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Chapter 3: Trying Out Going to a Cafe – Part 4

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Part 4

As they walked the eastern street to head towards the Central Plaza, they came to see the Adventurer Guild’s large building.
Shera pointed her finger.
「Ah, isn’t that Emil?」
The other party seemed to have noticed them as well. There was an excessively conspicuous sparkling gold armored young man.
Having thick eyebrows and strong-willed features, he had forelocks hanging only in a single tuft of hair. With a fearless countenance, he had a tall stature for a Human.
It was the Adventurer Guild’s number one Warrior, Emil Byushelbeljel.
Today, he was together with some people that seemed to be his party members.
There was also the white robed young man that was there when he saved Shera when she was being abducted before.
「Emil, we are going to go on ahead, okay?」
「Ou! I’m going to do my usual thing!」
「Come over while you haven’t cooled down, got it?」
Saying that, the party members entered the Adventurer’s Guild.
Emil came this way alone.
「Hey there, my friend! How are you doing?」
「Nothing has really changed……No……Things haven’t really, been bad.」
Diablo looked over at Rem and Shera.
The two that summoned him over to this world. These girls carried their own problems. Shera was being chased after by her native country, and Rem was troubled over how she was burdened with Krebskrem’s seal.
Those things, although it wasn’t all of it, were headed towards being settled.
Noticing his gaze, Rem smiled.
Shera expressed a smile, looking like she was having fun.
Emil exaggeratedly spread out both hands.
「Ooh~, lovely ladies! Have you been doing well? Weren’t you lonely from not being able to meet with my great self?」
This guy wasn’t a bad guy, but he had a problem of strangely being fixated on women.
Rem breathed out a sigh.
「……As usual, you are a person that makes me want to take some distance from you at times where you’re not needed.」
「So true, though, you aren’t a bad personー. You did save me before, after all.」
Shera made a wry smile.
Alicia politely made a bow.
「Please excuse me for not properly greeting you the other day. I am the State Knight known as Alicia Cristela.」
At the time that Shera was abducted, Alicia and Emil met each other. The abductors were there at the time as well, so they weren’t a chance for them slowly talk with each other.
Emil displayed a smile where his teeth sparkled with a *kiran*.
「My name is Emil Byushelbeljel! I am the ally to all women! If you are troubled by anything, please do consult me without reserve.」
「Yes, thank you very much.」
Alicia’s reaction was perfect, but because of that, Emil’s trademark routine that he had put all his being into seemed to have been brushed off, giving him a bit of sadness.
Making a wry smile, Emil casually lowered his gaze.
He took notice of Krem who was covered with a robe.
「Erm……Oi, my friend? This child is……?」
「An Elf.」
Come to think of it, they hadn’t decided on their relationship with her.
However, Emil had a personality that didn’t mind the minor details.
「h.e.l.lo there, Elf-ojou-chan, what might your name be? My great self is Emil, the ally of all women. You should rely on my if there is any thing that troubles you. I shall come running to your aid at any time after all!」
Krem glared at him.
「What is this, this overly familiar guy? Aiding Maou he says? He sure knows how to talk. Let me test out whether he has the ability to do that!」
「Heh? Maou?」
「That’s right! My name is──*moga moga*」
Shera closed up her mouth with both hands from behind her.
「Krem-chan! This girl is, Krem-chan! She’s my little sister, so please treat her well!」
「EH!? Then, does that mean that she’s a princess of the Elven country!?」
It seemed that she spoke that without properly thinking about her own t.i.tle.
Though Shera is in the middle of running away from home, she is the Greenwood Kingdom’s Princess. Moreover, since her older brother has died, right now, she just might have the biggest right to be the successor to the throne.
If it’s her little sister, then they would be an Elven Princess.
Rem hit her hand on her forehead.
「……Baka Shera……May I have a moment, Emil? We would prefer to not stand out. And so, your appearance and loud voice stand out very much. Do you understand?」
「My great self’s appearance and voice aside, I think that Rem-chan’s group stands out plenty already though?」
There was no denying that.
They were a Demon with horns, a huge breasted Elf, and a black-colored Pantherian. Moreover, two of them had a 《Slavery Choker》 attached.
On top of that, there was even a female State Knight.
They were nothing but a group of rare articles. It couldn’t be helped that they would gather the attention of the people walking down the road.
「……Even if that is the case, we don’t have the time to stand around talking.」
「I see. Come to think of it, my great self also doesn’t have any spare time. It seems that some guy called the Holy Knight Sadraa has come from the royal capital. He’s a guy with a pretty bad reputation. My great self had intended to be on the lookout so that women would not meet with any needless harm but……do you know anything?」
Diablo nodded.
「Yesterday, I turned him into stone. Has he already returned to normal?」
「Whatt!? You’ve already quarrelled with him!?」
「There is no way that I would feel timid against a small fry like that……But certainly, he was a guy that seemed like he would inflict harm on the innocent.」
「Good grief……You are surpa.s.sing my great self’s expectations as always. Well, from the looks of it, I don’t seem to need to worry about you. Leave the townspeople to me. My great self will protect them!」
Emil shrugged his shoulders.
「Well, from the beginning, I didn’t have any worries about you losing to something like a Holy Knight. However, don’t go overboard, okay? I don’t want to see my friend’s wanted poster being put up after all.」
If he were to do something like kill a Holy Knight, he would probably be turned into someone chased by the country.
That was something that he wanted to avoid.
Diablo snorted his nose.
「If there is someone that strikes back against me, I will crushingly defeat them. That is all there is to it.」
「That’s what you say now……but your opponent is the Church, you know.」
Alicia very deeply bowed her head.
「I am terribly sorry. The well-informed people of the royal capital are also concerned about the radical behaviour of the Holy Knights but……If there is something that happens, could you please inform me about it as well?」
「Hou, it seems that you have your reasons for this.」
「Yes……Ah, since this is a request to an Adventurer, I shall put up a reward at the Guild.」
「It’s fine! If I can be of some use to a beautiful woman, then that is enough of a reward. Well then, if there is anything that is disturbing, I shall report it to you!」
When he waved his finger, Emil then entered the Adventurer’s Guild.

After that, they went to the Southern District and visited the bakery called 《Peter》.
It was a shop that was run by three male Gra.s.swalkers, so there was a rabbit drawn on their signboard.
Krem bought as many biscuits as she could, and the others also selected some freshly baked bread.
They had their meal at a table inside the store, and then, taking a detour, they returned to the inn while looking at city.
It was a peaceful day.

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