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Chapter 1: Trying Out Talking with Demonic Beings – Part 4


Part 4

Within the gently streaming river, a lance was thrust in and Edelgart was standing there.
The depth was enough to submerge her in water up to her waist.
Diablo was away from the sandbar and in the river to where it reached up to right below his knees.
Immediately beside him was Rem and Shera who were still naked. The two of them had drops of water spilling from their hair, and water was going down on top of their skin.
Rem quietly talked.
「……Within me, the Demon King Krebskrem’s soul is sealed.」
Shera raised a loud voice.
「Ehhh!? The Demon King!? You mean the Demon King!?」
「……If I were to die, Krebskrem would be revived, that’s what I was told by my mother.」
「No way! Then, why are you doing something like being an Adventurer!? It’s dangerous, you know!?」
「I was entrusted with the seal by my mother. And then, if I were to give birth to a child, I’m sure that child would inherit the seal……Until the one day that Krebskrem is revived, this will continue on unbroken. That’s why……I, decided to defeat him with these hands. In order to obtain that strength, I became an Adventurer.」
「Ah, could it be, that “certain problem” that you mentioned at the inn before was this?」
「You remembered that well, considering that it’s you. That’s right. As long as I haven’t defeated Krebskrem, I won’t have the luxury of care freely working a cafe.」
On a night from a little while ago──Shera, who had just cast away her hometown, talked about her dream of “wanting run a cafe together with Diablo and Rem”.
At that time, Rem replied with “right now, I carry a problem and can’t respond to that”.
Shera inflated her cheeks.
「It’s an important matter concerning you, Rem, so of course I’ll remember it! But, I didn’t imagine that it would be because of something like the Demon King’s soul.」
「……I’d be troubled if you were able to notice it so easily. The only ones that know about this are Celes and Diablo after all.」
It seems that only Celestine Bordorel, the head of the Magician’s Guild, knew of this secret before Diablo came along.
On the night of the day that he met Rem, Diablo tortured her and made her confess.
At that time, he also made a promise.
That──he himself would take on her problem.
Shera looked lonely.
「I understand that, it was a big enough secret that you couldn’t say it……But, I would have liked for you to open your heart up to me.」
「……Sorry. But, I had judged that you shouldn’t be burdened with this as well.」
「Well, sure, I get that I’m weak, you know? But, Rem, if you were to meet with great danger, I want to be of some kind of help. I mean, we’re companions after all!」
Shera once again hugged Rem. And then, she cried large drops of tears.
Rem was surprised by that.
「……Was it really so shocking that I kept it a secret to the point of making you cry?」
「*Gusu*……You’re wrong……This is……The reason I’m crying is……because, Rem, you’ve done your best this whole time to keep it a secret. That, must have been so painful, so lonely, so sad……and so difficult. I’m sorry……for not noticing……I’m so sorry.」
From Rem’s eyes as well, who was gritting her teeth, transparent drops were spilling out.

Edelgart tilted her head with an absent-minded face.
「……Is this atmosphere, where Edelgart can ask question? If seems like take long time, come back later. Don’t, want to be discovered by Races.」
Diablo nodded his head.
「I shall allow it, you can ask.」
He had no intention of ending this with only a confidential talk.
「You~, want to defeat Demon King-sama? That, serious?」
Rem nodded.
「……I’m serious. I also, have something that I wish to ask you. I thought that I would be killed immediately if the whereabouts of the Demon King’s soul were known by the Demonic Beings but……would the revival not happen with my death?」
「Would. No mistake~, if you die, Demon King-sama would revive. How, ever~……Bit wrong. Demon King-sama is, delicate? If vessel were only to break~, various things lacking.」
「……I see, I had heard that there was ritual needed for the Demon King’s revival. The Demonic Being’s ritual.」
「Right. Edelgart~, desires Demon King-sama’s complete revival. That why~, won’t aim for your life? Won’t let you die!」
She declared that with a clear voice.
Diablo asked a question.
「You, do you know the method of having that Demon King make a complete revival?」
「Know it. Heard it from Demonic Being priest, after all?」
Shera squinted her eyes.
「In that method, will Rem be safe!? The ritual won’t end with a *Dosu!* by an edged tool, will it!?」
Certainly, that did indeed seem like it would be the finale of a Demonic Being’s ritual.
Edelgart shook her head.
「……Danger……none, or it shouldn’t. Rather, as Demon King-sama’s mother, be treated with something like care?」
With an *Mhn mhn*, he nodded.
──Can we trust her?
Even if it were a ritual where Rem would die, she wouldn’t be foolish enough to confess something like “it seems she’ll die” here.
Edelgart talked.
「You~, don’t trust Edelgart? Don’t trust! That why~, teach ritual. Ones to do it, is all of you. Demonic Beings~, won’t touch. Believe?」
「That is a somewhat better proposition.」
It would be hard to trust her, but if Diablo were to perform the ritual without the Demonic Beings coming anywhere close to them, there would be less danger.
Rem’s safety was the biggest problem.
The other concern was……

──Would I, be able to win, against Krebskrem?

Diablo looked at his left hand. There, the 《Demon King’s Ring》 was on it. It was a super rare item that would reflect all magic.
In addition, there was his black clothes called 《The Hollow of Jet Black》, and his black mantle called 《The Curtain of Dark Clouds》.
There was equipment called 《The Distorted Crown》 attached to his head. The reason why it looked like he was growing horns was because of this.
His weapon was 《The Staff of Tenma》 that he possessed.
Each and every one of them were one of the strongest equipment in MMORPG Cross Reverie, and had sustained Diablo’s victory.
He had also experienced combat in this world time and time again.
──There’s no reason to hesitate at this point.
He felt as if the noise from his head was diminishing. Right before challenging a formidable enemy, it would occasionally become like this. His thoughts began to become simple.
The various things that he complained about, all of them became pointless.

「We will revive Demon King Krebskrem, and I will defeat it!」

Diablo declared.
Rem nodded. It was because he said that he himself would defeat it on that night she became frank about her secret to him.
「……I believe in you……Diablo.」
Those were words that were something like a prayer.
Shera raised an astonished voice.
「Ehh!? You’re going to defeat the Demon King!? Can you even do that!?」
Edelgart curved the corners of her lips and smiled.
「Hmph……Demon King-sama, is~, strong, enough that 100 gathered Demonic Beings can’t win.」
That’s only natural. If it weren’t strong, then there wouldn’t be any point in going through the trouble of reviving it.
In the game, there wasn’t a power difference of more than 100-fold between the last boss and the mid-boss right before it, but……
Well now, how would it be in this world?
There was no way of ascertaining if it was safe.
However, doing nothing until one was able to confirm the safety of something was nothing but despicable negligence. To begin with, was there any guarantee that doing nothing was safe?
「Edelgart……I shall cooperate with you until Krebskrem’s revival. After that, I will demolish that sham Demon King. The genuine Demon King is this Diablo after all!」
「Nn~? Demon King-sama is~, strong. Because strong, is Demon King-sama……That why, Demon King-sama won’t lose.」
Shera talked sounding uneasy.
「Diablo, you’re strong but……isn’t the Demon King, like, extremely strong? I, don’t want to see you die, Diablo, you know?」
There was no guarantee that I would win.
To begin with, Demon King Krebskrem wasn’t implemented in the game. Its abilities were unknown.
What if there were plans to implement it after several years? At that time, the upper limit of the Player’s levels might have changed. There also might be much more high powered equipment that would be implemented.
There would be no end to it if his uneasiness was raised.
There was enough fear to make him want to writhe about while holding his head.
However, Demon Kings were something that should express a smile of composure at any time. To be scared from unease, to be impatient due to being at a disadvantage, to take no action until safety could be confirmed, none of that was becoming of a Demon King.
──Welcoming a formidable enemy with a smile is what Demon Kings do!
That’s why Diablo smiled.
「Do you doubt my strength?」
「Th, that’s not it but……it’s dangerous, you know? Even though you don’t know just how strong Krebskrem is……」
Diablo snorted his nose.
「This is something I have said many times. The genuine Demon King is me. This Diablo is the true Demon King, as well as the strongest. No matter what kind of existence is revived, if it challenges me, it will only be annihilated!」
Rem dropped her gaze to her stomach.
「……I……will believe in you, Diablo. I beg of you, please save me.」
「Of course. It is foolish to be uneasy. You can leave everything to me.」
Shera nodded.
「’Kay, I got it. I’ll also……though it’s a bit scary……believe in you! I’ll believe in you, Diablo! That’s why, I’m begging you! Please save Rem!」
It was a serious facial expression.
There was no way he could betray the girls’ trust and expectations.
Diablo turned his eyes towards Edelgart.
「I shall cooperate in that Krebskrem’s revival ritual or whatever. You have no complaints, do you?」
「Under, stood. Edelgart, will~……teach ritual.」
The talks were settled.
Edelgart squinted her eyes.
Feeling bloodl.u.s.t, Diablo went on guard.
However, that wasn’t something that was turned towards them. It was turned to further behind them.
There was the sound of gra.s.s being stepped on.


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