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Chapter 1: Trying Out Talking with Demonic Beings – Part 6


Part 6

Three days later──
Diablo’s group had their meal at 《The Triangle Ears》.
It was a shop on Faltra City’s western street, and a male Pantherian was the shopkeeper. Interestingly enough, it was a eatery where there were cats inside the shop.
The meals at the usual 《Relief》 weren’t bad, but people will want to occasionally have a different flavor.
This shop boasted of having thick meat and good smelling cheese, and as a meal for the ma.s.ses, it was on the luxurious side.
It was lunch time, so the shop was crowded.
Maybe because the shopkeeper and the employees were Pantherians, many of the customers were demi-human. Many of the high cla.s.s shops that Humans used were in the northern district.
At the beginning, because of Diablo’s outward appearance of growing horns and because there were 《Slavery Chokers》 attached to Rem and Shera, inquisitive glances were turned towards them from those around them.
Maybe because they had gotten used to it from it happening several times, they now didn’t make a fuss over every little thing.
Rem paid attention to a conversation in the neighboring seat.
Diablo also turned his attention to it.

A pair of man and woman Dwarves were talking.
「Hey, it seems that a Holy Knight has come to town.」
「Ehh~, to do what?」
「Isn’t it because there are rumors of the Demon King’s revival? A Demonic Being had appeared just a little while ago after all. There might’ve been some information that were Demon King Worshippers.」
「That sure is scary.」
「We also need to do our best to be careful.」
「Why? We’re not worshiping the Demon King, you know?」
「Well, it seems that that Holy Knight is that Sadraa guy……and they say that he’s a really dangerous one. It seems that he’d capture people for no reason, torture them, and then, saying that they were Demon King Worshippers, execute them.」
「Ehh~, why!?」
「Who knows? It seems that Demi-humans are easily aimed at. It might be a good idea to leave town for a little while.」
「But, we have our jobs to worry about, don’t we?」
「……There’s a Dwarven village about four days southeast of here. It’s my hometown and my parents are there. If you’d like……um……」
「Eh? Is, isn’t that…………Really?」

Tsk, go explode.
Diablo thought that while clicking his tongue.
──Looks like an outrageous guy that I would have a bad affinity with has come.
Rem looked his way looking uneasy.
「……It might be best if we go out of town for a while.」
So she was thinking the same thing.
Shera also nodded.
「That’s true. Since Diablo is a Demon King, it might be dangerous if he gets found!」
It was certainly as the girls said. However, saying something like refraining from going out because he was scared wasn’t Demon King-like at all.
He threw out his chest with a *Hmph*.
「How foolish. I do not care if he is a Holy Knight or whatever but……if he opposes me, I only have to pulverize him.」
──But, there’s no need to go outside when I have no business to take care of!
Is what he added in his mind.
It would be for the best to refrain from going outside.
Staying at home was his forte. If there was a mail order system, he had confidence that he could stay indoors no matter how long it took.
Rem talked while stabbing some meat with her fork.
「Diablo, there is the thing we talked about tonight……Please refrain from causing strife.」
「I know that.」
Of course he would refuse to have any trouble.
──The promise with Edelgart is tonight.
Since she said at night, and because she most likely meant after sunset, it was probably after 7 pm. There was still more than six hours left.
It would be for the best to stay in the room until th……
A commotion spread out inside the store.
Through the door that wasn’t particularly big, a Human woman entered 《The Triangle Ears》.
It was a tall woman.
Her body was tall as a whole, and her arms and legs were long and slender.
Her red hair grew down to her waist.
She also wore gla.s.ses, so she gave off an intellectual impression.
On top of the lightweight armor that showed her shoulders and looked easy to move around in, she wore a mantle that had embroidery on it.
It was the State Knight Alicia Cristela.
When she surveyed the inside of the store, she discovered Diablo’s group and headed their way.
Shera noticed her and raised both of her hands.
「It has been a while, everyone. I have returned.」
She made a slight bow.
Rem let out a delighted looking smile.
「Alicia……It’s great that you are safe. On the way, you didn’t run into any problems, did you?」
「No, none at all. How about all of you?」
Rem slightly hesitated in saying that, but she usually talked after doing a bit of thinking. That’s why no one was bothered by that small pause.
Most likely, the promise of reviving Krebskrem tonight had crossed her mind.
Though, naturally, this wasn’t something to talk about in a place with people around like this.
Shera hit the table, making a *Tan tan* sound.
A seat had just opened up.
「Hey, hey, have a seat. Are you hungry? This place’s cheese is delicious!」
「……Just what are you saying Shera? When speaking of 《The Triangle Ears》, it is about the meat.」
While making a wry smile at the usual Rem and Shera, Alicia asked a question.
「Diablo-sama, would it be alright for me to sit with all of you?」
「Do as you like. I have no reason to refuse you.」
When they had gone to save Shera, she drew her sword without any regard to her position or her life. He felt grateful to her.
Alicia smiled, and sat down in the offered seat. It was the opposite side of Diablo.
「I shall give my report.」
Seeing that conversation, the surrounding customers whisperingly exchanged words.
「Oi, that’s a State Knight.」「I had totally thought that she came to arrest the suspicious Demon but……」「She said Diablo-”sama”. As I thought, that guy’s no ordinary fellow.」「What kind of relationship do they have? How scary.」
For some reason, he felt that the prejudices from the surroundings became stronger.
──A Demon King does not get self-conscious from malicious gossip!
Crossing his arms, he pretended not to hear the surrounding secret talks.
Alicia reported.
「In regards to the Greenwood Kingdom, although His Majesty the King does not approve of the conclusion, it has been settled. And then, about you, Diablo-sama, you are a mere Adventurer──That is what I led him to understand. I’m sure you won’t be bathed with unnecessary attention. There won’t be a dispatching of the army either.」
──Grat.i.tude! You have my overwhelming grat.i.tude!
However, a Demon King giving his grat.i.tude for keeping the army away was just pitiable.
That being said, saying 「You’ve done something unnecessary」 to Alicia who had gone through all of that trouble was a bit harsh.
As he kept silent, Rem leaned her body forward.
「Thank you very much, Alicia. If the army were to come at this time, it would have become really disastrous.」
Shera nodded.
「That’s so trueー, After all, tonight──Ow!?」
Right when she looked like she was about to say something unnecessary, Rem kicked her leg underneath the table.
Alicia added another thing.
「Also, Lord Galford did not make a report to his Majesty about you, Diablo-sama. I would dare say that he probably intends on concealing your existence and using you in a fight against a foreign country or the Demonic Beings.」
「I see.」
So that’s why he didn’t make any interference against them since then.
「As expected of you, Diablo-sama. To think that you could brush aside danger just by simply existing……As one entrusted with the duty of protecting the nation, I hold an aspiration for being able to do that.」
「Hmph……I was not thinking of something like the country’s protection though.」
Alicia lowered her voice.
「Also, there is one more thing that I would like you to hear, Diablo-sama.」
「What is it?」
「……In this town, a man called Holy Knight Sadraa has come.」
「So it would seem.」
It was the person that he had just heard about through gossip.
Alicia nodded.
「To have already known about him, as expected of you. Holy Knight Sadraa is extremely dangerous. Please take plenty of care for yourself.」
「I had said this to Rem and Shera before but……」
「Diablo-sama, I perfectly acknowledge the strength that you have, but Holy Knights have not only the abilities of a knight, but also have the miraculous works of G.o.d on their bodies.」
「Hmph, no matter what power he may have, I will not lose.」
He tried recalling the “Holy Knights” that were in the game.
They weren’t all that involved in the story, but the people that served the church did have that kind of t.i.tle.
Since there wasn’t an event where he had to fight one, their parameters were unknown.
──Though, in the game, they had the position of making harmless reports.
He also had no recollection of the name Sadraa.
Alicia talked sounding worried.
「Diablo-sama, even if there is no need to worry about you, there is a need to do so for Rem-sama and Shera-sama. There is no such thing as being overly cautious.」
Certainly, if he were to confront Diablo, the possibility of the two of them being targeted would rise.
「Is he that dangerous of a guy?」
「Yes……I’m sorry to say……When one has an eye of a “suspicion of being a Demon King Worshipper” kept on them by Holy Knight Sadraa, they receive a considerably cruel torture. And then, the pain continues on until they admit that they are Demon King Worshippers.」
「What, the heck is that?」
Diablo frowned.
「Like that, the world is protected by the Church……That is the achievement that they create. Also, it creates the ambiance that one cannot go against the Church.」
「No way……So you’re saying that, they kill innocent people?」
「It’s because voices of criticism become fewer if the people that are critical of them are made out to be “Demon King Worshippers” and are abated.」
「I cannot understand this. How are they any different from bandits and monsters? Why are they left alone?」
「It is a fact that this country would not have come into existence if not for the Church.」
Diablo recalled information that was not from the game.
「Come to think of it……In the Middle Ages, the churches carried a majority of social security. They would become the subst.i.tutes for hospitals, schools and banks, and even welfare was……」
Not only Alicia, but even Rem and Shera tilted their heads at the words that he was muttering.
Since they didn’t exist in this world, there shouldn’t be words for “bank” and “welfare”.
The concepts unknown to the girls didn’t seem to transmit to the girls very well. Diablo had not yet investigated the contrivance that allowed him to converse with others in this world.
Clearing his throat with a cough, he pa.s.sed it off.
「Ahem! In any case, the Church is an indispensable existence in the citizens lives, and it is because of that that it receives great support, and it grasps a suitably large amount of authority. That is why eyes are shut towards their high-handedness, is that how it is?」
「Yes. Though the populace fear Holy Knights such as Sadraa, they believe that Demon King Worshippers are being reduced, and praise them.」
「How is it in reality?」
「Though there is no mistaking their abilities, in my own personal opinion, I do not think there are any Demon King Worshippers in towns and villages……」
「I thought so.」
It’s not like all people related to the Church possess that kind of selfish thinking.
However, those Holy Knights are killing people of the Races for the sake of the Church’s benefit.
Shera became indignant.
「That’s so cruel! Human countries are weird!」
「……Though I am sure that they have their own things to point out, I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them.」
To the Holy Knights, people who were critical of the Church were the enemy, and probably saw them as monsters.
That’s why, they strained the reason of not allowing the Church’s reputation to go bad and started killing.
When thought of actions meant for the sake of self-defense, it was possible to understand them.
Though it was possible to understand them, there was no reason to go along with the selfish actions of such people.
It was because Diablo was doing his Demon King role play that he said something like “only have to pulverize” but……
──Ahh, please don’t let us get involved with them!
Alicia lowered her head.
「Everyone, I would like to ask that you all stay in the inn as much as possible. I shall take measures and endeavor on my side to have him return to the Royal Capital quickly.」
「Hmph……I understand what you want to say. However, I will do as I like!」
──Confining myself in the inn, is what I want to do! That’s what I’ve dramatically declared in my mind.
Although she made a somewhat anxious facial expression, Alicia nodded.
「Thank you very much for listening to what I had to say.」
Shera offered some food.
「Alicia-san, you’ll eat something, right? Cheese? Cheese?」
「Let us get another order of meat.」
Rem called out to a Pantherian employee.
Alicia expressed a troubled looking smile.
「I do have the role of being Sadraa’s overseer but……I suppose it would be fine to have a little, wouldn’t it?」
「……That must be pretty difficult.」
「It’s troubling even when a problem occurs.」
*Zawa*, the atmosphere in the store changed.
Alicia turned her head, and Diablo also looked at the entrance of 《The Triangle Ears》.

An armored figured man was expressing a gentle smile.

He carried several swords. The chains attached to the pommels made metallic sounds that were a pain to the ears.
Since this was an area close to the former Demon King territory, platemail wasn’t anything unusual but……
That man looked this way and smiled.
Alicia left her seat with signs of panicking. That facial expression gave off a feeling of being tense.
Diablo realized it. That, this guy was Sadraa.
──As I thought, it would have been better to not go outside!
Though shut-in thinking had exploded out, Diablo also stood up.
Rem and Shera also stood up.
Behind Sadraa, about four Human knights with similar looking appearances accompanied him. They each carried one sword like normal, and they were turning their vigilant looking eyes towards the surroundings.
So they are the Holy Knight’s convoy. The so-called subordinate knights.

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