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Amazingly, The Rest of Chapter 3

Sorano Koe: Well, that was a pretty nice distraction. Alright, now that it’s over, let’s head on over to that Adventurer’s Guild.

And so, Sorano Koe and Na-chan head over to the Adventurer’s Guild (haa, what a pain).

Once they get there, Sorano Koe stops right in front of the door (just go in already).

Sorano Koe: Shut up. This is where you’re supposed to make a grand entrance. By kicking the door open!

Na-chan: Na-chan asks Sorano Koe who she thinks she is.

Sorano Koe: The protagonist of course! Alright! Here we go!


Sorano Koe kicks the door. The door did not open up like Sorano expected (pfft!).

Sorano Koe: Arghh!

Sorano Koe is rolling around the floor, holding her foot in pain (Ha ha ha!)

Na-chan looks at her with deadpan eyes but there is a small smirk on her face (heh). 

Sorano Koe: Why didn’t it open up!?

Na-chan: Na-chan asks Sorano if she has ever thought about how to kick a door open.

Sorano Koe: Huh? You just kick it like you’re kicking someone’s shin, right?

Sorano Koe apparently kicked the door with her toes (ouch).

Na-chan: Na-chan decided to show Sorano how to do it.

Na-chan walked up to in front of the door. She checks to see what kind of door it is and that the door is slightly open. After making sure everything is right, she then kicks her leg out at the door. However, unlike how Sorano did it, Na-chan made sure that she used the bottom of her foot. Unexpectedly, the door actually broke off of its hinges and flew off (Yeah! Like a boss!)

Everyone in the guild and the people nearby on the street were staring at where the door used to be. Standing there was a little girl with deadpan eyes and her foot in the air together with a woman that was frozen with her mouth wide open in shock (being stared at is a bit embarra.s.sing).

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