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Chapter 2: Trying Out Undoing the Seal – Part 5

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Part 5

They went outside from 《Starfall Tower》.
The full moon was still shining bright.
It was late at night.
If they were to head to Faltra City right now, they would probably arrive at daybreak.
Diablo slowly stepped out onto the gra.s.s-covered plain.
In the end, Rem could still not walk properly, so he held her under his left arm.
As he was holding her waist, she was making a reluctant-looking face.
「……I can walk though?」
「But, didn’t you fall over twice on the staircase. It’s troublesome to worry about you.」
「……You, were worrying about me?」
「Nn? Ah, no……Hmph, it is because you are my property. It is only natural that I worry about if your injuries increase.」
「……Yes. That is true.」
Though she was blushing, Rem smiled.
A small distance behind those two──
Krebskrem seemed to be completely attached to Shera, and they were walking holding hands.
At first, Shera was scared from thinking of her as the Demon King, but, for better or for worse, because of her personality of having thin wariness, she had already become accustomed to her and was exchanging smiles with her.
They took the Demon King with biscuits──The one with a gloomy face that was expressing that was Edelgart. She followed along with her shoulders dropped down.
And then, the one furthest in the back, Alicia walked while making a face like she had lost the most important match of her life. Suddenly, she glared at the sky.
「……Ah!? Diablo-sama, above!」
「What is it!?」
Reacting to Alicia’s voice, when he looked up, a shadow that obstructed the moonlight fell down at almost the same time.

A humming sound came descending from the sky.
It was an owl that had a single, large horn growing from its head.
However, the owl was huge. It was probably about 10 meters long from its head to the tip of its tail.
──Is it a Demonic Beast!? Is what I thought right away.
However, he realized that he recognized that figure. He had fought against it in the game.
「So it’s Ourou!?」
It was a Demonic Being.
The gigantic owl landed a few steps ahead of where Diablo’s group was headed.
And then, it started to change into a human like figure.
To a muscular giant possessing an owl’s head.
Only having a thin shirt to cover those muscles that were like armor, it was an outward appearance that had intensity to it.
「Ourou, why?」
Edelgart muttered.
The owl giant turned towards Krebskrem and knelt down.
「Demon King-sama, congratulations on your revival.」
The little girl in question blankly looked at him while tightly grasping Shera’s hand.
「Who are you?」
「I am the Demonic Being Ourou. An old Demonic Being that serves the many generations of Demon King-samas.」
「Ahh, is that so. Then, for you as well──」
Shera hurriedly stopped Krebskrem who was about to magical power to him.
「Y, you can’t!? It needs to be Demonic Being that has properly promised that they won’t kill people of the Races, okay!? If the people of the Races are killed, and the town disappears, you won’t be able to eat biscuits anymore.」
「I see, that’s no good -nanoda.」
Maybe because their level of thinking was similar, Shera was able to skillfully control Krebskrem.
Edelgart stepped forward.
「Ourou? Coming out~, at this time……What? Business? Demon King-sama~, Edelgart will protect.」
If remembered correctly, the Demonic Being called Ourou was said to be a moderate faction. She said he was the oldest and the strongest.
Ourou ignored Edelgart. He addressed Krebskrem.
「I have been looking forward to Demon King-sama’s revival. To be of service to Demon King-sama, there is no greater pleasure. In celebration of this auspicious event, I have an aspiration to take flight and dance about.」
Krebskrem tilted her head.
「Your words are difficult so I don’t understand -noda」
「……Pardon my discourtesy. In that case, please allow me to speak frankly. To dance, that namely means──that I feel I would like to ma.s.sacre the people of the Races that are for some reason alive right here, and make them a celebratory red flowers for Demon King-sama’s revival.」
Going *Hii*, Shera’s body went stiff.
With his beginning speech and conduct, ever since Diablo had noticed him, Diablo had already put Rem down.
He had the 《Staff of Tenma》 at the ready.
From Ourou to Diablo’s group, there was still a distance of about 10 steps. With that much distance separating them, it was an advantageous interval for Magicians.
Ourou did not have any sort of weapon in his hands. Going by that physique of his, he was most likely a fist fighter type of Demonic Being.
However, he still watched the situation.
He had interest in Krebskrem’s reaction.
She had spread out both hands in front of Shera.
「That is no good -noda! Killing people of the Races is no good -noda! I will become unable to biscuits! Shera had given Maou biscuits, you know -nodazo!? Killing is unforgivable!」
Ourou’s owl head had squinted his eyes in scrutiny.
「……I see, allowing a portion of the Races to live for the sake of supplying a luxury grocery item is within the bounds of entertainment. In that case, I would like to request that the number of Demonic Beasts be increased. As many large types as possible.」
Diablo acquired some very interesting information once again.
──Incredible! So Demonic Beasts were something that Demon Kings can intentionally increase!
Among the Races, it is thought that “When the Demon King appears, they naturally increase”. Even in MMORPG Cross Reverie’s setting, that was what was written.
He felt like if he had access to the walkthrough site, he would have wanted to put up a video with this info.
Shera shook her head left and right.
「You can’t, you can’t, you can’t! Things like Demonic Beasts, they attack people of the Races you know!?」
Krebskrem shrugged her shoulders.
「──Or so she says. If the Demonic Beings kill people of the Races, it is better to not increase them -noda.」
She really wasn’t Demon King-like. Was her mind strongly influenced because she had turned into a little girl?
Ourou finally focused his gaze on Edelgart.
「What is the meaning of this? This is the first time a Demon King-sama has not wanted to kill the Races. Bestowing Demonic Beings power, increasing Demonic Beasts, and giving the order to eradicate the Races should be the correct Demon King-sama……Are you really telling me that this is the Demon King-sama?」
「……Edelgart, also~ doesn’t understand? Edelgart~, received power! That why Demon King-sama is Demon King-sama. Edelgart~, will obey Demon King-sama’s will?」
「Thou art young. Therefore, you are unable to understand the importance of this. The Demon King must be the king of the demonic, and the demonic are things that kill the Races. They are creatures that destroy. They are creatures that pollute the land. And so, Demon King-sama’s soul is confined──As long as this Krebskrem-sama exists, it means that the proper Krebskrem-sama will not be revived.」
「And~ so?」
「The Ourou faction, is one that awaits the revival of the perfect Demon King-sama.」
「Oh, really.」
「And so I would like to return the incomplete Demon King-sama back to the circle of transmigration.」
It was a disinterested manner of speaking.
However, that was a clear proclamation of war.
It did not end with just Krebskrem. The killing intent coming from Ourou was turned to everyone here in this location.
Immediately following that, Ourou filled the distance all at once.
Closing 10 steps worth with a single step, he threw his right fist at Krebskrem.
Right before then──
Edelgart had cut in front.
With her horse-riding lance, she caught that blow.
*Don* It was a clash where it was enough for a shockwave to spread out.
「Guh……You guys~, all on own convenience……To Demonic Beings, something more important that Demon King-sama’s will, none! Despite this!」
「Demonic Beings also have their role in this world. Thou art simply abandoning your duty and will. Your foolish and hasty actions have invited the revival of an imperfect Demon King-sama such as this one……I shall correct this!」
The owl-headed giant fired a kick.
Edelgart received that as well by making her lance a shield.
While Shera screamed, she pulled Krebskrem’s hand, and ran towards Diablo.
「Uhyah! Uhyah!」
It might be that she was raising her voice to imitate Shera, but it only looked like the Demon King was laughing and having fun.
Since Diablo was protecting Rem who couldn’t run and was 0at his back, he couldn’t move.
Shera’s group had come up to him.
「Fuahahah! The Demonic Being! It went boom!」
「Ahaha, boom!」
The teary eyed Shera blurted out ambiguous words, and Krebskrem let out a laughter.
Diablo put those girls behind his back as well.
「Leave it all to me. Oi, Alicia!」
「Y, yes!」
She was no longer making a crestfallen expression. It was the usual Alicia. She had already drawn her sword.
──She looks like she’s alright.
「Protect Rem and the others. I have no intention of letting him get close but……It would seem that is the strongest Demonic Being after all.」
「Y, yes!」

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