a child, that might be lacking in common sense.
With his Demon King role play, he could very much say things that seemed like they were lacking common sense, but when his plain self tried to put it out, there were many “reasons to not talk about it” that came to mind.
Although Diablo was having a vague apprehension, he still couldn’t think of the situation as anything but “a simple case of a lost child”. He didn’t know about Rem’s wretched condition, nor about Alicia’s betrayal.
That’s why, he couldn’t break the ice.
He couldn’t do anything but stand there.
Hearing the story from the ragged Gra.s.swalker, Sylvie’s eyes went wide open.
She raised her voice sounding like she was in a panic.
「Diablo-san! Rem-san and Krum-chan were taken by the Holy Knight!?」
「What was that!?」
When he raised an angry voice, several Adventurers were taken aback and fell off of their chairs.
Sylvie stood up.
「Everyone──ッ!! It’s an emergency Quest!! It’s to rescue Rem-san and Krum-chan! Diablo-san, where’s Shera-chan!?」
「She should be searching for Krum in the Central Plaza.」
「In that case, we’ll put that place off for now. Let’s hurry! It seems that the Holy Knight’s carriage was headed towards the North District!」
「Do you not know of the location!?」
「It isn’t definite but, probably, it’s the church close to the North District’s wall! Since five days ago, the Holy Knight had been using that place as his headquarters!」
「As long as I know that much, it’s enough! You have my grat.i.tude!」
Diablo rushed out of the Adventurer’s Guild.
He ran.
He had not gone there in this world, but if it was the North District’s church, it also existed in the game. If it were in the game, it wouldn’t take even a minute for him to dash from one end of the town to the other but……
The other world Faltra City had a diameter of more than three kilometers.
It would be 30 minutes if he were walking.
Since it wasn’t a straight road, it would take even more time.
──However, a level 150 body shouldn’t be just for appearances! I’ll have to run there!
The day had already gone dark, and the market was closed. Thanks to that, there weren’t many shoppers, and he didn’t have to worry about b.u.mping into people even if he were to run with all his might.

At the Adventurer’s Guild, Sylvie’s eyes had become round.
「……He said “You have my grat.i.tude”?」
「Yeah, he said that.」
Emil nodded.
Sylvie smiled, looking delighted.
「It kinda feels like, Diablo-san now as a better vibe from when I first met him.」
「My close friend was a good guy from the start. That guy, he’s an ally of women! It’s because of that that I feel like I want to help him out.」
「That’s true. I guess it’s about time that a carriage has been prepared. Well then, Emil-san, I’m entrusting that place to you.」
「The opponent is a Holy Knight, right? Is there even a need to help Diablo out?」
The matter at 《The Triangle Ears》 was already widespread knowledge. If it was Diablo, even a Holy Knight couldn’t be his opponent, that was the rumor.
Sylvie shrugged her shoulders.
「It would be great if that were the case but……I just can’t shake this bad premonition of mine. Besides, Emil-san, there’s an excellent Healing Magician in your party, right?」
She turned her gaze towards a white robed girl sitting at the neighboring table. The person in question looked downward, looking embarra.s.sed.
She was a shy person, but her ability was for sure.
Emil stood up with his sword in one hand.
「I don’t really get it, but if Sylvie is the one saying it, we will obey! Everyone, let’s go!」
A great number of Adventurers other than the white robe responded and left their seats.
Sylvie gave several directions to the surrounding Adventurers.
A large wagon turned up in front of the Guild. A great number of Adventurers got on board of its load-carrying tray.
Emil asked a question.
「Sylvie, are you not going?」
「It seems like it will be a bit noisy after all. I am going to show my face over at where the Feudal Lord is.」
「I see……We can’t have us being surrounded by the army after we beat up the Holy Knight after all.」
「Yup, also, I didn’t have time to say this to Diablo-san but……It would seem that there was a person that was abducting Rem-san and Krum-chan together with Holy Knight Sadraa.」
「Hou? So a guy like that had companions?」
「It looked like it was Alicia-san……」
She said that with a sigh mixed in.
Emil made a complicated facial expression.
「That’s……Uumu……She is a State Knight. In terms of her position, there might be various things going on, right?」
「Yup, since it seems like there will be various situations, I’m counting on you.」
「Leave it to me! Same to you, Sylvie. We’re counting on you to deal with the Feudal Lord!」
The wagon started to move.

A few minutes after that──
A shockwave spread out through Faltra City from the North District.
Wings of light stabbed the heavens, and a magic formation developed in the sky.
The howl of the Demon King resounded.


Diablo had come running and was out of breath.
It was the cemetery.
Many tombstones were mowed down, and had terribly fallen into ruin. It wasn’t the result of the cemetery being abandoned.
It was the fault of the monster that was in this place.
It had curved horns and five luminous red points on its head.
It looked like a person of the Races wearing armor, but after getting closer, it had such a large build that one would have to look up at it. It was floating slightly above the ground. The surface of it looked hard like the exoskeleton of an insect. Wings of light were stretching out towards the sky from its back.
It was the Demon King Krebskrum.
At her back, there were ruins of a building that made him think “isn’t that the church”. Only a wall that reached a height that went up to his waist remained, and the rest was annihilated to the point that not even the roof tiles had turned into rubble.
It were as if it were removed and only a portion of the wall was left behind.
At the edge of his field of vision, he caught sight of a round object that was flapping to keep afloat.
It was a bird that was as round as a basketball that he recognised──It was the 《Turkey Shot》!
The Summoned Beast went around the vicinity once and then vanished.
Before long, someone came out from the inner part of the cemetery.
As he thought. It was Shera.
「So it’s you. Why are you here……?」
「I mean! That’s Krum-chan, right!? That’s why, I, rushed over!」
「I see.」
Since the Central Plaza was closer to the North District than the Adventurer’s Guild, the arrived at the same time.
「That’s right! Diablo! Inside the church, it’s kinda! Rem is……」
「Blood……A lot of it!」
Shera’s complexion went pale.
*Zowah* A shiver went through Diablo’s spine.
Just how much time had pa.s.sed since she was taken away by Sadraa?
He couldn’t imagine what could have happened at all.
However, something occurred, Rem collapsed at the church, and Krum turned into her Demon King form.
Diablo took all of the HP Recovery Potions that he had out from his waist pouch.
Altogether, there were nine tins.
「Hold on to these! I will go and attract Krebsrk.u.m. You go and rescue Rem!」
For an instant, Shera showed feelings of fear.
However, she firmly accepted the potion tins.
「Got it. I’ll, go and save Rem!」
「Yosh, go circle around to her.」
「Un! Ah, Diablo……」
「What is it?」
「Don’t get hurt, okay? Also, save Krum-chan.」
He thought about it.
Looking at the disastrous scene surrounding them, wasn’t that no longer Krum, but the Demon King Krebskrum, is what he thought.
Could things really be concluded with talking with her?
──No, even if it seems hopeless, a Demon King wouldn’t speak pessimistically!
Diablo waved his black mantle.

「Who do you think you are saying that to, Shera. I am the Demon King Diablo! Just leave everything to me!」

Tears rose at the corners of her eyes and she nodded.
Shera broke into a run.
Diablo walked to the front of Krebskrum.
──So I’m not defeating her, but saving her.
Did he have the flexibility to do that? Thinking that, he looked up at the gigantic Demon King.


He confronted Krebskrum.
Diablo stood right in front of her and glared right at her face.
「Krum, do you know who I am?」
Instead of a reply, she responded with a howl.
And then, she came swinging her fist.
This is something that Diablo couldn’t have known but, the three Subordinate Knights and the Holy Knight had their lives ended by this single attack.
Its power was immense.
And that’s how it should be. A body that was about twice as big as a normal person was striking their fist with a form as if they were throwing a ball after all.
──However, it isn’t that difficult to dodge.
As long as one didn’t wither from the howl or the power, it was only a larger size and easy to avoid.
He then became troubled.
Should he continue to call out to her without attacking just like this?
「……Well, if it were an ally of justice, that’s probably what they would do.」
He evaded the second attack as well.
The ground was gouged, and tombstones were smashed up.
Diablo wasn’t merely running from place to place.
「Krum! Unfortunately, I am not that kind. I am a Demon King after all! If you have forgotten my face and words, then I shall make you submit through sheer force! I shall make you remember even if you do not wish to!」
He struck the ground with the 《Staff of Tenma》.
He poured magical power out.
And then, it immediately began to move.
Krebskrum made a horizontal swing.
He lowered his posture and avoided it.
The opponent’s movements were like that of a child throwing a tantrum. However, there was no doubt that the power was incredible. No matter how much of a Physical Damage Reduction effect the 《Hollow of Jet Black》 possessed, withstanding that was impossible.
That wasn’t power of an interpersonal level.
In reality, it would have been better if he were to get further away and rapidly fire off magic.
However, the wall was close.
The barrier tower as well, it wasn’t that far away.
If even a tower were to be destroyed from an attack aimed at Krebskrum, Faltra City would become defenseless to Demonic Beings and Demonic Beasts.
At worst, it would be fine if the stone wall were to be destroyed, but only the barrier tower needed to be protected.
Diablo struck his staff on the ground.
He poured magical power out.
──Next, another eleven more places huh.
What he was preparing was an establishment-type large-scale magic.
It wasn’t the normal 《Aria Magic》, but close to 《Formation-type Magic》.
Although it takes time to prepare, since it was meaningless unless the opponent was within the established location, it couldn’t be used in personal battles but……
Krebskrum’s way of fighting was no different from a child’s.
If he saw through the pattern, there might be a chance to activate it.
──As it is right now, it would be easy if she were to only swing her fist about though?
Krebskrum stopped her movements.
So it wouldn’t be that easy.
The opponent inhaled a deep breath.
Diablo intuitively understood. Corresponding with it, he fired magic.
「《Volcanic Wall》!!」
The ground exploded up, and flames spouted out. A tall wall of flames that would make one wonder if it reached the sky was made.
It was a level 80 Fire and Earth attribute magic.
Having inhaled such a deep breath, Krebskrum then breathed out that breath.
It was a so-called 《Breath》. Moreover, it was black.
──So it’s a 《Darkness Breath》.
In MMORPG Cross Reverie, Breath was categorized as a pure 《Attribute Attack》.
Since it wasn’t magic, Reflection due to the 《Demon King’s Ring》 didn’t work.
Since it wasn’t a physical attack, Physical Damage Reduction due to the 《Hollow of Jet Black》 didn’t work either.
In many cases, in order to cope with that, Diablo would choose the appropriate equipment and fortify himself, but he couldn’t perfectly defend against all various attacks.
In some way or another, Krebskrum’s Breath was intercepted by the 《Volcanic Wall》.
「Hmph……The difference in parameters is covered by technique.」
Krebskrum spread out both hands and laughed.
He understood that the opponent he was fighting was Krum. He also had the feeling of wanting to save her.
However, being sneered at by the person he was competing against, as a Gamer, that wasn’t pleasant.
Because it had been a one-sided defensive battle up until now, it couldn’t be helped but……
──Just watch, I will conquer you!
Diablo struck the ground with his staff, and stopped his feet.
On both of Krebskrum’s arms, purple lightning was crackling and running over them.
「So it’s going to be a lightning-type attack!?」
Diablo kicked the ground and escaped.
A countless number of lightning bolts chased after him from the sky.
Normally, it should have been lightning that came down with only a single attack, but as if it were attacking the whole area, it came down one after another.
──This is, magic! 《Lightning Meteor》!? Or is it something different!?
The corners of Diablo’s lips curved.
「I had thought that I had shown this to you during the fight with the Demonic Being Ourou but……As I thought, it would seem that you have lost Krum’s memories, haven’t you!?」
The 《Demon King’s Ring》 activated.
The lightning that came coming down, all of it was reflected.
A countless number of lightning bolts poured down upon Krebskrum.
It was an attack that made him worry for an instant that it might kill her.
A white smoke rose up.
But contrary to his worries, Krebskrum seemed like she had not received any damage.
Diablo clicked his tongue.
「Your Magic Defense is way too high!?」
If this were a monster that was implemented by the administration, it reached a level where there would be complaints from Players that were using the Magician-type build.
「How about this! 《Stardust》!」
He fired Drain Type Magic. Since it was learned at level 30, putting it bluntly, it was a weak magic.
Its visual effect was showy.
Sparkling hexagonal ice crystals fluttered about.
Naturally, it wasn’t magic that would bestow damage against an opponent like Krebskrum.
However, there was an interesting way of using this.
When used by a Magician with a short charge time like Diablo, it was possible to fire it in rapid succession.
He hit her with about five shots in succession.
The surrounding area around the opponent had become filled with 《Stardust》’s visual effect.
It was a smokescreen.
Magic had various uses even against opponents that it had no effect on.
While it was disturbed by a low level magic, Diablo opened enough of a gap, and struck the ground with his staff.
He poured magical power out.

Krebskrum raised a howl.
He didn’t overlook the breath before a 《Darkness Breath》.
Her fists couldn’t reach him.
If it was magic, it was possible to reflect it.
At this distance, there shouldn’t be any mistakes.

A gigantic object came flying at him.

──A coffin!?
What was thrown at him with enough physical strength that it would burst the ground apart just by getting hit by it, was a coffin that was buried in the ground.
Due to 《Stardust》’s derangement, being unable to see the opponent’s movements backfired on him.
He couldn’t avoid them.


Shera walked to a location that was once a building.
From the remained walls, the floor, and the benches, she could guess that it was formerly a church.
She hadn’t noticed when she was doing reconnaisance with her Summoned Beast, but there was a large amount of red liquid thrown about on the floor. It wasn’t an amount close to that of a bucket that was flipped upside down.
Realizing that it was blood, Shera let out a small scream.
If this much blood had come out, there was probably absolutely no way that Rem was alive.
A chill ran down her spine.
However, all of that blood wasn’t Rem’s.
Taking a better look, bodies of people were scattered on the ground.
It was four people’s worth of bodies.
Armor wearing men were──
Even after looking at the surroundings, there was nothing but their lower halves.
Shera had no idea as to where their bodies from the waist up had gone.
How their upper bodies had been blown off and evaporated the moment that they were hit by Krebskrum’s fist was something that she couldn’t even imagine.
──More importantly, I need to see to Rem!
She walked over to a location where unidentifiable ominous utensils were scattered about.
Shera shouted.
She rushed over to her.
Rem was collapsed at the place Shera found her using the 《Turkey Shot》.
Her black hair was wet with the sticking blood, and there were scars of her being cut and stabbed by a sword on several places of her body.
How terrible. These wounds weren’t things caused by Krebskrum, but were probably done by Sadraa and the others.
「Rem! Rem!」
There was no answer.
Shera crouched down beside her.
She felt like she was about to cry.
But she didn’t have time for that.
Long before checking to see whether she was alive or not, Shera took out the potion tins that she received from Diablo.
「Rem! You can’t die on me!」
She took off the cork stopper that was fitted into the metal tin. She sprinkled the liquid inside over Rem.
Shera prayed.
While she was praying, she sprinkled the potions one after another.
Not thinking about things like whether she was using too much or how it was meaningless if Rem was dead, she used all nine potions on her.
「Rem! Live! Don’t die! You’ve finally become free, right! Even though you worked so hard up until now! Ahh, G.o.d, I’m begging you! Please don’t take Rem away yet! She had worked so hard to protect the seal for the sake of everyone this whole time, and she finally became free! She’s going to run a cafe together with me! So please don’t take her away! She’s worked so hard so I think it should be fine if you overlook her for a bit!」

*Fuwari* She felt like a warm light poured down from the sky.

*Koho* (Cough)……

「……Please don’t……decide that on your own……*Kohoh* (Cough)……I still haven’t, said I would do it with you.」
Shera jumped at her.
「That hurts, Baka Shera!?」
「Ahh, but……It hurts. Though the feelings from a while ago are gone……」
「Amazing! The potions that Diablo created are amazing, aren’t they!」
「……I see. So that’s how it was. As expected, of Diablo.」
Shera asked a question.
「Why were you in a place like this? I mean, Rem, you were dying, and Krum is raging about.」
Rem made an anguished face.
「……We were……betrayed by Alicia.」
「No way!? Why would Alicia-san do that!? Are you sure it wasn’t some kind of mistake!?」
「……I also want to believe that it was a lie but……It would seem that she desired the revival of the Demon King that killed people of the Races from the beginning.」
「EHH!? Why!? In, in that case, it’s as if……」
「Yes, Alicia was a Demon King Worshipper.」
「No way……」
Hearing the whole story from Rem, Shera became sad.
Large tears came falling out.
「Cruel……so cruel……」
「……Seriously. Thanks to that, I made Krum go through a sad experience. Most likely, losing someone that she had become friends with was the key to her Demon King awakening.」
「That’s just, terrible.」
「……Please don’t cry like that.」
「I mean, both Krum……And you, Rem……I feel so sad for you……」
「I certainly was dying, but it’s something that happens often if you’re an Adventurer.」
「Having your heart ache, doesn’t happen often.」
「……Yeah, but……Since you came here for me, it doesn’t hurt anymore.」
Rem raised her body up.
Shera supported her back.
「Are, are you alright?」
「……Of course. Nn?」
A large quant.i.ty of potions had fallen on the floor.
Rem narrowed her eyes.
「This is, did you use all of it?」
「……These were handed over to you by Diablo, right?」
「That’s right.」

*Zushin* There was an earth tremor.
Diablo and Krebskrum were fighting nearby.

Rem clenched her teeth.
「Weren’t these, all of the HP Recovery Potions that Diablo possessed!? So isn’t he fighting against the awakened Krebskrum without any items!?」
Once more, an earth tremor was transmitted to them.

And then, a great number of footsteps came drawing near. There was also the metallic sound of armor.
Could it be companions of the Holy Knight!? Shera’s body hardened from that thought.
Rem lowered her voice and talked.
「……Run away, if it’s you alone, then.」
「I don’t wanna! I absolutely won’t……do that anymore……To let there be a chance that you might die, Rem.」
Shera wiped her tears with her hand.
And then she prepared her bow. She put an arrow to it.

From the crumbling wall──an armor figured man showed his face.
It was golden armor that they wouldn’t mistake for anything else.
「Oh, we hit the jackpot. Beautiful ladies, please be relieved. Now that my great self has arrived, everything will be alright!」
Shera and Rem raised their voices at the same time.
Other Adventurers also made their appearance from behind him.


Diablo was blown away.
──By something like a coffin!
He hit his back on a tombstone. The tombstone broke.
For a moment, he stopped breathing.
If it weren’t for the Physical Damage Reduction due to the 《Hollow of Jet Black》, he probably would have been finished with that hit.
When Diablo stood back up, he immediately started running.
Coffins came flying in succession at the place that he had fallen.
「Pretty good……Despite being Krum, you really are scheming, aren’t you……」
He then realized that throwing objects was one of the attacks that children often do.
In the end, Krebskrum was a child.
With her possessing powerful magic and 《Darkness Breath》, she might have other various special attacks but……
She chose the way of throwing objects that she picked up.
If he were able to antic.i.p.ate it, he could read the aim from the throwing motion. The coffins were big, but it wasn’t that they couldn’t be avoided.
──Even so, I’ve taken considerable damage.
Diablo felt around for something in his waist pouch.
Nothing was felt on his fingertips.
「Come to think of it, I did such a thing……」
He had entrusted all of his HP Recovery Potions to Shera.
It was fine if it had saved Rem but……
Because he had always done a Solo Play, he had no items meant to be used on other people. He had not grown accustomed to that kind of situation.
*Potapota* Fresh blood was dropping down at his feet.
He was bleeding from the head.
This might be the first time since he came to this world that he was so clearly injured.

Krebskrum raised a howl.
*Zunzun* She faced the wall and started walking.
──What does she plan on doing?
Walking up to the rampart that surrounded Faltra City, Krebskrum then struck her fist on it.
──Could it be, is she going to destroy the barrier tower!?
If she were to aim for that from the inside with this kind of timing, he had no way of protecting it.
However, it didn’t turn out like that.
Krebskrum tore out a portion of the rampart.
She then hoisted that overhead.
「Oi, you couldn’t be……」
Diablo panicked and started running.
She threw it at him.
Thinking about it from the opponent’s standpoint, her fists were avoided, her Breath was defended against, and her magic was reflected.
The only action that displayed any effect was “throwing things”.
She was not mistaken in constructing a strategy with that as the key point.
The portion of Faltra City’s rampart came falling down.
He was nearly crushed.
「Uoh! That was close! At some point, Cross Reverie turned into Do○key Ko○g!?」
Did the administration plan on giving the last boss this kind of attack!?

From the inner part of the cemetery, *gasha gasha*, the sound of metal clanking approached him.
A golden armored figure appeared.
「Ooi, my close friend!」
「Do not come over here! You will get rolled up in my magic you know!?」
「Yeah, I’ll leave it to you! I came only to say this──Rem-chan is safe! Shera-chan as well! They’ve already been taken out from the church so there’s no need to worry about them!」
That was the best good news that he could ask for.
For a moment, his facial expression turned into a broad smile.
Emil stuck up his thumb, and went 「Good!」 with his teeth sparkling.
「My close friend! Go get ‘em!」
「Fu……That is some pretty good work considering it is you. As a reward, I shall show you a maximum magic of mine. It has just been completed.」
Diablo struck the ground with his staff.
He poured magical power out.
「With this, it is the thirteenth point……It is complete.」
Emil asked him a question.
「Is that magic?」
「Umu, in this world, this kind of magic exists as well. Though, it is a so-called 《Forbidden Spell》.」
「Wh, what, did you say a Forbidden Spell!?」
──In the game’s setting that is!
It established magical power points in thirteen spots and was something close to a 《Formation-type Magic》.
Its power was high but because it took too much time, he almost never used it.
If the opponent were to leave the effective range during the time it was being established, there would be no meaning to it. And when the range was made too wide, the power would drop by a corresponding amount.
This time, because Krebskrum had moved over to the rampart in the middle of the battle, he had established it so that it would just barely graze the rampart. He decided to have them forgive him for melting its surface a bit. At this rate, all of the rampart might be made into throwing pieces.
Since the tower meant for the barrier was out of the range, it should be alright.
He did have a bit of anxiety.
Because for Diablo, this was a magic that he was using for the first time in this world.
The effect of magic was subtly different from the game. He didn’t know what would happen unless he tried using it.
He turned his gaze towards Krebskrum.
「You had best come to your senses with my attack, Krum……《Apocalypse Abyss》ッ!!」

Pillars of light rose up from the thirteen magical power points.
A tornado sprung forth within the range.
The four cla.s.sical chemical elements raged about, and physical objects changed into dust entirely.
Lightning ran around, magma blew about, and things that were frozen burst in an instant.
This magic possessed the four elements of earth, water, fire, and wind.
Against a being of the Darkness attribute, it had an extremely high effect.
Krebskrum raised a scream.
Even that voice of hers, due to the magic’s strong effect, did not leak outside of the tornado. That’s how it should have been.
A suffering voice could be heard.
Was it overflowing?
The influence was extending to outside of the set range.
The rampart that should have been at a distance where it would only barely come into contact with the magic was losing its shape.
Emil was at his wits’ end.
「O, oi, my close friend! You overdid it!」
「This isn’t the time for that……Even this place has gotten dangerous!」
The ground below their feet started to crumble.
Diablo started to step back, and then finally kicked the ground.
「You should run! If you do not wish to die that is!」
Emil broke into a run while raising a scream.
From the broken up ground, the bottom could be seen.
A current of magical power was swirling about. The four cla.s.sical chemical elements that were spouting out became a tornado tinged with lightning and rose to the heavens.
It enveloped the rampart that should have been outside the range, as well as the collapsed church.
Finally, a majority of the North District’s cemetery was swallowed up.


The ground was gouged out in a bowl shape.
All of the things that were once there were completely destroyed.
At the bottom of that──
There was someone standing there.
Glaring at the person at the bottom from the edge of the bowl, Diablo was surprised.
──It couldn’t be, you’re not telling me that there was no damage to her, right!?
Honestly, he didn’t have any spare MP to rapidly fire this much magic.
In the end, did he not make enough preparations?
Although it was right after she awakened, when he thought about how he was trying to defeat the Demon King, was there a need to prepare a large quant.i.ty of the highest grade of MP Recovery Potions?
Next to Diablo, Emil raised a voice of admiration.
「Uoo……Incredible……The cemetery has disappeared……!?」
「You should escape while you have the chance. The Demon King is still going strong.」
「Wh, what!?」
At the bottom of the bowl, the Demon King shouted.
Krebskrum’s surface broke.
The right arm that she had raised overhead fell like a broken stone statue.
──So it really did have an effect!
Honestly, he felt relieved.
If she were to have no damage with that, she would have to have been said to actually be “undefeatable for Magicians”.
On Krebskrum’s surface, a large amount of minute cracks set in.
But even with that, the opponent didn’t lose her fighting spirit.
She tightly gripped her remaining left hand.
At the edge of the bowl, figures apart from Diablo and Emil appeared.


*Vun vun* The one that was waving her hands was Shera.
As well as Rem.
Diablo felt that that was dangerous. Krebskrum didn’t have the memories of when she was Krum.
Even if it was Rem and Shera, the possibility that they would be attacked was high.
Krebskrum kicked the ground.
Diablo readied the 《Staff of Tenma》.
With a single jump, Krebskrum leapt up close to Rem and Shera.
Emil raised a panicked voice.
「O, oi!? Isn’t this pretty bad!? What’s the meaning of this!? That monster is……Krum-chan!?」
「That’s right!」
There wasn’t any time to give a detailed explanation.
Rem and Shera were already too close. This was different from with the Demonic Beings. Weak magic would have no effect.
──What do I do!?

Rem spread out both of her hands.
「……Krum, I am doing fine. You’ve done enough. Please come back.」
Shera held out a biscuit.
「Look! Let’s eat this together!」
Demon King Krebskrum raised her left fist overhead.
Diablo couldn’t do anything but watch. Even if it was just a little bit, if the two of them were to move away, he would have any number of magic spells that he could fire.
He had yet to run out of MP.
However, it was also certain that Krebskrum had reacted to the two’s voices.
Will you return, Krum?
──Come back!
Diablo prayed.
Krebskrum dropped her fist.
The gigantic left hand, was held out to Rem and Shera.
Rem touched the cracked fingertip.
「It must have hurt……It’s alright now. I am fine. Now then, let’s go home.」
「Here, it’s a biscuit. Let’s go to the cafe again!」
Shera placed a biscuit on the large hand.
The cracks on Krebskrum’s surface rapidly increased.
Krebskrum’s body started to crumble.
The winged giant, lost its shape while dropping fragments, just like a stone statue that withered from the pa.s.sing of many months and years and then collapsed from its own weight.
There were no longer any wings of light that stretched to the sky.
The magic formation that covered the sky also disappeared.
The crumbling fragments turned to sand, and were blown away by the wind.

A little girl with a biscuit place on both of her hands was squatting down.

She had horns and a tail.
Her violet eyes gazed at Rem.
「So you……lived through it -nodana.」
「……Yes, I was saved by Diablo and Shera.」
Rem held Krum tight.
Krum talked with a frail voice.
「Maou needs to apologise -noda. I broke my promise with you, Rem.」
「When I though that you were killed, Rem, the inside of my head turned completely red……」
「……That is, because you are a Demon King, Krum. It’s something that can’t be helped. Even if no one approves of you, I, will stand on your side.」
Shera hugged the two of them tightly.
「Me too! I’m also an ally to both of you!」

Diablo lowered his staff.
Come to think of it, there was one more person that saw the whole story.
Beside him, Emil folded his arms and stood there.
「It sure is a good thing, isn’t it, the thing called friendship of beautiful women!」
「This matter, how do you plan on reporting it?」
「Fufu……My close friend, you would prefer to not stand instead of be praised for your achievements, right? No need to worry, my great self is an ally of women! I won’t do anything that would make those girls cry!」
「Come to think of it, you were that kind of guy, weren’t you.」
So there was no need to worry.
He felt exhausted.
He felt like he was going to collapse.
*Bata bata* Blood fell to the ground.
──Come to think of it, I received a good amount of damage.
However, a Demon King would never show themselves looking like they were about to collapse!
Diablo re-motivated himself.


The citizens in the vicinity are probably in chaos──Saying that, Emil and the other Adventurers got on board a carriage and left in order to maintain the public order.

Diablo heard the circ.u.mstances from Rem, and learned about the matter with Alicia.
「Is that so……」
He didn’t have any words for it.
When he thought “so I was betrayed again”, his chest hurt.
However, there might have been some kind of circ.u.mstance for it. It was like that with the time with Shera.
He couldn’t simply forgive her when thinking about how Rem was almost killed, but he couldn’t simply hate her either.

When he thought that it was about time that they return to the inn, a cheerful voice could be heard from far away.
「Yaa, Diablo-san! You did some good work out there!」
Diablo snorted his nose.
「Hmph……The matter this time, you all had also had a part in it. You should be proud that you were of use to me.」
As he thought, he couldn’t honestly say his thanks.
Sylvie made a wry smile.
「Well thank you for that. I’m also happy that you protected the town. By the way, there’s something that I kind of want to ask but……」
Krum was at the end of her gaze.
Rem and Shera were holding her hands.
Diablo had a bad premonition.
「What is it?」
「That girl is the Demon King Krebskrum, isn’t she?」
The smile disappeared from Sylvie’s facial expression.
──This girl, so she saw it.
Sylvie was the Adventurer’s Guild Guildmaster.
And then, the number one mission of Adventurers is “to prevent the Demon King’s revival”.
So it was impossible to continue hiding it.
「If she were, what do you plan to do? She has also become my property though?」
He said that with an extraordinarily overbearing tone.
He decided to press through with his usual Demon King role play.
If she were to consider the riskiness of fighting against Diablo, wouldn’t she approve of Krum who had now become harmless, is what he was hoping for.
However, Sylvie’s facial expression remained steadfast.
「I can’t leave her at large. It’s because I am the master of the Adventurer’s Guild. Even after using magic that was enough to annihilate the cemetery, you weren’t able to defeat her, right?」
──So she saw that much.
「Are you saying that you will fight me, Sylvie!?」
「I have faith in you, Diablo-san, but I don’t think I can place my trust in Krebskrum who had killed a Holy Knight.」
Rem shouted.
「That guy, was nothing but a murderer!」
「If Diablo-san weren’t here, this town would have been destroyed by Krebskrum, you know? Right now, a large army of Demonic Beings are invading from the west. Did you know about that?」
Krum shook her head.
「Maou didn’t call for them! Maou told Edelgart to wait at the forest, but Maou didn’t call for them!」
「That kind of thing, it’s something that we know nothing about. Instead, I think that this should be considered a good opportunity, don’t you?」
It was a cold voice.
Diablo breathed a sigh.
「You are surprisingly very straight-laced.」
「You need to tighten up on places that need to be tightened after all. I intend on protecting the tomorrow for the people of the Races. That’s what an Adventurer is, right?」
「So you do not believe that Krum is safe.」
「Your persuasive power is lacking. I will put my absolute faith in someone the first time around. But if I’m betrayed, I won’t put my faith in them a second time. Simple, right?」
「You, do you believe you can win against me?」
He a.n.a.lyzed the difference between their abilities.
Sylvie had used Bad Status Magic like 《Bind》 and 《Silent》.
In the end, she was a Magician. Diablo had 《Magic Reflection》. There was no losing element.
「Could it be that you’re misunderstanding my fighting style?」
He felt intensity from her.
He couldn’t allow himself to lose the mental battle here.
However, making an enemy of Sylvie was not a good plan, that was what his instincts told him.
──When I think of this as a speech before a battle, I’ve really screwed up!
Rather, it was a choice in an adventure game. Moreover, it was the type where one would immediately go non-stop to the bad ending if the wrong choice was made.
Being a one shot round without a save and load option, this was most likely risking Krum’s life.
──Hold on a second.
Why are the two choices “fight Sylvie” or “kill Krum”? This is a world where it’s possible to negotiate and possible to use magic.
The choices should be infinite!
Diablo asked a question to Krum.
「You, do you find your lifestyle here in this town to be valuable?」
「Nn? Of course -nanoda.」
「But, due to you rampaging earlier, as it is now, it does not seem like you will be able to live in the town.」
「Mu……That is troubling -noda.」
「That being the case, this Diablo shall teach you one thing. There is a method that will let you continue to eat biscuits in this town without having your life aimed at by Adventurers.」
Sylvie leaned her body forward.
「That kind of method, there’s no way something like that is──!?」
「You are the one that said it, Sylvie.」
Krum talked while being somewhat excited.
「Ohh, that’s good! Diablo’s idea is good -noda! Maou wants to eat biscuits -noda!」
Rem and Shera seemed to approve as well.
「……If there is such a method, by all means, please do it.」
「That’s right! Even though she properly returned to normal, it’s terrible that she’s being targetted by Adventurers!」
Diablo nodded.
And then, he took out a white stone from his pouch.
It was the 《Contract Magic Gem》.

「From here on, I will cast 《Slave Magic》 on you! If you refuse, we will have no choice but to fight!」

Krum opened her eyes wide.
「You are saying that you will make Maou a slave!?」
「That’s right! You should become a servant of this Diablo!」
Sylvie was also surprised.
「EHHH!? Diablo-san, isn’t that impossible!?」
「You were the one that said it, weren’t you. “You would put your absolute faith in someone the first time around. But if you’re betrayed, you won’t put your faith in them a second time” that is what you said!」
「I, I did say that but……」
With a *Hmph*, Diablo stuck his chest out.
「In that case! Shouldn’t you ”put your absolute faith in my 《Slave Magic》 once”!?」
「Uwah……You started saying such unreasonable things so grandly!」
「Hou? So you are one that would withdraw what you yourself had said when the circ.u.mstances go bad. That kind of thing, as one that stands above others, it’s somewhat questionable, isn’t it? Do you have anything like credibility?」
「It can’t be. I didn’t think that Diablo-san would talk about the credibility of a person that stands above others.」
Sylvie breathed a sigh.
She looked at Krum.
「But, would the Demon King Krebskrum, accept that 《Slave Magic》?」
Krum looked like she was thinking about it.
Shera placed a hand on her shoulder. She expressed a smile.
「It’s alright! I’m also enslaved to Diablo, but once you get used to it, it’ll be at a level where it only becomes a bother when washing your neck!」
「What was thatー!?」
Krum’s eyes went round.
Rem nodded.
「……Certainly, there isn’t any inconvenience other than that. After that, you will be looked at with inquisitive eyes though. Ahh, I am also enslaved to Diablo.」
She grabbed her own choker.
Shera talked sounding like she was having fun.
「To begin with, you stand out if you’re together Diablo anyway, so it’s all the same!」
「……I wouldn’t say that it’s the same, but it’s better than having your life targetted by the Adventurer’s Guild.」
Going *Fumu fumu*, Krum nodded.
The corner of Sylvie’s mouth twitched.
「Are you serious? Diablo-san……Are you serious, about doing that to the Demon King?」
「Only if that will get you to consent to keeping her here.」
Diablo glared at her.
Shera begged.
「Believe in us, Sylvie-san!」
「……Going by the reasoning from earlier, you should believe in us once. Sylvie, I don’t want believe that you are a person that would go back on your own words.」
Rem pursued her with reasoning.
Krum raised up both hands.
「Yosh! I will allow it! You should use that 《Slave Magic》 or whatever on Maou -noda!」
Sylvie went and──

「It’s my loss. Diablo-san.」

Raised the white flag. She made a dry laugh.
「Haha……If you are going to cast 《Slave Magic》 on Krum-chan, then I have no other choice but to believe you just this once. Although I don’t know if that magic will show any effect on Demon King Krebskrum.」
「Who do you think I am? I am Demon King Diablo!」
Krum threw out her chest.
「I shall allow it! You should use that magic without delay -noda!」
Diablo nodded.
He held the white gem in his hand.
And then, he remembered the procedure that Shera did to the Summoned Beast the other day.

──Huh? I, have to kiss Krum?

Sylvie was watching.
Naturally, Shera was as well.
Rem tilted her head.
「Do you not know how to do it? Then please chant this just as I say it.」
Diablo resigned himself.

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