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Chapter 2: Trying Out Undoing the Seal – Part 6

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Part 6

Edelgart pushed her lance out at Ourou.
「A Demonic Being~, going at Demon King-sama! To defy……Strange!」
Ourou averted it with his big arm, but blood scattered out from the surface of it.
「Nu!? I see……So it really was true that you awarded magical power from Demon King-sama. However, your movements are still, too slow!」
The three-stranded attack from his fist that was projected straight out pierced through Edelgart’s defences.
Normally, if one were to receive a powerful striking technique, some s.p.a.ce should have opened up between them, but Edelgart’s posture only collapsed instead.
Just what kind of reasoning was that following?
If one’s posture is destroyed right in front of the enemy’s eyes, they would become defenseless.
Even more continuous attacks were thrown onto Edelgart.
──I have no duty to save her but.
Diablo fired off some magic. Although its power was low, it was one that had high hitting accuracy.
「《Bit Arrow》!」
An arrow of light flew aimed at the owl head.
Reacting to Diablo’s magic, Ourou jumped away. He did defend against Edelgart’s pursuit though.
──Tsk, so he avoided my magic as if it were only natural.
When it came to high ranking Demonic Beings, their resistance to magic also became high. Being able to dodge that magic due to high AGI was also seemed to be a reason.
His magic was also avoided before at the time he fought against Faltra City’s Feudal Lord, Galford. If he didn’t have that experience, he might have panicked a bit.
Ourou glared at his direction.
「So the likes of a half demonic Race dares to rise against a Demonic Being!」
Diablo struck the ground with the 《Staff of Tenma》.
「Kukuku……Same to you, even though you have lived a long life, you seem to be lacking some vital information, don’t you?」
「So you claim me to be ignorant?」

「I am the Demon King Diablo! For you to rise against the true Demon King, you really are a fool!」

The owl’s eyes went wide open. His black pupils were floating on his golden eyeb.a.l.l.s.
「Demon King, you say……?」
「Though it is said that you are the oldest Demonic Being, for you to not know of me……You should feel ashamed of your own ignorance!」
──As if. There’s no way for him to know about me. I, am just a mere Player, and I’m doing a Demon King role play.
However, it was because he was performing a roleplay, that couldn’t think of such a thing.
A Demonic Being that did not know of Diablo, was ignorant! That is what he arbitrarily decided.
Ourou tilted his head.
*Kurun* It tilted and bent until it was directly horizontal.
「A foolish one, aren’t you. To think that a mere person of the Races would to claim to be a Demon King, I shall bestow you a death suitable for that arrogance.」
「Hmph……In that case, I shall make you understand with my true strength.」
「If you claim to be a Demon King, why do you conduct yourself with the Races? Why do you protect that failure of a Demon King?」
「It is because these are all my property. I will annihilate anyone, no matter who they are, that tries to injure them. That is all!」
Alicia wasn’t his property but his companion, and although Krebskrem and Edelgart couldn’t be said to be his companions, it was because it was too troublesome to explain every little detail to the Demonic Being that he a.s.serted as such.
Seeming like she had recovered from the damage from the blows that she received, Edelgart took her stance with her lance.
「Edelgart~, your property, wrong? Wrong! Serve, Demon King-sama~!」
「Hmph……Hasn’t that Krebskrem become a prisoner to biscuits?」
「Leave it to me. This muscular owl, I will defeat him.」
He turned the 《Staff of Tenma》 towards Ourou.
「《Flare Burst》!!」
Abruptly, an explosion occurred right in the opponent’s face.
First, it was a trial blow.
《Flare Burst》, among the magic learned below level 99, it was a magic of the highest grade, but conversely speaking, it was nothing but something learned before breaking through the limit.
Among Diablo’s useable magic, it wasn’t one that was all that strong.
However, since he was restraining his MP consumption, its activation was fast. Above all, its influence on the surroundings was small.
Since his companions were in the surrounding area, this was important.
Even though he was limiting the range, it was wider than the 《Bit Arrow》, and its speed from its activation was remarkably faster.
──Even he shouldn’t be able to evade this!
Ourou came flying out from within the burst of flames.
His skin and shirt were burnt, but there was no weakening in those movements of his.
Diablo warped his facial expression in surprise.
And then, the moment that Ourou landed on the ground right in front of him──
《Super Mine》 was invoked.
Since it was a magic that was laid at one’s feet, it was effective against opponents that come in for close combat.
The explosion a.s.sailed Ourou.
In other words, Diablo making a surprised face was him doing his role play. It was to make Ourou believe that there wasn’t a trap.
The surface of Ourou’s body was burned, and his legs were distorted from the pressure of the explosion.
Even so, he pushed out his fist.
「I’m not done yet!!」
「d.a.m.n, you’re a st.u.r.dy one……ッ!!」
As expected, even Diablo was struck with surprise.
However, Diablo has experienced a countless number of battles.
Ahead of his surprise, he had kicked the ground and took some distance.
Up until a spot where his fist wouldn’t reach──
Ourou shouted.
「《Quartz Lance》ッ!!」
From the opponent’s rugged fist, a translucent crystal turned into a sharp lance and sprung forth.
──So this guy was also a 《Punching Magician》!
However, Diablo had the 《Demon King’s Ring》.
It reflected the opponent’s magic as usual.
When his secret skill was returned, the crystal lance pierced the left side of Ourou’s chest.
He was a tenacious Demonic Being, but as expected, even he had to stop moving around from that.
Diablo once again took some distance.
Edelgart lined up beside him. She was making a surprised face.
「What was that~……just now!?」
It was only natural that she was unable to understand. After all, that Ourou that had endured the attack magic and came thrusting out a punch had suddenly exploded, and moreover, the magic that he had fired off himself, 《Quartz Lance》, was reflected back at him and he had received damage.
Going *Fu*……, Diablo curved the corners of his lips.
「It is the power of a Demon King!」
Going *Ohh*, her eyes went wide open.
Ourou, who had smoke rising from him, narrowed his eyes.
「……This is……Could it be, my magic was reflected……Do you mean it was 《Magic Reflection》? Just like 《Demon King of the Brain Enkvalos》-sama?」
「Hou, so you noticed my power with just a single bout.」
At the time he defeated that 《Demon King of the Brain Enkvalos》 in the game, Diablo acquired the 《Demon King’s Ring》 as the reward. Magic Reflection was its ability.
Though, since Recovery and Support type magic was also reflected, it wasn’t all just merits.
Ourou groaned.
「……Could it be……This fellow is a genuine……? No, there is no way that could be possible……Demon King-sama is one that will destroy the Races!」
He started gathering strength in his right fist.
The SP was emitting a phosph.o.r.escence.
So, although it would take some time until it activated, he was planning on using a powerful and large 《Martial Art》.
「Hmph, there is no reason for me to wait for you! 《Lightning Bullet》!」
「Now is the time! Do it────!!」
Ourou shouted.
Diablo had continued his harsh solo play.
In battles where he himself would fight, and he would protect himself, he was invincible and undefeated. He himself and others recognized him as the strongest Player.
However, right now, he had beings that he had to protect.
Edelgart raised her voice.
「Wa, it!!」

Krebskrem and the others were gazing over at Diablo with a worried look.
At their backs, Demonic Beings appeared.
Ourou possessed a faction. In other words, he had companions.
It was the instant that Diablo fired a powerful magic, and even if he tried to freely use something else, it was impossible for him to attack a different target.

In hot haste, Edelgart kicked the ground, and headed towards where Krebskrem and the others were.
Due to Diablo’s magic, a bullet of light was fired off. The 《Lightning Bullet》 bore into Ourou’s abdomen. It exploded inside of him, and blew away half of his torso.
Despite receiving enough damage where it wouldn’t be strange for him to have his life end──
Amazingly, Ourou invoked a 《Martial Art》.
Moreover, it was aimed at the dashing Edelgart.
Clad in lightning, Ourou punched out at her. She was somehow able to receive that with her lance, but a dry sound was raised.
Her lance was smashed up.
「Guh!? Tsuhaaaa──ッ!!」
Edelgart was blown away. Purple lightning ran about her, and blood fluttered about.
She rolled on top of the gra.s.s-covered plain, and raised up a cloud of dust.
Ourou had lost half of his torso, had his overused arm broken into the wrong direction, and the surface of his whole body was scorched.
Nonetheless, he was convinced of his victory and majestically stood there.

Simultaneous to all of that──
The Demonic Beings of the Ourou faction had attacked Krebskrem.
They were monsters that had wolf heads and had both of their arms turned into several snakes.
They all drew near from the back.
Noticing from the beginning, Shera raised a scream.
Krebskrem turned her head, and stiffened up with a start.
Although Alicia had a belated reaction, she no longer had the time to prepare her stance.
And then, Rem──she threw a crystal.
A gigantic stone statue blocked the Demonic Beings’ way.
It was a Summoned Beast.
What the countless snakes that extended out towards Krebskrem bit into was tough stone.
These were Demonic Beings that Ourou, the strongest Demonic Being, entrusted the duty of obliterating the Demon King to. They were most likely suitably strong.
The Summoned Beast that Rem called forth was smashed to pieces by the countless snakes.
However, that small amount of time was plenty.
Alicia and Shera pulled her hands, and separated Krebskrem from the Demonic Beings.
Rem was also plenty separated from them.

Diablo fired off a maximum magic, and blasted away the wolf-headed Demonic Beings that had made the surprise attack.

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